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hqtJun 18, 2020

Few Things that you may have not known about Capacitive Switch

Keypad-FD is one of the most and top rated company providing capacitive switch services, we are always here to enhance your product user interface without tipping the scales out of your budget. Keypad-FD is a well-known company worldwide because we always gives value to our customer requirement, before placing an order read below content, first we are going to put some shed to few amazing things about capacitive switch, so that you can have a complete overview and main definition about capacitive switch and decide yourself a better place to buy these switches. So must read the below content it will walk you through the fundamentals of capacitive touch technology including different construction, you will also read about technical consideration that will plays an important role in optimizing your device.

Capacitive Switch Overview

This switch is a type of touch controlled electrical switch which works because of changing in capacitance. Its functionality is as same as capacitive smartphone, when human touch a phone screen, from human body a tiny electrical charge transferred to switch because of this we can see a change in the capacitance.

After touching the switch the electrical charge which has been transferred from human body disturbs the capacitive switch own electrical charge, because of this capacitance change switch determines where the touch occurs. In such a capacitive switch performs its function.

Yes! Day by day technology getting more advanced and our future is going to rely on capacitive sensing technology. Now everybody is so close to touch screen, now 90% people prefer touch screens as compare to membrane switches.

Here we are going to list down few amazing advantages of capacitive switch with the glass

Usage of this technology is increasing day by day because it is very easy now to clean the glass.

1: This technology comes up with highly decorative solutions which include full printing colors like transparent and light blocking.

2: This technology comes up with back light option.

3: It comes up with multiple fond printing options.

4: It let you insert variety of labels into the glass; it also let you integrate multiple displays.

There are many manufacturers that utilized membrane switches technology which is composed of polyester graphical overlay and switching layer beneath. But the main disadvantage of utilizing membrane switches technology is that its usage is not appropriate with a glass lenses, only the capacitive switch technology is solution to get rid from this problem. Usage of a sensing layer and a microcontroller makes possible that now one can operate switches behind glass.

Let’s have a quick overview to the design of Capacitive Switch

Capacitive Switches are composed of 3 layers.

1: Upper Graphic Overlay Layers (This layer is composed of plastic and glass which is really durable and increase the product durability)

2: A Circuit Layer (Which is of flex PCB or simple PCB)

3: 3RD and the last layer is the backer layer.

Main dis-advantage of using this Capacitive Switch

1: The main and only one disadvantage of this technology is that there are 90% chances of breakage glass; such technology requires more care and need.

As we all knows that everything comes up with few pros and cons so same the case with this technology.

But its advantages are much bigger than its cons let’s have a look below to its pros.

Benefits of utilizing Capacitive Switch

First and the most amazing benefit of utilizing capacitive switch is that this switch can bear harsh environment either its outdoor or indoor environment it can tolerate both.

If the customer’s main concern is dirt, moisture and dust then capacitive switch must be your first choice. In short we can say that these switches are one of the best choices for electrical switches.

The main thing about these switches is that for performing they need direct contact with object just because of this reason stylus doesn’t work mostly if the stylus you are utilizing is not made up of capacitive.

It’s another plus point is that they support integration of features like light emitting diode LED backlights.

Usage of Capacitive Switch

There are many industries where Capacitive Switches used in a wide range.

1: Vending Machines

2: Smartphones

3: Tablets

4: Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s)

5: Industrial Control’s

6: Appliances, infotainment centers and much more

Few other Touch Switches

Besides capacitive touch switches there are also two other types exist of touch switch, Resistive and piezo which perform its function by reducing the resistance of two conductive components. So now you can see that there are three types of switches but the most famous and preferable one is only capacitive touch switch because of its performance, 100% accuracy, reliability and its overall versatility.

As you have seen above that capacitive switches comes up with longevity and reliability so whenever you look for an electrical switch then always prefer a capacitive one.

Major Difference between Capacitive and Mechanical Switch

As we all knows very well that switches are the main backbone that plays an important role in operating electrical device. In simple words we can says that it controls an electrical circuit.

When the switch is turned on the electrical circuit closed thus complete but when the switch is turned off the electrical circuit open up thus incomplete.

So in order to control these circuits variety of switches are available but the most preferable ones are mechanical and capacitive. And if we compare mechanical and capacitive then capacitive is more amazing and has future scope. So here we are going to present a major difference b/w mechanical and capacitive switch.

What is Mechanical Switch?

capacitive switch

This switch is known as a most basic type of switch. Mechanical Switch is composed of two conductive traces; after pressing the switch there occur a contact b/w upper and bottom conductive trace which plays an important role in closing the circuit. After releasing switch the conductive trace comes back to its original position.

Here are few examples of mechanical switches: Buttons on TV remote control. There are other countless application like calculators, gaming controllers etc where mechanical switches has been utilized. Computer keyboards, human machine interfaces (HMIs), household appliance are also an example of mechanical switches.

What is Capacitive Switch?

Their function is also same as mechanical switch, they used for opening a circuit, but the method used for opening the circuit is completely different than mechanical switches.

As we all knows that mechanical switches features conductive traces separated by air but capacitive switches use a capacitive sensor which plays an important role in changing capacitance.

It continually emits a current across the button, when someone touches the button then its finger absorb a bit current and drop the capacitance which in result closing the circuit.

If we compare capacitive switches with capacitive touch then we get to know that both are used for measuring capacitance.

Using a capacitive switch benefit is that it requires no pressure to operate, mechanical switch button requires a pressure to push the button hard enough but in case of capacitance you just need to touch it with your bare finger and all will done.

Few more great features are listed below

1: It is really easy to use just with a single finger touch, it opens up the circuit.

2: It contains sensors which are adjustable to environment.

3: It is easy to clean because switch is impervious to dust and dirt, and resistant to harsh chemicals and contaminants

4: It is really durable and reliable because of 50 million cycles.

5: It is also available in momentary.

These switches are new into the industry but still getting lot of fame among people; slowly they are replacing membrane and mechanical switches, and can easily combine with PCAP touchscreen. They are perfect to give a modern look to a device. Its new features are sliders and wheel, in short we can say it an ideal technology.

If you are one of those who only look for cost effective designs then prefer only capacitive switch because only this technology comes up with cost effective designs.

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