How to design a smaller and beautiful controller?

hqtJun 19, 2020

Controller design with the smaller volume: How technology and process can help design the controller smaller and beautiful.


Foundation Industries produces more than tens of thousands of switches for the difference controllers, the controllers may be used on many filed. Such as the aerospace, the military, the industrial, the consumer electronics applications, the automotive, etc., Our switches can design to be very thin, very light, and also with very beautiful appearance. Also, our switches are very easy to be been assembly to the plastic enclosure. Below are some points that show the advantages for the membrane switches:

1. Design free

  • Design the shape and thickness per your suggestion, design the dimensions of the outline per your request.
  • Design the text, the patterns, the colors as you like, you also can design the colors per your plastic housing. The printing colors, text, patterns are on the membrane foils bottom, and the colors can keep permanent.
  • Design with the liquid proof very easy, the gasket waterproof can be designed together with the membrane switch, and there is no need for the extra gasket rings design.
  • Design with the LED lighting indicator very easily. We can design with the “point-indicator”, also can design the “area-indicator” (Backlighting design for the switches).

2. Use free for the manufacturer

  • For the membrane switches, it can be very easy to assembly to the different machines. The flat surface mostly will be OK to assembly the switches. Therewith the adhesive design on the bottom of the switches, and you just need to paste such switches to your machine, and connect tails to your control PCBs, then it can be work.
  • The membrane switch can be suite to the sunny outdoors, can be suite to the rainy environment, can be sure to standard indoors, can be suite high temperature outdoors, can be suited to the high-pressure environment, can be suite to causticity environment, can be suite to vibrate environment, etc.
  • The membrane switch with low working voltage and current, low loop resistance. The material also the insulation layers, always Can be safe for users.

3. User free for the terminal users

  • The membrane switches have a good tactile feeling for the users, the simple and beautiful appearance also makes the users happy.
  • Easy clean, Clean the membrane switch more easer than a standard glass.
  • Good scratch resistance, the users don’t care the very easily broken after a long time using. Good acid and alkali resistant during the using.
  • Don’t have the fingerprints leaves, can be suited to the different kinds of touch and press fingers.

Foundation industries produce the membrane switches for over 13 years, and we provide our service all over the world. From the original standard membrane switches design, now our switches design to be very diverse. Our design main idea is not “Simpler is better”, Our design main idea is to try the best that catch the customer requires, Our design main idea is that customers give us the ideas that what they want to design the “achieve” and we give them the solutions. We doing the business always good, and we will keep our advantage that doing the business better in the future. Welcome to email us about your problems!