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hqtJun 11, 2020

Membrane Keyboard Design/Guide/Features

You can buy keyboards from lot of manufacturers but Keypad-FD providing reliability, long life and design flexibility. Our engineering team has been into this field since decades so no manufacturer can be in our competition. We always gives our best to our clients that is why we are the top most manufacturer right know. Well before getting into deep discussion, firstly we want you to go through the main definition of membrane keyboard so that you can do analysis about membrane keyboard pros and cons, this article will surely going to help you in choosing the right kind of keyboard.

A Small Intro to Keyboard

As we all knows that for all electronic devices and computers, keyboard work as a backbone. It plays an important role in its functioning. In simple words, it helps the person to control electronic device via typing.

In market, variety of keyboards is available but the most common keyboards are mechanical and membrane. But today we are going to put some shed to the main features of membrane keyboard, let’s go through it.

Overview of Membrane Keyboard

After playing lot of games and doing lot of work, everybody looks for an amazing keyboards that provides comfort to fingers but now all the keyboards almost gives a same look but few of them are the dream keyboards so you have to decide yourself which one will be good enough to fulfill your work needs by going through its all features. Slowly but surely, membrane keyboard has overtaken the mechanical counterparts and now have been the most common type of keyboard that we used to see around like in or our offices, schools, colleges etc.  Because of their popularity people now referred it as a most regular or standard keyboards.

The very first keyboard is called membrane keyboard, which is composed by 3 different flexible layers. First layer is known as top membrane layer, there is conductive trace under the top of layer, after pressing key it get you through the second layer which is composed of holes that let the pressure pads to pass through in order to create contact with conductive traces on the top.

There are two types of designs commonly used; first one is the flat key design used by micro-wave oven, keys printed on these pads are the same like it printed on the other pads with same pressure pads but it is difficult to use it for computer keyboard because it provides no physical feedback.

Dome switch keyboard are the another type of keyboard which uses a dome with printed letters. Such keyboards are only made by using rubber or silicone keypad with dome. When the dome is press, it collapse and the graphite beneath the dome fulfill the circuit, and also sends a signal that key has been pressed.

membrane keyboard


Advantages of Membrane Keyboard

Typing Experience of is almost similar to other Keyboards:

Dome keyboards are made by using rubber or silicon domes to respond, so there is a difference of typing between mechanical and membrane keyboard, but with time, technology is getting more advanced so this difference is now become very smaller.


When we compare this keyboard to others then we get to know that membrane keyboard does not create any noise while fast typing but other keyboards create huge noise. For example, mechanical keyboard with blue switches are very noisy.

But if you are one of those who love the loud noise while typing then you should go after the mechanical keyboard.


If we compare membrane keyboard with other like mechanical then we get to know that it is much lighter because of plastic material, one can do his work by having keyboard on its laps for hours with zero stress. It puts a very small load in fact a zero load on the person.


Membrane keyboards are made by using common material with advance tech so because of this it is more affordable than other keyboards. Though it has same features than mechanical keyboard but the prices for membrane keyboard is less expensive, a common men can easily afford it.


Another good pro of membrane keyboard is that it is smaller in size and more compact than others. Many manufacturers utilize these keyboards in 90% of applications because of their slim designs.

Longer Lifespan

Membrane keyboard comes up with longer lifespan because they don’t provide separate moving parts for the keys. So if you are one of those who is looking for keyboard for long use then you must try this one.


Disadvantages of Membrane Keyboard

With advantages, everything comes up with a few disadvantages; few of its cons are listed below.

Typing feel

Membrane keyboard does not produce any tactile feedback naturally and don’t produce spring like action as mechanical keyboard so many typist says that they need lot of effort and energy in typing, few of them also says that this keyboard also affected their typing speed.  But now technology has become more advanced and this typing difference has become very small now.

Cleaning Experience

Membrane keyboard is not easier to clean when it compares with other keyboards, its keycaps are non-removable which makes it harder to clean.

Note: This keyboard is not really popular because of slow typing speed but it is perfect in case you want any keyboard which provides protection from damage and dirt then membrane keyboard is the best one.

Few of membrane keyboard more features that you may have not known:

  • It is very sleek and comes up with compact design because of this feature it can easily got fit into any electronic device.
  • Its front overlay design can easily be made according to client’s requirement even the color combination can also be done according to their choices.
  • It also provides embossing feature with outstanding look.



  • These keyboards are widely been used in Industrial Automation machine control.
  • Their 90 percent usage has been seen in In Bio-medical equipment’s.
  • Testing and measuring equipment’s are incomplete without these membrane keyboards.
  • In aviation and all kind of process control, their great usage has been seen.

Our 90 percent applications and industry is incomplete without this membrane keyboard, we can took an idea that how much popular they are right now.

Which Keyboard you should choose?

Well! There is not anything that comes up with 100% pros, as there is pros there must be few cons with it, if you does not care about typing speed and keyboard performance or you are using it with laptop, tablet, using with PC or for office working or you have to travel a lot with your laptop, tablet then we will strongly recommend you to buy membrane keyboard because of its small size, compact design and light weight.  In addition you can afford it easily because of low prices but if you are a heavy user like freelancers who use the keyboard all the time or if you are developer then membrane keyboard is not of your type you must go on with a mechanical keyboard for yours fingers comfort but keep remember is very expensive so buy it only if you have good enough money.

Why to choose Keypad-FD?

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