Rubber keypad switch keyboard vs Mechanical Keyboard: What is the difference?

hqtDec 9, 2020

Why do you need a mechanical keyboard for best Pc Gaming experience?

Rubber keypad switch

Every day, most of us have contact with a computer rubber keypad switch. And, almost always, it is a conventional membrane keyboard. They are not, however, the only option available on the market. There are also mechanical keyboards. The main difference is in the way switches on mechanical keyboards work. Unlike the keyboards of …

What is difference between membrane rubber keypad switch keyboard and mechanical board?

Unlike membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards have a separate mechanism for each key, the switch, ensuring better feedback and more durability. Some people even say that a computer upgrade should change the keyboard when looking for more comfort when using the machine. Especially for those who like to play or write.

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Operation of mechanical keyboards

On a conventional keyboard, when we press a button, the contact point of the rubber dome housed under the key touches the keyboard board, closes the circuit and records the command.

There are three rubber keypad switch that pass under all the keys. Thus, the propensity for errors during typing is greater. What’s more, your tactile response is not very good and it is difficult to know how much pressure is required to activate a button.

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On the mechanical keyboard, the switch arranged on each key consists of a switch and a spring (in place of the rubber dome).

What are the advantages of rubber keypad switch keyboards?

The advantages include:

  • faster return of the buttons to their original position
  • reduction of the force required to type (the tactile response is more acute) and
  • greater durability
  • supporting tens of millions of keyboards (membrane models support a few thousand keyboards).

In general, the rubber keypad switch on mechanical keyboards is softer and easier to press.

Types of mechanical keyboards with rubber keypad switch

The switches on mechanical keyboards, however, are not all the same. There are six types of them, with different sound and tactile responses, according to the mechanism used on the keys: Cherry MX Black, Cherry MX Red, Cherry MX Brown, Cherry MX Clear, Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Green.

The main difference between them is the spring resistance (and the force required to hit): Red, for example, is the softest and clear is the hardest. Brown is known for its loud and high-pitched sound, while Red is the quietest. It is essential to choose rubber keypad switch that suits the type of typing and the objectives of use.

Characteristics of switches on mechanical keyboards


The tip to know which mechanical keyboard you will get along with is to test the model before buying. To help, we’ve separated some features:

  • Cherry MX Black: linear and without auditory click. It can be annoying to be tough, but it makes it easier to play MMO and RTS titles;
  • It is linear, with no auditory click and very good for games, but its lightness can hinder accurate moves;
  • Cherry MX Brown: tactile, with no auditory click, it is suitable for beginners and considered great for both playing and typing;
  • It is more resistant version of Brown. Tactile, with no auditory click and, depending on the task, it is good for both playing and typing;
  • Cherry MX Blue: resistant and with auditory click, it emits a loud sound when the key is pressed, resembling a typewriter. Created for those who type a lot, it is not suitable for gamers;
  • Cherry MX Green: very similar to the Blue type, but a little more resistant to touch. It is tactile, has an auditory click and is more suitable for typists than for gamers.

Rubber keypad switch Types

These “switches” that make a difference on the mechanical keyboard can be classified into several different categories. These classes, so to speak, take color-based nomenclatures and bring their own characteristics, such as operating strength, travel distance. That is, how deep the keys are, color options and even different durability.


OUTEMU Blue rubber keypad switch, for example, stands out for its sensitivity, allowing the player, for example, to be able to have a quick response even without pressing the key as a whole. It is even the technology used by 2 AM on its mechanical keyboards!

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When we talk about comfort when using the computer, everyone thinks about which gamer chair to buy. Some even remember that professor of ergonomics talking about the importance of adjusting the height of the table in that morning program.

Three Things to consider while using rubber keypad switch keyboard

These things are important, of course, but know that comfort when using the keyboard is also something to be taken into account. Whether you are a more hardcore player or someone who types a lot at work, having something ergonomically better designed is always very welcome.

In addition, the tactile response, as stated above, is critical for you to be more productive. That’s because we instinctively need something to tell us if what we’re trying to do is, in fact, happening!


And that is a key point in the difference between conventional and mechanical keyboards.

While the rubber or silicone gives a subtle response, similar to that obtained when you press the button on a remote control, for example, the mechanical keyboard has a “firmer” resistance, let’s say, showing each key you pressed on time.

Finally, the response on rubber keypad switch mechanical keyboard is not just tactile, but also auditory. Several online reports show that the clicks obtained through the gadget are “satisfactory” to the user’s ears and help with performance when using them.

But be aware: some keyboards of this type already have silent “switches”, so this sound response may not happen.

The construction of mechanical keyboards with keypad switch

Another point highly praised by those who already have a mechanical keyboard is the stiffer construction of the accessory. While one made of plastic and / or silicone weighs around 200 grams, some mechanical keyboards go over a kilogram.

This is because obviously the mechanisms of its construction are heavier than a simple plastic membrane. Springs and conductive materials like copper are in abundance and make the device weigh more.


With a better fit also between their parts, the mechanical keyboards give a greater feeling of firmness during use. And that reflects not only comfort, but also durability.

Traditional plastic devices have an average lifespan of 15 million impressions. Similarly, a rubber keypad switch mechanical keyboard can reach marks above 50 million – this with perfect performance.

Rubber keypad switch offers more customization

Finally, this is perhaps the part that most hardcore PC gamers enjoy most: the rubber keypad switch customization that is allowed by this type of device. If you don’t already know, most mechanical keyboards have RGB lighting systems.

This type of tool usually has several types of dynamic settings and incredible effects. You can combine a constant light on your keyboard so that it looks just like the one present in your case or mouse, for example.

Rainbow effects? A light that travels through the keyboard going from one corner to another? Virtually anything is possible; you just need to let your imagination run wild!