The key difference between Custom Membrane Keyboard and Mechanical Keyboard

hqtApr 26, 2020

Custom Membrane Keyboard Vs. Mechanical Keyboard

Custom Membrane keyboard has taken the game to a whole new level. Instead of relying on generic style keyboards, you can now actually design a keyboard as per your requirements. However, before you get down to acquiring a keyboard for your applications, other aspects need consideration.

Membrane keyboards are not the only type of keyboard present in the market. You can gain access to a wide variety of keyboards. However, it seems that membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards are the only two popular ones.

Most applications are using either one of them. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the course of this article, we are going to talk about the key differences between mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard.

In addition, we will discuss whether one is better than the other. So, without any further delay, let us get started!

 Membrane Vs Mechanical Keyboard

Custom Membrane Keyboard

The basics

For starters, let us focus on your knowledge regarding keyboard. In general, when someone says keyboard, the first thought that comes into our mind is the computer keyboard. It is an external device that you can connect to your desktop using a wire or Bluetooth.

In case of a laptop, it comes attached. The purpose of the keyboard is to let you interact with the computer. It lets you type numbers, letters, words, or even input commands. For instance, press Windows button and letter “L”, to log out instantly.

However, this is not the only thing, we mean when we say keyboard. Today almost all applications incorporate keypads or keyboards. For example, the ATM machine. It comes with an inbuilt keypad that lets you enter commands.

Likewise, your Television remote even has a keypad. It seems that all app devices now keyboard or keypads of different styles and shapes. The increased use of keyboards has let to the development of different types of keyboards, mechanical and membrane being on the top.

What is Membrane Keyboard

Membrane keyboards are the regular keyboards that you come in contact every day. These keyboards have a rubber layer between the circuit and keys. So, every time you press a key, the rubber layer comes in contact with the circuit board.

Thus, ensuring that the circuit board carries out your desired command.  The rubber layer is the membrane layer, therefore the name “Membrane Keyboard”. Since the keyboard is highly cost-effective, therefore, you will find it in a number of applications.

Even most of your desktops come with a membrane keyboard as they are easy to use and tend to last long.

Mechanical Keyboard

Keyboards that are more towards the technical side are mechanical ones. These keyboards use switches and springs. You can find switches in a wide variety, all having different functionality, yet serving the same purpose.

The keyboards are highly effective for typing, especially for longer periods. The springs present in the button tend to bounce back, thus offering comfort. The switches ensure your fingers do not hurt even after long hours of typing.

In addition, mechanical keyboards do have good tactile feedback. Every time you press the key, you would hear the key being pressed. So, there are fewer chances of error as you would know that your command did go through.

Key Differences

Both keywords work exceptionally well. Below, we have come up with the key differences between both these keyboards.


In terms of popularity, membrane keyboards have taken the lead. They are in the market for quite some time. People are more inclined towards using membrane keyboards instead of mechanical keyboards. In addition, there are certain applications that work best with membrane keyboards.


Another great benefits of membrane keyboards are that they are highly cost-effective. Even if you go with designing your own keyboard, they won’t cause a dent in your pocket. A custom membrane keyboard lets you choose the layout, functionality, etc. without adding to your budget.

Mechanical keyboards, on the other hand, are fairly expensive. The raw material including the switches makes it impossible to decrease the overall price of the keyboards. This is perhaps the main reason why mechanical keyboards are not popular.

Light Weight

Membrane keyboards are ahead in terms of compactness and lightweight. Incorporating these keyboards into any appliances would not add to its weight. This is something that industry wants. After all, modern is becoming more and more compact with every passing day.

People now prefer things that they can carry around. For instance, instead of old, big vacuums, the consumer now prefers compact and sleek vacuums. These vacuums take up limited space and are very lightweight.

On the contrary, mechanical keyboards are heavy. The reason being all the switches and other similar technology. Therefore, they are not popular among the electronic industry, despite their efficiency of use.


Cleaning electronics is imperative as it can have a positive impact on its lifespan. When it comes to membrane keyboards, cleaning them is a daunting task. However, that is an old story. Modern and advanced membrane switches use antimicrobial films.

This offers anti-bacterial properties and makes it extremely easy to clean the appliance. In addition, membrane switches are completed sealed. There are no chances of water or chemical ingress.  Thus, you can clean them using home detergents.

Direct Feedback

Even though membrane keyboards are popular among the two, yet it is a mechanical keyboard that provides direct feedback. Its spring-loaded switches give the user the satisfaction that the key has been pressed.

When the user presses the keys, it lowers down, however, the spring switch instantly pops it out. The great thing is that these switches come in a wide variety. For example, for smooth feedback, you can use a linear switch.

So, does that mean membrane keyboards lack the tactile feedback? We highly doubt that. Membrane keyboards use a number of materials including metal domes and formed a polyester dome to ensure high tactile feedback.


When it comes to customization, both keyboards have a lot of offers. A custom membrane keyboard lets you make drastic as well as minute changes. Likewise, mechanical keyboards permit even changing the keycaps.

It is possible to alter the overall feel and look of both these keyboards. You can change raw material, for instance, you can go with custom silicone pads or use any other rubber.

Things to Considering when Purchasing a Keyboard

In order to make the right decision in terms of keyboard purchase, you need to consider a number of factors.

For example, focus on the type of use. How you use your keyboard will help you determine the right one. Also, think about the portability factor along with plain personal preferences.  How to plan to interact and use the application will influence your choice of the keypad.

Let’s take an example of a computer. In case, you are a light user. Do not play many games and are always on away. We would recommend that you go with a membrane keyboard. It is compact, it is lightweight and it is cost-effective.

With the right membrane keyboard, you can enjoy long hours of typing without any problem.

Custom Membrane Keyboard in chinaPoint of Connection

Do remember that your keyboard is your point of connection with your application. Therefore, it needs to be of premium quality especially if you want the application to last long. We did mention the advantages and disadvantages of both the keyboards.

Consider all aspects before you finalize on a keyboard. After all, it is vital that the keyboard serves its purpose to perfection. In case, you are still double-minded, let KeyPad-FD technical team resolve the problem for you. They have years of experience and they will help you in every possible way to make the right decision.

They would listen and focus on all your requirements and then suggest a custom membrane keyboard that would deliver results. After all, their objective is to provide high-quality custom silicone keypads.