What are the most common problems in custom membrane switches?

hqtMay 13, 2020

Most Popular features of membrane switches

custom membrane switches

custom membrane switches are very common in today’s society. It is an intelligent switching device. Which is very different from the traditional ordinary switches we used before. It brings us a lot of convenience. Maybe many people will not notice about such a small accessory. But it is such a small accessory that brings many benefits and convenience to our daily life.

Why custom membrane switches are popular?

Everyone can see this kind of membrane switch everywhere in our life. This kind of switch not only looks good, but also meets people’s demand for beauty.
The main reason is that the membrane switch plays a role in powering on and off the electronic commodities. And it has a protective effect on its products. It is no longer the phenomenon of the short cycle of the original button switch. The performance of the custom membrane switches is very stable. And the use cycle is often better than the product itself.

It delivers long term performance. So, there will be no need to change and repair several switches during the use of electronic products. which reduces us a lot of unnecessary troubles.
Our lives are inseparable from electrical appliances, so it is inseparable from membrane switches .

What are custom membrane switches?


Generally, a membrane switch is:

  • sheetof polyester film, called upper contact sheet and
  • lower contact sheet,
  • with a spacersandwiched between them.

The membrane switch is an electric switch with a structure that insulates the upper and lower contact sheets. With this spacer and presses the contact printed part from above to conduct electricity.

Membrane means “membrane”, and sheet switches that apply pressure film printing technology are called membrane switches.
Generally, by printing conductive ink on a polyester film with a silk screen, two types of contact patterns are formed:

  1. upper contact
  2. lower contact sheet
  3. and an insulator (spacer) with a hole between them is formed.

custom membrane switches is a switch that is sandwiched and pasted. And the upper contact is pressed down to make it conductive.

Features of custom membrane switches

■ Compatible with diversified designs and thin and compact shapes

Because it is the operation part that can be called the face of the product. it can support various designs and coloring. It also supports design points such as design embossing. And click embossing and human interfaces.

Also, custom membrane switches outer shape can be tailored to the shape of a complicated molded case. And since most of the part is a laminated film, the total thickness can be made quite thin.

 Selectable operation feeling

The click emboss is processed on the surface sheet. And a metal dome is mounted inside to give a click feeling. Or it can be turned on by simply touching a flat surface.

 Easy to attach to equipment

Since it is a structure that is attached to the device, all you have to do is insert the switch tail into the connector on the internal board.

 Noise interference can be reduced by shield printing

By printing a silver paste on the front side of the upper contact sheet. Measures such as static electricity countermeasures are possible.

 Long contact life

The standard operating life of custom membrane switches is 1 million cycles.

 Supports various specification environments

Due to the sealed structure, it has excellent drip-proof properties and can be used with water resistance.

Main applications of custom membrane switches

custom membrane switches in china

■ Membrane switches are used in various places around us. Due to their thinness and rich design features.

  • Microwave oven
  • Kettle
  • rice cooker
  • operation part of oil fan heater, etc.
  • PC keyboard, remote control, etc.

■ Recently, custom membrane switches are widely used in commercial / industrial machinery.

■ In addition, it is also used in the operation part of mobile phones overseas.

Common problems in membrane switch design

  1. Regarding the color problem, the modulation ratio of the ink is the main reason for the color deviation.And the color requirements are too strict. The color range is small. In terms of controlling costs of enterprises, to achieve a small color range, the cost to be paid is extremely high.

The cost of the product increases, and the unit price of the product will also increase accordingly. It is also difficult for customers to accept. So, for the color, the range must be within a reasonable range.

  1. The bulging position of thecustom membrane switches button needs to be opened to a suitable position. Otherwise it will affect the appearance of the button. The adhesive is not sticky. In addition to the choice of raw materials, you must also confirm the shape of the prototype.

If the prototype has grooves, you need to choose good quality adhesive. The choice of adhesive is appropriate.

3. The shrapnel of the custom membrane switches drum pack button needs to be placed properly without deviation. Otherwise it will affect the operation of the button.

Custom membrane switches production and quality inspection

Membrane switch is indispensable in the production process of printing. If you do not make full use of printing technology, the appearance of the membrane switch is very flawed. With the continuous improvement of technology, printing technology is also rapidly improved.

Membrane switches are improved on the basis of traditional switches. Which largely change the structural problems of traditional switches. And have made great optimization and improvement in appearance and function.

Compared with traditional switches, custom membrane switches have outstanding characteristics such as:

  • Thinness
  • Lightness
  • shortness, etc.,

so, they are favored by people in the market.

Membrane switch is a high-tech product. And it is also a new product. It needs to be strictly checked and inspected in terms of quality. For the inspection work of the membrane switch, we need to do it from outside to inside. Which means not only to check the color rendering and color quality of the membrane switch. But also, to consider the internal quality factors such as his life button.

The cable insulation resistance of the membrane switch also needs to be carefully checked.

Which items should be tested for the quality of custom membrane switches?

Membrane Keypads

Membrane switch quality inspection is a very important task. For a successful membrane switch company, it is imperative to establish a complete quality assurance system. In the quality inspection of membrane switches.

In addition to the color rendering of inks familiar to screen printers and the color reproducibility of customers. It is more important to pay attention to the inherent qualities of custom membrane switches. Such as:

  • button operating force
  • life, peel strength and
  • high and low temperature.

Constant temperature damp heat and return water line electricity, insulation, electricity, pressure and other indicators.

Nowadays, the use rate of this switch has become more and more widespread. Not only can it be seen in some hospitals or hotels, even in our daily lives. custom membrane switches are also very common. For example, microwave oven switches or some remote controllers have gradually adopted this new type of switch. So, what is the reason for the increasing application of this switch?

  • First of all, it is naturally its good nature.
  • The seal and water resistance of this switch are compared.
  • so,in some humid environments, this switch can also work very well.

Second, the service life is relatively long. Because the deformation caused by each button is relatively small. So, the wear caused is also relatively small. The service life of this switch is much longer than the ordinary switch.

It is for these reasons that the use of custom membrane switches are becoming more and more recognized by everyone

Common problems in custom membrane switches circuit design are as follows:

1. The shrapnel of the membrane switch drum pack button needs to be placed properly. And there must be no deviation. Otherwise it will affect the operation of the button.

2. Color problem: The modulation share of the ink is the main reason for the serious color error. The color requirements are too strict and the color scale is too small. Therefore, these are factors that are difficult to control in any industry.

3. The bulging position of the button: the appropriate position for mold opening is required. Otherwise it will affect the appearance of the custom membrane switches. Moreover, the adhesive is not sticky. In addition to the selection of raw materials, it is necessary to recognize the shape of the good prototype. The choice of adhesive is appropriate.