5 innovative microwave oven membrane keypads design ideas in 2021

hqtJan 9, 2021

What are the most important components of a microwave membrane keypad?

Modern technology has made things possible that were just a dream in the past. The latest innovative technologies have changed our living styles like never before. The microwave oven membrane keypads are serving us in the same way.

In fact, membrane keypad technology belongs to those genius techniques that can make the impossible possible. It will be right to say that membrane keypads are the most novel as well as extremely helpful inventions of this modern era.

These keypads have rapidly covered the way to development since it first appeared on the market. Today we are here to discuss what are these membrane keypads are. Moreover, what are the pros and cons of using these microwave oven keypads?

microwave oven membrane keypad

What are microwave oven membrane keypads?

Basically, microwave oven membrane keypads consist of keys or pads together with printed symbols. Actually, these keypads have not any kind of individual keys. In fact, all pressure pads do not contain any breaks or gaps.

These keypads have just a single flat surface that has expanded all over the keypad. These keypads provide an aesthetic and functional user interface between control systems of hardware and software. Moreover, you can see these keypads in your daily routine life.

For example,

  • microwave ovens
  • dishwashers
  • washing machines and many more.

So, because of the single surface, microwave keypads are extremely beneficial. Moreover, these keypads are more compact when we compare them with mechanical keyboards.

How many layers do microwave oven membrane keypads have?

Additionally, the microwave oven membrane keypads have the 3 most important parts. Such as,

Top layer:

This layer has symbols on it.

Middle layer:

The middle layer is actually inactive.

Bottom layer:

The bottom layer in the membrane keypads unites the rest of the device. This layer consists of several conductive traces. When you press any symbol on the keypad, these traces will stimulate a proper command.

How many types of microwave oven membrane keypads are?

Basically, there are two main types of designs that are available in these membrane keypads. For example,

  1. a dome design keypad;
  2. a flat keypad.

A dome design keypad:

All the symbols that are present in the dome design membrane keypads are in the shape of the dome. Further, the dome shape can give better tactile feedback in comparison to flat microwave oven membrane keypads.

A flat keypad:

In this type of membrane keypad, all the symbols are present on just the same pad.

What are the six important components of a microwave oven membrane keypad?

In practical terms, these membrane keypads are very simple in design. Moreover, they are extremely easy to use. However, these keypads are popular for their great durability and strength.

Furthermore, these membrane keypads have six important components in all designs whether they are,

  • Glass;
  • Curved;
  • Or the metal surface.

The six most important components are:

Graphic overlay:

This is the visual portion of your membrane keypad. Moreover, this portion has all the necessary icons and designs.


This part in microwave oven membrane keypads has an ideal glue printing technique that has the ability to work tremendously.

Top circuit:

This layer has PCB circuit boards. So, keypad manufacturers call it the top circuit. Actually, keypad designers use the best materials that ideally suit your needs and demands.


This space is very important in any membrane keypad. Moreover, it allows the PCB circuits to create a specific link when you press any of their keys.

Bottom circuit:

This is the second most essential component that can easily transmit all commands.


This is an extremely important component of the membrane keypad. This layer can secure the entire keypad to the product.

5 innovative design options for microwave oven membrane keypads

Modern microwave oven membrane keypads have unlimited designs according to your choices. Furthermore, you can easily personalize your keypads as you want to design them. There are lots of color selections to choose from for your own brand.

In fact, there are countless design options that you can select to improve your user experience.

  • Metallic, fluorescent, or textured inks;
  • Special sensors to convert the interface into capacitive keypads;
  • Plastic, glass, and flexible surfaces;
  • LED, backlighting, optical fibers, or, luminescence;
  • Custom icons in line with your company image.microwave oven membrane keypad 2021

The best environmental performance of microwave oven membrane keypad

The microwave oven membrane keypads can greatly work even in harmful environmental conditions. Basically, keypad manufacturers have designed these boards in such a way that they can provide extreme moisture and weather resistance.

these are ideal to use in comparison to mechanical switches as they never get damage when exposed to moisture. The top layer of the membrane keypads has created with waterproof material.

Hence, it doesn’t allow moisture, chemical, or water to enter the underground circuitry. So, you can easily use them for your outdoor needs.

How are microwave oven membrane keypad cost-effective and easy to repair?

As microwave keypads are highly resistant to,

  • dirt;
  • water;
  • and other liquids.

So, microwave oven membrane keypads are extremely inexpensive and ideal choice than several other keypads. Moreover, it is very easy to repair them in the condition of any damage. Hence, all these good features make these boards highly cost-effective and easy to repair.

What are the beneficial applications of microwave oven membrane keypad?

These keypads are actually straightforward as well as easy to use. As we peep in their history, we find their use in the 1980s. But the computer designers generally use them in home computers. But now we can see their uses in almost all modern electronic gadgets.

Today these keypads are greatly popular because they are very simple and easy to use. Furthermore, membrane keypads are extremely low in cost. So, all these wonderful features make them an ideal choice.

Further, because of all these good features, membrane keypads are greatly suitable for each and every budget-conscious customer. Hence, the beneficial applications of microwave oven membrane keypads are:

  • Medical;
  • Marine;
  • Electronics;
  • Industries;
  • Security;
  • White goods, etc.

What are the pros and cons of microwave oven membrane keypads?

Although these keypads are highly advantageous, they also have some drawbacks. Here we are describing some pros and cons of microwave membrane keypads. So, let’s check out!

                                            Pros                       Cons
Membrane keypads are extremely durable


These boards are highly reliable in extreme weathers


They are compact and thin



They are cost-efficient than any other keypad solution

Greatly resistant to heat, cold, and, moisture


Membrane keypads are extra hygiene


So, they are ideal to use in medical devices


They have extreme versatility and more flexibility in designs




Microwave oven membrane keypads have no tactile feedback


You are not sure to always press the right button




Why is my microwave oven membrane keypad not working?

It sometimes happens that your membrane keypads do not work properly. The most common cause of its fault can be its defective control panel. So, if it happens with your keypad that some or its buttons work and some are not. Then you should have to change or replace your touchpad or control panel.

But it happens in rare conditions because microwave keypads are durable and long-lasting.


Today most companies favor using membrane keypads because they are highly reliable in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, they greatly prefer to choose microwave oven membrane keypads in comparison to mechanical keypads as they are noise-free.

You can use them smoothly without any hassle. The membrane keypads actually produce less tactile feedback so there are fewer chances to occur errors during use. Furthermore, these keypads are ideally beneficial for domestic as well as industrial and commercial needs.