5 Best silicone rubber keypads Ideas 2020 (Custom Rubber Push Buttons)

hqtNov 16, 2020

5 Best silicone rubber keypads Ideas 2020 (Custom Rubber Push Buttons)

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Today silicone rubber has become extremely best choice for manufacturing keypads. Silicone comes from one of the high-performance materials. Hence, silicone rubber keypads are more appealing switching solution for business as well as consumers products.

The other name for silicone keypads is elastomeric keypads but we commonly know them as silicone keypads. They are highly beneficial for some of the best qualities of silicone rubbers. Nowadays silicone keypads are getting more and more popular. You can easily find them in several applications from our office to household items.

In this guide you will get the advantages of silicone rubber. Moreover, you will also know about the best features of silicone keypads.

What is silicon?

Silicone is actually an exceptional and incredible material. Basically, it is semi-organic synthetic rubber. In fact, it contains a special chain of,

  • oxygen atoms
  • silicon atoms.

Hence, it is totally different from several other rubbers which have hydrogen and carbon atoms. It has a unique molecular structure. Furthermore, it is most versatile and adjustable material which is highly beneficial from food-grade kitchen utensils to artistic components.

Because of its special molecular structure, it has perfect ability of low thermal conductivity. Additionally, silicone is one of the most thermally stable materials.

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Although, it is greatly flexible and stable but its chain is feeble and hence can tear very easily. However, to improve its feature manufacturers have to add some other good elements.

This application actually requires much more careful assessment for making ideal solution. But after this special assessment silicone becomes greatly advantageous. Manufacturers are rapidly making silicone rubber keypads because it can easily bear extreme conditions and temperatures in several severe circumstances.

What are key benefits of silicone rubber?

Basically, silicone-rubber are very popular option for many great reasons. The products which make use of silicone rubber are very beneficial. Because, silicone has more resistance from,

  • heat
  • moisture
  • cold
  • UV rays.

Furthermore, it also has great flexibility. So, with all these good properties, silicone has become one of the key sealing materials in almost all industries. Such as,

  • electronics
  • automotive
  • medical
  • aerospace and many, many more.

Furthermore, silicone also has become an essential need for a huge variety of applications for its entirely best features. Hence, all these exceptional features have made silicone a first choice for manufacturing silicone rubber keypads.

Silicone rubber has following ideal characteristics. Like:

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  • It has huge versatility
  • Silicone is energy efficient
  • It gives high performances
  • It has ability to give extreme qualities as sealing material
  • Silicone has great capabilities of sterilization
  • Silicone rubber is water-repellent
  • It can be easily recycled
  • Furthermore, it is a non-toxic material

What are silicone rubber keypads?

Today silicone keypads are attaining great popularity for the benefits of silicone rubber. Basically, it is a best keypad solution for all electrical switches. These electrical switches are ideal as they are more flexible and softer.


In comparison to old and conventional keypads, silicone keypads can provide you as a better and charming alternative. Moreover, you can easily press down these keypads switches and they get back to their original shape properly.

Their great tactile feel has ability to make them an ideal choice to use in many different kinds of applications. You can also see them in your TV remote control. Moreover, you can also feel the smoothness and perfect quality of silicone rubber keypads.

Silicone keypads are fully beneficial in computers and laptops for their easy to use features. The workers which have to work for very long hours can work comfortably. Because their easy to use quality do not let them to get tired. But if they work by using plastic keypads, it was not possible to work for long hours comfortably.

Furthermore, they enjoy their work with the help of silicone keypads. Silicone is water and dust resistant. Hence, its products are long lasting and work without any hassle.

How silicone rubber keypads are designed?

Keypads designers use different ways to make several different types of silicone keypads. It totally depends on their kinds and several different uses. While most of them can be constructed with the same construction methods.


As you can see that the silicone buttons have located on the top of the design. But under these silicone switches, a conductive contact is present. This conductive contact has made by the use of some carbon or gold material.

Furthermore, in the silicone rubber keypads, when you go deeper, under this conductive contact is the PCB contact. This connection of PCB has separated with the help of some space and air.

In this part of keypad, silicone rubber webbing is also present which is actually between the PCB contact and button. Its essential work is to form a bubble around the exterior. When you press the button on this silicone rubber keypad, it forces its webbing material in order to deform.

Moreover, at this deform point; the conductive contact of the switch actually touches the PCB contact. When all this process completes, the silicone keypad then makes identifications of this action. And after this essential identification it registers the action in the form of a button press and acts according to the instructions.

In this way, silicone rubber keypads work accurately according to your requirements.

What are 5 key features of silicone rubber keypads?

Silicone keypads have more soft and flexible designs. Moreover, they are cost effective and you can afford them easily without spending more money. They also have several more advantages which you can’t easily ignore.

So, here we are with 5 key features of silicone keypads. These are:

1: Cost efficient

It is a fact that silicone keypads are cost efficient. When you make comparison to some other kinds of keypads these are low cost in manufacturing. Hence, because its manufacturing costs are extremely low so you can easily get them at low prices.

2: Chemical, dust and Water Resistance:

Silicone Rubber Keypads have basically designed in order to withstand in extremely severe environments. They have designed to work perfectly in harsh environmental conditions like,

  • Industrial control panels
  • Several different handheld applications
  • Consumer goods, etc.

For example, these are best for the construction industry in order to add best functionality to machinery and several other tools. Moreover, these keypads are an ideal solution to use in hospitals. As these keypads perform extremely well even when they get connected to water and dangerous chemicals.

  • You can easily clean these fluids and their functionality remains same. Additionally, these silicone keypads have more durable membrane of the silicone rubber. So, it can easily prevent the invasion of, dust
  • moisture
  • micro-particles and many other harmful chemicals.

3: Back lighting of Silicone Rubber Keypads

Today back lighting has become an essential feature for numeric Silicone Rubber Keypads. Light is extremely necessary in some certain conditions. As these keypads have used in various industries and they are beneficial in low light conditions.

When you are working on your laptop and accidently light has gone. Hence, in such conditions back lighting keypads are ideal to complete your essential projects even at night in no electricity.

4: extremely reliable

These keypads are very reliable and exceptional to use. Moreover, these rubber keypads have two conductive contacts. These conductive contacts have actually separated by air. As well as you press a button its top connection will push the connection of bottom. So, as a result the whole circuit is complete and hence it works in a much reliable way.

5: Ergonomic useability

Silicone rubber keypads have ability to provide you ergonomic design. They have natural designs which are easier to use. These are comfortable and very soft to use when you touch them. Furthermore, these keypads have easy-to-use ergonomic designs which you will love to use.


Silicone keypads are best to choose in comparison to other plastic keypads because they are much more reliable. Moreover, they have long-lasting feature with extreme weather situations.

Additionally, these keypads are ideal because they have designed with silicone. So, it provides you long lasting and perfect designs for all of your devices.