How does custom rubber keypad manufacturer remove stains from keypads?

hqtMay 12, 2020

An ultimate guide to understanding rubber keypad popular tips and tricks

custom rubber keypad

What is a custom rubber keypad?

The change of custom rubber keypad has made many electronic products have a deeper reference to the definition of rubber. Rubber keys have also become indispensable auxiliary tools for electronic products. Rubber keyboards are also one of the keys.

 Its largest advantage is:

  • environmental protection
  • dustproof
  • provides good protection for the keys
  • can be carried away at any time in any environment
  • provides silent tapping for the input device of the computer
  • light and comfortable feel

The main design adopts mold design and development molding. Therefore, custom rubber keypad manufacturers design simple and convenient rubber buttons during the design.


What is the difference between silicone products and rubber products?

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In daily life, many commodities are all silicone rubber products or rubber and plastic products. Sometimes no one can tell which category it belongs to. Many people mistakenly think that silicone is a raw material. Rubber and vulcanized rubber are not the same.

From the perspective of organic chemistry, silicone rubber products are liquid rubber and plastic products. These belong to single-component indoor temperature vulcanized rubber. It is a polyurethane elastomer raw material. That has silicone material as raw material.

Silicone rubber products are a type of silica gel. It belong to the liquid rubber and plastic products of single-component indoor temperature vulcanized rubber. Once exposed to air, the silane in it will produce a:

  • condensation reaction
  • a network structure
  • chemical cross-linking of the management system

It cannot be melted. Its heat transfer performance is slightly higher than that of ordinary custom rubber keypad and plastic products. Once it is solidified, there is no way to separate the bonded masses.

Computers are quite popular now. Maybe we used to go to Internet cafes without a computer, so a company may not have enough staff! However, it is not an exaggeration to say that one computer can be reached nowadays. Some companies can even say that there are 100 computers and only 50 people. It is not a blow to technology to change lives! When we usually use computers, do we often encounter such problems? Is there dust in the slits of the keyboard? Is there something dirty? Not clean at all? Yes, these are very common questions!

How does custom rubber keypad manufacturer meet the market requirement?


In fact, the custom rubber keypad manufacturer is sometimes difficult. For example, the requirements of certain products are strict. Especially the built-in cannot have stains or impurities. It is a quality problem that cannot exist for rubber gifts. And this problem must be solved.

Difficult to say, there are difficulties. But also to pay attention to the simplicity!

First of all, it is necessary to understand how there are stains and impurities in rubber products. It will greatly affect the quality and appearance requirements of the product. This is an inappropriate product for buyers and a waste product for custom rubber keypad factories.

How to avoid it This one seems to be the difficulty of a small problem. I think many manufacturers should have done a lot of work in this area. Some of them have succeeded and of course failed. In fact, the main problem lies in the personnel to solve this small problem.

First of all, what should we make on the personnel? This is naturally training. The so-called corporate culture and philosophy must be there. If the quality concept is not unified or even not there, then things must be done badly. So, the training of the personnel should also be down.

 Let custom rubber keypad manufacturer have a concept of quality! Do not blindly pursue speed! Pay attention to the problem of stains in every link.


Secondly, in the first step of equipping materials. We must also check whether there are impurities in the materials when incoming materials. If the raw materials are not checked, then the probability of impurities in them will greatly increase. After checking the raw materials, when color mixing employees also need to pay special attention to the problem of impurities.

  • First of all, the rubber mixer must be kept clean.
  • And various cleaning tasks must be used to clean or
  • clean the machine to prevent dust and small impurities
  • that are not visible to the naked eye!
  • After the rubber mixer is cleaned.carefully check whether the color masterbatch is clean during color mixing.

What things to consider before developing custom rubber keypad?

There must be no dust or other things inside. Especially the color masterbatch is very difficult to see because of the color. This is a careful job. It must be done carefully. After finishing the work with raw materials.

custom rubber keypad manufacturer should also pay attention to the actual production of the vulcanizing machine. That is:

  1. the cleaning of the mold and
  2. the impact of the working environment.

Rubber products are generally completed through the mold and vulcanized rubber.


What is an ideal custom rubber keypad working environment?


Working environment

  • There must be no wind in the air, and
  • try to keep the air as clean as possible without dust,
  • because it is easy for the dust in the air to enter the raw materials, so it is difficult to think of the beautiful appearance of rubber products

It is also an important part of attention! Pay attention to the cleaning of the countertop during subsequent manual operations.

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Are you annoyed by the lack of computer key hype when you go out? Are you also worried about the waterproof performance of the keyboard? This custom rubber keypad has a good effect on laptop control. when you are out and can easily carry music in any environment.

Putting the volume in our pocket saves a lot of space when we go out. When a quiet environment is needed, the keyboard knocking sound is too loud. It can be used to reduce the sound of pressing the keyboard when it affects others. Due to its light design , the material is soft, without any noise, so he is also called a silent keyboard.

 What are the major functions of custom rubber keypad?

There are many functions of the rubber keyboard. It has been well evaluated in the market. But good evaluations are designed with good material properties. Its selection is made of:

  • food-grade rubber products
  • non-toxic and tasteless
  • rubber manufacturers can Add various colors that can also be customized according to customers’ favorite colors.

Adding various colors will not have any impact on environmental protection. The comprehensive design and collection of raw materials allow it to be:

  • well applied
  • preventing water seepage and dust-prevention
  • Oil-proof and even acid-base, work alone at night will not affect the rest of the family because of noise
  • it made of rubber raw materials and

In daily life, people use a variety of plastic appliances. Plastic products must dissolve for 400 years. Plastic waste has already become a key gossip of environmental degradation. We want to change this situation from the beginning when rubber products use instead of plastic appliances. custom rubber keypad products have gradually become a necessity for people to eat, drink, and live.