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hqtJun 16, 2020

Graphic Overlay – Why Membrane Switch is incomplete without Graphic Overlays

Yes! We are used to of using a variety of control panels in our daily life, like oven push button, it is incomplete without graphic overlay interface.

When the interface does not work then we cannot utilize an oven, now these control panels has a full control into our life’s and all the big industries.

This control panel is known as a membrane switch and without graphic overlay membrane switch is useless.

First of all we are going to briefly explain about the main definition of graphic overlays and then we put some shed to its feature, importance and usage.

An Introduction to a Graphic Overlay:

The very first layer of a membrane switch is known as a Graphic Overlay. It is composed of flexible plastic along printed image, display window and embossed key.

Yes with graphic overlays, membrane switches are of two kinds, first one is membrane switch panel other one is a membrane keypad.

Membrane switch panel is called as non-tactile membrane switch on the other hand membrane keypad is called as a tactile membrane switch.

All the screen printed overlays comes up with function keys as well as text display. Just because of this overlay user can interact with device at ease. It’s another advantage is that it gives extra security to internal units from exposed.

As control panel is the main thing for product so manufacturer always gives first preference to customization of graphic overlays.


graphic overlay


Overlay can be designed more attractive and beautiful by the usage of particular inks, well-designed elements and featured images. Even its up to manufacturer, he/she can also give a variety of shapes and sizes.

While manufacturing, two types of cutting process plays an important role, first one is die cut second one is laser cut.

Manufacturer utilizes the die cuts for general purposes but the laser cut is only utilized for high precision purposes.

It’s all up to the professional designer that which they utilize, keypad-FD first try to meet all the customer demands but in case if customer is unaware of good one then we always utilize the best according to needs because we value our customer needs and we work for repute and value not for money So our main motto always remains customer satisfaction.

Manufacturer can impress the users by designing unique graphic overlays but few users come up with a question, if design is everything for graphic overlays then why good material selection is very important for it?

Well the answer to this question is explained below.

Why good quality material is utilize for Graphic Overlay?

User-friendly interface

User will enjoy using product only if the interface is clear and clean so if the graphic overlay is made by utilizing high quality material then the LCD display will comes up with more pleasant look. Just because of amazing transparency communication can be clearer with user and commands. In short we can say that it increases the product usability this is main reason that why Keypad-FD only utilize a high quality graphic overlay material.


Durability is the second main reason of utilizing high quality graphic overlays because a single button will be pressed thousands time, button cannot be pressed without giving any stress, so after putting pressure we have to release the pressure so that button can get back to its original shape, all this process requires a lot of flexibility so graphic overlay material must have modulus of elasticity, if the material is not good then there might be a possibility that overlay developed a undesirable deformation because of stress. So the material should have balanced elasticity otherwise button will be stiff to press.

Another reason of choosing good material is the environmental protection, most of the time membrane switches are exposed to humidity environment which shorten the membrane switch lifespan.  If the membrane switch is exposed to very high temperature then there is a possibility of short lifespan of membrane switch.

Both high and low temperature can affect the overlay either its icy place and dessert if the material is of low class then the overlays will be affected easily.

Three things that create high corrosion for overlays for example chemicals, solvents or salty water so in order to keep safe overlays from such environmental issues material selection plays a very important role.

These are the main reasons that keypad-FD always utilize a high class material in order to provide finest protection to graphic overlays.

Desirable shape

Shape is another main factor in giving overlays an attractive look. If the manufacturer is utilizing a right kind of material then it can design infinite looks for overlays.  Designer can easily satisfied the customer only if the material is of right kind. Now the industry technology has become more advanced so variety of printing inks are available now to give overlays a different designs every time. We can say that material selection can help the manufacturer a lot in making unique overlays. If the material is good then manufacture has lot of ways to print overlays via screen or digital printing.

Screen printing plays an important role in providing amazing color matching; screen printing has a wide use in making high class Application because of great consistency on the other hand digital printing plays a key role in making flexible design.

For both kinds of printing infinite no of color choices are available.

Another good thing about choosing different material is that it can give very clear finishes to overlays.

Let’s see below how it gives distinct finishes to product.

For instance, manufacturer can have choices for embossing, matte, velvet or gloss. There are variety of finishes available which plays a key role in reducing fingerprints and scratch for indoor environment.

There is also variety of finishes available for making display window clearer. All this is possible only if the material is of high quality, so after utilizing a high quality graphic overlay material designer can customize it in many ways and can comes up with variety of pleasing looks.

For different Applications, different kind of Materials is required

There are hundreds of materials are available but all cannot create a good one graphic overlay. Choosing a right kind material is a main part of product designing process.

So before choosing any material, there are few things that you need to be considered.

In which environment that overlay is going to be used? indoors or outdoors? The main thing is that where we are going to utilize this product.

As you have read above a brief discussion about graphic overlay material now let’s have a look to main materials that are commonly used for its manufacturing.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC is popular because it is very cheap and affordable as compared to Lexan poly-carbonate (PC).

It is good because of good chemical resistance and electrical insulation. It is amazing because for finishing we can try lot of colors and can make the design more appealing.

Its dis-advantage is that it is not environmental friendly, in extreme climate it will not work.  Its popularity main reason is its cheap price, short-run signs and folding boxes.

Poly-carbonate (PC)

It is also called as a Lexan poly-carbonate. It is tough and very clear like crystals.

It is good because of mechanical properties; it has quality of tolerating high flames. It is very good because it is very environment friendly, it can easily absorb harsh climate as well as moisture.

In short, it is such a great option for graphic overlays in such an amazing price with such environment friendly features.

But keep remember one thing that you have to coat it double for extra protection, its usage makes the die and cutting process easier.

This is perfect to fulfill all customer needs.

Polyester (PET)

This one is better than PC and PVC because it is more durable. It is popular because even after 1 million actuation cycles you will not see any signs of wear. It is environment friendly and works awesome even in the harsh environment. It perfectly meets all the needs of medical and army applications. It is MORE amazing than PC and PVC but it costs higher and takes more time in manufacturing.

But for keypad-FD times and money does not matter, thing that matter to us is just our customer satisfaction, we value our customer needs and expectations.

We believe in quality work so our main motto is to design “Quality Product”.

Keypad-FD only use polyester material in order to provide high quality graphic overlays this is the reason we are the top rated and more famous company right now.

If there is anything that you need help related to graphic overlays material then simply go to contact us page and throw your query, soon one of our team member will be available to guide you.