The advantages of Silicone keypad Manufacturer in China

hqtMar 16, 2020

Silicone keypad Manufacturer: Advantages of Silicone Rubber Keypads

Initially, consumers used hard plastic shell keypads. However, today they have the services of silicone keypad manufacturers at their disposal. Instead of relying on hard plastic keypads, they have something softer and efficient.

In recent years, silicone rubber keypads or elastomeric keypads gained tremendous popularity. They became the leading keypads in almost all electronics. From hospital facilities to household electronics, they keypads are everywhere.

You will see them on a wide variety of electronics including video game consoles, TVs and Kids’ toys. You will even find them on remote controls, human-machine interfaces, etc.

If you are familiar with the switching technology, this conversation might seem dazed. So, before we move on to the unlimited advantages of silicone rubber keypads. We will first shed some light on the definition of silicone rubber keypad.

Silicone Keypad Manufacturer

What is a silicone rubber keypad?

Silicone rubber pad uses silica gel as the raw material. The soft and easy to mold material is the perfect solution for several electrical switches. It is an excellent choice for equipment that requires a soft and flexible keypad.

A silicone keypad has a unique working mechanism. Every time, the user presses the material, it deforms. However, it does instantly revert to its original shape. Due to these properties, Silicone rubber keypad is an excellent alternative for the traditional keypad solution.

There are several different ways to produce silicone rubber. Most of these rubbers have some common design characteristics. For example, most keypads come with a silicon rubber switch button located at the top. Next, they have space and after that comes the electrical contact.

When a consumer press the silicone rubber keypad, there is some sort of reaction. The above electrical contact encounters the bottom electrical contact. Thus, creating a circuit. This circuit then tells the device what to do.

Benefits of Silicone Rubber

There are several benefits to choosing a silicone rubber keypad. We have listed the top benefits below.

Waterproof – Silicone Keypad Manufacturer 

Silicone rubber keypads are famous for being waterproof. They have a natural tendency to resist moisture. Its ultra-durable membrane doesn’t allow the moisture to sweep into the device.

If your device will be exposed to moisture, go with silicone keypads. A silicone keypad will keep the device safe.

Dustproof – Silicone Keypad Manufacturer 

Silicone rubber keypads offer great protection against dust and other micro-particles. It ensures that these particles do not enter the device. Thus, increasing its life and ensuring its efficiency.

Since it is water and dustproof, thus it is a good choice for commercial settings. For instance, factories that have a lot of dust and moisture in the surrounding should use these keypads.

Comfort – Silicone Keypad Manufacturer 

There is no denying that a consumer would prefer a comfortable keypad. After all, comfort is the key selling point in the case of keypads.

In case, the keypad is rough and hard. It does not have an efficient design. It will not be able to serve it’s intended purpose.

Fortunately, you have silicone rubber keypads. They offer great comfort along with a soft and smooth feel. Consumers enjoy pressing these cotton soft keys.

There is simply no denying that silicone-rubber keypads are softer in comparison to other plastic keypads.


Despite offering great comfort, these amazing keypads are cost-efficient. Yes, you heard us right. They will cost you way less in comparison to other keypads.

You can effortlessly use them for large-scale application. They will cause a dent in your pocket. Of course, you will have to beat the initial investment.

However, this investment is imperative for all types of keypads. In general, silicone rubber keypads are cost-effective.

Supports HMIs with/without Back Lighting

Silicone rubber keypads offer endless versatility. Silicone keypad manufacturer encourages consumers to use these keypads with HMI.

The great thing is that these keypads support HMIs with the backlighting. It also suppers HMIs without backlighting.

For instance, you will come across certain HMI that need backlights to illuminate the interface. The silicone rubber keypads provide complete support for this kind of HMI.

On the other hand, there are certain HMI that rely completely on external lighting. Silicone Rubber keypads provide complete support for this type as well.

Tactile Feedback

If you think that silicone rubber keypads do not offer tactile feedback, think again. Modern silicone keypad manufacturer is able to design silicone keypads that produce tactile feedback.

So, when you press the button and release it, the button will snap back up. Thus, providing your fancy tactile feedback. The physical sensation decreases the chances of error.

Since the consumer knows that a connection has taken place, thus he or she is less likely to make a mistake.

Enhanced Options

Modern silicone rubber keypads offer a great variety of options. Consumers can take advantage of enhanced options including laser-etched graphics, multi-hardness materials, and epoxy encapsulation.

In addition, they can enjoy hard key feelings and different types of finishes. They can opt for a matte finish or high gloss finish. These features not only enhance the aesthetic sense of the keypad. But they also improve its functionality.

Silicone Keypad Manufacturers and suppliers

Silicone keypad Manufacturer Top Choice

The experienced manufacturer such as the Keypad-FD is truly aware of the market trends. They understand that modern equipment requires soft and flexible keypads. Thus, they always recommend their users silicone rubber keypads.

Of course, the choice greatly depends upon the type of electronics. In some cases, it might be the demand for electronics to use the plastic keypad.

Nonetheless, the versatility of silicone makes it applicable anywhere and everywhere. They are water-resistant, dust-resistant and offer durability.

In addition, the consumer can add an aesthetic sense of the keypad. After all, the user would like to have a smart-looking electronics. Functionality matters, but at the same time, looks count as well.

With a silicone rubber keypad, you get the best of both worlds. It offers great functionality as well as adds a sleek touch to your devices. Keypad-FD can provide you with custom rubber silicone keypads. They have a wide variety in terms of design and functionality.