LGF design products

hqtDec 26, 2019

Foundation Industries (Short name HC) do many years of business in membrane switch products, we do the custom per the customer request. More than 95% of our business is foreign, and we have many experiences in service for foreign customers.

The membrane switch can be as the controller, it also can be as the adornment. Recently years, we develop many membrane switches with the LGF design, the LGF also means the back-lighting design. The mostly membrane switch design is very thinner(Around 0.8~1.5mm total thickness), the switch keys also required a very good tactile feeling, the backing LEDs is the point light source kinds, that caused the back-lighting design for the keys patterns more difficult.

For improve the problems, we need the LGF-plate under the lighting text & patterns, the LGF need to design very thinner, but also need to be sure the point lighting can be spread very uniform to every corner. Sometimes, one membrane switch has many keys and needs to be backing-lighting separate, and we also need to design the prevent barrier that helps to prevent the lighting diffuse to other keys. FD take many times to improve the better LGF products, from the very beginning very thicker total thickness design improve now the very thinner total thickness design, from the very beginning very bad tactile feeling keys design improve now the very good tactile feeling keys design, from the very beginning non-uniform lighting design improve now the uniform lighting design, from the very beginning lighting leak design improve now the lighting prevents carrier design. We can’t say we do the No.1 with the LGF membrane switches design, but we can be sure we do the No.1 that pays attention to the business.

FD’s customers from the different countries, they do different business, from the Industrial, the Medical, the Home appliances, the Military to the Aviation. If you have the membrane switch or its relative products requires, please contact us, we think we can catch your request. We will give you the best support!