Membrane Switch Manufacturer – Everything You Need to Know About Membrane Switch

hqtJun 14, 2020

Membrane Switch – What are they and How they Works – A Deep Discussion


Keypad-FD is one of the most rated and popular membrane switch Manufacturer Company these days, it is well known company in a worldwide switches industry.

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First we want to take you through the main definition of membrane switch then we will put some shed to its brief discussion.

Overview of Membrane Switch


Membrane touch switches sometime called as a membrane switches or touch switches. It is momentary electrical on/off switch for turning on or off the circuit.

In simple words, we can say that it act as an interface b/w user and machine, it let the user communication with machine.

A special conductive ink like silver, carbon, graphite is put onto a heat stabilizer polyester film which actually used to manufacture a membrane switch.

Simple membrane switch plays an important role in the application of modern devices. From AC remotes to TV and household applications, it is used in a wide range of applications.

These days all the industrial control system are under control by membrane switch for example keyboard, touch-sensitive toys and phones etc.

Now manufacturing and engineering industry is incomplete without membrane switch because it is the reason of enhancing the aesthetics of human-machine interfaces while costing less.

When membrane switches are compared with other switches then we got to know that it is more durable than other in the market. This is the main reason of it’s widely usage. Mostly people think that mechanical and membrane switches are same but its 100% wrong both are completely different, mechanical switches are made up of copper and plastic parts while membrane touch switches are made up of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or Indium tin oxide (ITO). Read the below content to exactly know how do they are made? How do they work? Membrane touch switch features, types and much more.

How is Membrane Touch Switches Made?

Keypad-FD design and manufacture membrane touch switch with 100% creativity and care, the design behind the making process is one GGI. On the polyester surface, membrane touch switches are printed by carbon or silver ink according to customers’ demands but we mostly prefer the silver surface.

After applying ink, graphic overlay is then applied to film. At GGI, keypad-FD gives its best in providing variety of graphic layer material which includes polyester, antimicrobial polyester, poly carbonate, blends, and silicone. These materials makes the switches more durable and reliable we always choose the one that customer demands us. We always do our best to make the customer happy by keeping product reliability guidelines in mind.

membrane switch


Construction of Membrane Switch

Here few things we are going to list down almost 7 layers which plays a vital role in the construction of membrane switch.

1: Graphic Overlay

This overlay is composed by polyester material, the reason to only choose this material is that it is the most chemical resistance material as compared to poly-carbonate.

For getting right textures, colors and finishes, its CSI requires digital print or screen print even sometimes combination of both can be used.

2: Overlay Adhesive

This layer is actually plays an important role in bonding the graphic overlay to the top of circuit layer.

This layer is actually an acrylic adhesive; it is very important layer for the durability and provides an environmental protection to a switch for example it keeps the switch safe from moist environment.

3: Top Circuit Layer

This layer is printed by polyester with silver filling, electrically conductive and di-electric inks. For achieving tactile feedback, this layer can also absorb metal domes, doing this plays an important role in impacting usability.

4: Circuit Spacer

This layer actually used to separate the top circuit from the bottom one in order to keep the switch open until the keypad is pressed. The spacer is made of polyester which is adhesive on both sides.

5: Lower Circuit Layer

This layer is heat stabilized at 005″ – .007″ temperature, this layer work as a flexible tail in order to control PCB’s. This layer is printed by polyester, with silver filling of conductive and di-electric inks.

6: Rear Adhesive Layer

This layer work as a bond to support the full panel, CSI is used to define thickness and adhesive type to bond your membrane keypad to the device.

7: Rigid Support Layer

This layer plays an important role in adding structural integrity to switch. Material used for this layer can be aluminum, FR-4, steel, etc. Few of the manufacturers also use studs and standoffs.

Few Great Features of Membrane Switch

The main feature of membrane switches is that they comes up with complete sealed surface, it is very easier to clean and sterilized. It’s another good advantage is that it has no crevices that can trap contaminants.

It is affordable and can manufacture in less amount as compared to rubber keypads and capacitive touch keypads assemblies.

It comes up with thin profile which becomes the reason of saving more space in product design.

It is much easier to interface with controller, without any effort and device.

Its interface is made up of very versatile graphics with amazing quality of photos and effects.

Its design is protected from UV radiations as compared to rubber keypads.

Its design another great quality is that it works as a water resistant.

Membrane Switch common few features listed below:

1: Its reliability makes it better than rubber keypads

2: Because of flexibility and high conductivity it gives its 100% performance.

3: It has wide usage in Medical industry because of strong adhesion and fast curing.

Types of Membrane Switch

There are two main type of membrane switch, we are going to put shed to the main definition of these two types.

Tactile membrane touch switches:

Tactile membrane touch switch main function is to provide a response after pressing a finger. There are letters or symbols over the overlay which is used to represent function of switch. In simple words, we can explain that it is composed of metal domes, after pressing button metal domes causes an action to dome. The main usage of tactile switches is in keypads, instruments or interface control panel applications.

Note: Either its Tactile or non-tactile both can be made even without graphic overlays.

Non-tactile membrane touch switches:

Such switch is basically used for more durable applications. When we compare it with tactile membrane touch switches then we get to know that it more reliable and economical. But its features are bit different than the tactile because it is very tough to construct and 100% sealed from external environment.

These are available in variety of shape and sizes manufacturer can easily customize it for active keypad areas because this switch does not comes up with any tactile feedback after user interaction. After pressing key they come up with audio devices and LED indicators. Non-tactile membrane touch switches has an ability to absorb 3 million actuation’s while tactile membrane touch switches has an ability to absorb 1 million actuation’s.

In short, Non-tactile membrane touch switches are more reliable and efficient with many affective features.

What Industries Use Membrane Switch the most?

Well! You got to see its usage in a variety of industries but the ideal markets for Membrane touch Switches are medical and laboratory instruments because these switches has a capability of fighting against moist environment and contamination.  They comes up with anti-bacterial coating to fight against bacteria’s and reduce their growth rate, even they comes up with capability of saving the switch from harsh chemicals. Many electronic test and telecommunication networking equipment’s are made by utilizing these switches.


Why to choose Keypad-FD?

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