Which is the best LGF membrane switch keyboard for games?

hqtJan 21, 2021

Which is Better the Mechanical or Membrane Keyboard?

Being able to escape from the stress of day to day is necessary. We like to take refuge in video games with LGF membrane switch keyboards because it is a hobby that transports us to another dimension. We try to forget everything that happened to us. Perhaps there are not many hours that allow us to play because there are always commitments that we must attend urgently.

At some point in life we ​​were full-time gamers, when there were no responsibilities, we met at home with friends to spend many hours playing. Sometimes we did it online with people we didn’t even know. As the years go by and more responsibilities are acquired, we end up being casual players. We are shortening the time to keep up with the new in the world of video games.

LGF membrane switch

Why do you need a LGF membrane switch gaming keyboard?

As a casual player we need help to decide, we go to our friends, or do a quick search on Google, to find out, but we always have the question of what I should do. The world of PC gaming is constantly changing.

There are many brands that offer us a variety of:

  • Keyboards
  • Headsets
  • Mouses
  • Gamepads
  • Monitors
  • speakers, chairs, etc.

When we talk about which LGF membrane switch keyboard would be ideal to start playing on PC, things get complicated. I recommend you take into account the following, to know which will be the ideal to start playing:

What is the best option, mechanical or membrane keyboard?

First I want to explain the difference between one and the other, so that later I can make a decision about which would be the ideal to start with. When we hear the word mechanical we assume that it is already a device that has differentiated functions.

What is a membrane keyboard?

The membrane keyboards come of two sheets (membranes) and thin plastic with conductive tracks etched on the inside. Moreover, it has a membrane separating the third, perforated in the areas going one key. When pressure moves on them, they touch, passing electricity from one to another, with which you can know which key presses.

Which technology LGF membrane switch provide?

LGF membrane switch technology comes on thin membranes that conduct the signal when pressing a key. Membrane keyboards suffer a lot with use; therefore, current computers no longer incorporate them.

They were widely common in the past, although the membrane has been common for the isolation of rain. It is also common for the thermal insulation it has. This keyboard serves in part to make debris that sneak between the slits easier to remove and thus the keyboard does not become contaminated.

Logitech G213 Wired Gaming Membrane

LGF membrane switch 2021


The G213’s key frame and membrane structure design is designed for real life, offering proven spill resistance at 60ml liquid rating. The result is a keyboard built to face the realities of everyday gaming.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Durability – Mechanical keyboards are designed to last for decades of use and millions of keystrokes. In addition, as each key has an independent actuator it is possible to replace one if it is damaged. If a LGF membrane switch keyboard gets damage, the entire membrane need replacement.

Additionally, some manufacturers modify these switches to create their own version thereby fine-tuning the experience for gamers in their own way.

Gaming Keyboard HyperX Alloy FPS Pro Mechanical

Hyper x mechanical keyboard

HyperX ™ Alloy Core FPS RGB and Alloy FPS Pro 1 are keyboards for more serious gamers, designed for durability, reliability and precision. With a compact design, a sturdy steel frame, and CHERRY MX key switches, the Alloy FPS family of keyboards is perfect for gaming.

As a casual gamer or one who is about to enter the world of PC Gaming, your best option is the mechanical entry keyboard, there are more features that every gamer need, and these keyboards offer it to you:

  • Durability
  • Touch
  • Precision
  • Performance in video games
  • Personalization

Take into account the endorsement of the brands that make the best mechanical keyboards, evaluate well that it is recognized in the world of video games. Get advice from an expert who knows the products and has common them.

The most recognized and well-supported LGF membrane switch keyboard brands that you can acquire are:
  • Logitech
  • HiperX
  • T-Dagger
  • Reddragon
  • CorsairRazer

What is the price of LGF membrane switch mechanical keyboard?

As a gamer who is starting or who takes video games as a hobby that you invest a few hours, it is not necessary to spend a lot on a mechanical keyboard that meets the options and functions for a committed gamer.  The price you should spend on an intermediate keyboard should be in the range of Q300.00 to Q750.00. It is a budget that makes sense while you invest in video games.

With this budget you can also find LGF membrane switch keyboards with RGB. It is practically giving your keyboard a different style. You can choose more than 16 million colors to customize each key.

It gives a breathing effect of colors throughout the device, and you can even set these colors with the game mode and for the game you are playing. They look amazing.

Which keyboard you should choose for gaming?

For the intermediate mechanical keyboard of your choice, always consider your style, quality, speed, color, appropriate size, and key sound level. All brands have a different style suitable for each gamer. All this will make the few hours you have to play, you feel like a champion.

Everything you never wanted to know about keyboards

In this publication I am going to find the key to get a good keyboard. It is to write on the typewriter, and to which we can consider the touch informally rambling. Because despite the proliferation of touchscreens, very practical for some uses and also as finger grease removers..

Everyone knows what a LGF membrane switch keyboard is. But not so many know how a neither good keyboard tastes, nor do they dominate the whole world of sensations and technology that intervenes during and behind the keystrokes.

In-depth mechanical and membrane keyboard guide

A common classification of keyboards is based on the technology common, especially referring to the technology of the type of switches that generate the keystroke. That classification is two main groups: membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards.

And advancing on the subject of flavors, I will taste the mortadella from membrane keyboards and acorn-fed ham from mechanical keyboards.

Membrane keypads conclusion

The technology membrane comes with extended sheets along the entire inside of the keyboard. Similarly, two such sheets are printed the electric circuit, a third partition between two, and the fourth layer is a membrane where the rubber domed switches are raised.

The LGF membrane switch has a rubber dome that locates under each key. And each key includes a plunger inside, when pressed, the plunger pushes the rubber dome and closes the electrical circuit by producing contact in the lower layers. Moreover, it generates thus the signal for pressing the key.