The Benefits of LGF membrane switch

hqtNov 28, 2019

Foundation Inc is a leader in backlighting membrane switch, having standing technology in backlighting membrane switch. Logo, keys or other, Foundation Inc engineers could help different customers design and manufacture backlighting membrane switch. In these years, more and more people like to cooperate with Foundation Inc because of the backlighting membrane switch

Backlight solution:

Membrane switch backlighting provides the indication information to users or when the product is used in the night or dark environment. The LED backlighting is a popular choice because it could be used in the night or dark environment. It is perfect for many industries and is used in a different industry.

Membrane switch backlighting is very popular in Europe and the American market, and Foundation Inc supports three different backlighting solutions that are Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Electroluminescent (EL) and Fiberoptic Lighting, see below.

Side LEDs:

It’s different from the EL solution. There is a light source from the side LEDs to lit the graphic overlay and provide the indication information to users. The LED backlighting is a good choice because of its energy-efficient properties. First, efficient low voltage power not like the EL that should be lit with high voltage. Second, minimal impact on the tactility of the membrane switch buttons. Backlighting solutions aren’t forever. However, the Side LEDs longer than other types of solutions.

Electroluminescence (EL):

EL membrane switch is made with a very thin layer between the overlay and the circuit providing uniformed illumination. It has some benefits: uniform, very thin and flexible.

Fiber Optics:

It is made of very thin plastic fiber. Fiber optics membrane switch could be used in numerous applications including the medical machine, Military, Industrial Controls, and Aerospace, etc.