Membrane switches

Membrane switches, also called momentary switches, was developed out of the research need of aero industy and fnally became new type of electrical switch for user-machine interface. It was utilized to allow for communication of commands from users to electronic device. A membrane switch consists of two major parts, graphic overlay and flex circuit, and the layers 2p Asembled by lamination adhesives. Contact between two traces can be made through a printed shorting pad or througha metal dome. Jasper Electronics started by making membrane switches, and now stands in forefront of printing electronics industry. We offer great array of membrane switch products in high quality and auick turnaround. Membrane switches  has many advantages, eg low profile and nice exterior, compact and easy to carry, excellent sealability, and easy assemble.

Custom means the alone, means the make the goods per the request, which means not the common components.

Foundation Industries (Short for FD) produce the membranes switches over 12 years, and all our membrane switches are custom for our customers. We design the membrane switches per the customer required shape, required dimensions, required colors, required schematic, required electric connects, We also suggest the customer with the reasonable structure that catches a good keys tactile feeling, suggest the customer with the reasonable circuitry design that catches our manufacture technique, suggest the customer with the correct components. The custom design parts do not need the customer to supply us with very details artwork/files, but FD will design the proof of the very details for customer approval. The FD will work together with the customer that makes a good custom design. In other words, the customer gives us the request that their design parts want to catch, we give them the professional technical support and design the proof for approval after they approved, we will produce the prototypes/samples for the final check, and the lastly mass production.

Most people think the custom parts should be with a very expensive tooling cost. Actually, at Foundation Industries, we design the tooling, but we don’t make the tooling by ourselves, our partner will produce the tooling for us, and we give you the same tooling cost which the partner ask for the cost. We will not add the extra profit with the tooling cost, and we think the tooling cost reasonable is a good start for every new project. The tooling cost you only need to pay one time for each part (Except the required changes. The changes should behave the tooling change cost), and we will keep and maintain the tooling till the parts stop the production forever. Also, the tooling is alone and just used for the alone parts, other’s customers can’t use such alone tooling.

Membrane switches Optional Features:

  • Custom printing, logos, and graphics
  • Surface texture materials
  • Custom shapes
  • Backlighting (fiber optic or electroluminescent)
  • Multiple tactile dome options for tactile feedback or non-tactile option
  • EMI/ESD/RFI shielding options (for electro-magnetic interference, electro-static discharge and radio frequency interference shielding)
  • Embossing
  • Embedded LEDs and/or resistors
  • Multiple connector styles
  • Sealed to keep out incidental dust and moisture
  • Window lens coating
  • Many more options are available