How Membrane Keypad Manufacturer Changed Art of Custom Keyboard?

hqtJan 27, 2020

Practical tricks to improve membrane keyboard operating experience

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1-Top membrane keyboard Guidelines Every membrane keypad manufacturer Needs to Know
2-Top 5 Amazing membrane keyboard facts
3-What is a membrane keypad?
4-How many types are there of membrane keyboard?
5-Why custom membrane keypads are reliable?
6-The tactile feedback problem in older membrane keypads
7-The evaluation of leds in membrane key switches
8-You need to beware following custom membrane keypads failures
9-Top 7 easy membrane keypad customization tricks
10-How to prevent dirt and other particles from membrane keypads?
11-What is capacitive membrane touch switches?
12-What are the common issues come with membrane switch keypads?
13-10 tips to improve membrane key switches functionality
14-What are the most common keypad characteristics?
15-How to protect keypad switches from humidity?
16-Graphic layer production of custom membrane keypads
17-Membrane switch design tips and tricks
18-What is an estimated life cycle of membrane keypads?
19-Static comparison of membrane keypad shields

Top membrane keyboard Guidelines Every membrane keypad manufacturer Needs to Know

membrane keyboards Guideline

China membrane keypad manufacturer produces millions of keypads ever year. These membrane switches play a vital role in multiple industries. Furthermore, it feeds numerous business requirements. The fact is membrane switch keypads are being used in many domestic and commercial appliances. Whether these are microwaves or high-end security input machines and lockers, people across the globe seek industrial membrane keypad manufacturer. Simultaneously, it provides an option to switch your business security to membrane switch keypads.  To know more about membrane switches and keypads, you need to look inside the working of industrial membrane keypad manufacturers and suppliers.

Top 5 Amazing membrane keyboard facts

  1. membrane switch keypads have three layers
  2. they function electronically
  3. best alternative protection against moisture and dust particles inhalation
  4. the first membrane keypad was used in 1980
  5. offer better service value and lifetime


Almost 30 years ago when membrane keypads came to the market, it didn’t impress the consumer market. It was unreliable. The data input was complicated and it was not as swift as hardware keyboards or keypads. Moreover, it had mechanical issues. In older versions of membrane keyboards, membrane keypad manufacturer didn’t notice this big flaw. While tapping or quick working was creating troubles. Furthermore, swift pressing was generating complex signal issues. It was mixing up commands.

After years of struggle and hard work, thanks to industrial membrane keypad manufacturers and suppliers that they have developed error-free and quick membrane keyboards at a quite low cost. Modern membrane key switches offer great versatility and protection. For instance, in hardware keypads and keyboards, moisture, liquid, and particles can easily penetrate into lines and holes. Later, it can damage the inner system especially the PCB board. You might have experienced such an incident.

Moisture brings malfunction and debris and particles make the buttons hard. It is a very common issue. To stop these kinds of problems membrane switches and membrane keypads are the best alternatives. Moreover, membrane keypad manufacturer china is working hard to improve the standard of their custom membrane keypads.

What is a membrane keypad?

A membrane keypad is an electronic sensitive touch device for numeric input that works on low voltage with the support of a small printed circuit board. It has a backlit on the surface and completely covers the top area to save it from moisture, debris and other dust particles. Membrane switches are commonly found in commercial and industrial areas. Furthermore, the general consumer also uses it for multiple purposes. It executes a command when anybody puts pressure on the button. Similarly, the electric connection breaks down once the pressure is removed.

How many types are there of membrane keyboard?

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Generally, the membrane keypad manufacturer makes four types of membrane keyboards:

  1. Domed graphic tactile
  2. Metal dome tactile
  3. Plastic tactile
  4. Nontactile

Each keypad comes with a different function. Simultaneously the design is also different. The tactile here refers to the pressure. How much sensitivity a button requires to proceed with the instruction. Moreover, technically it refers to the capacity to make an accurate calculation. The structure is different from each device from the base. Furthermore, they have different construction materials also.

Why custom membrane keypads are reliable?

Contemporary membrane keyboard manufacturer possesses the latest techniques to make smooth and versatile custom membrane keypads. Why these keypad switches are more reliable as compared to the hardboard keypads is their integrated functionality. As I have mentioned above, the customer prefers to buy smooth hardware. Moreover, since there is great competition among membrane keypad manufacturers, consumers have a lot of options.

Custom membrane keypads offer customization. Furthermore, if you own a business, you can order a complete range of customized membrane key switches. It will provide you the following benefits:

  • easy customization
  • unique mechanical integration
  • low-cost production with a long-time span

in the beginning, membrane switches were not popular. They were being used as a decorative material. On some occasions, people cover their hard keypads with these membrane keypads. No doubt, it took a long time to make its space in the market but its official appearance was witnessed in the consumer market in 1980.

Industrial membrane keypad manufacturers and suppliers, membrane switch keypads were preparing these products using polycarbonate material. Simultaneously, there were two separate layers. If anybody wanted to operate it, it required more pressure. The rapid round of pressure throughout the day and months made it unstable. It began creating mechanical issues. It was capturing the wrong signals. Its numeric was not working.

Furthermore, there was another main issue: voltage flow. The membrane keypad manufacturer made it on two layers. Now voltage was supposed to flow between both layers. On pressure pressing, it started generating smooth voltage and execution was also good. Later, the first layer was also unable to transfer voltage into the next layer.

The tactile feedback problem in older membrane keypads

The old models of membrane key switches were poor in calculating the distance. These membrane key switches were unable to deliver the signal to another point. It is called tactile feedback. Although it comes in certain modern custom membrane keypads too, we shall talk about it later. So, tactile feedback generated the switching behaviors problem. As I have mentioned above, switching started generating wrong codes. Later membrane keypad manufacturer made metal domed keys. These keys were impressive in terms of performance. Previously, the polyester base was being used that maximized the tactile feedback issue.

The evaluation of LEDs in membrane key switches

Membrane keyboard manufacturers went through a lot of experiences. As every product improves with a lot of customization, the same is the case with custom membrane keypads. Since 1980 with the introduction of membrane switches, industrial membrane keypad manufacturers and suppliers were thinking to addled behind the buttons. I made the whole keypad

glaring. In the beginning, there was the same type of led being used in every keypad, but later there were a lot of new led verities introduced.

Now the membrane keypad manufacturer has made the switching cycle of these devices up to one million operations. It is incredible in the custom membrane keypad industry. Furthermore, you can increase this limit by making a custom membrane keypad. For this, you need to meet any leading membrane keypad manufacturer.

You need to beware following custom membrane keypads failures

custom Membrane Keypads Analysis

  • application of a low-quality layer
  • poor decorative foil
  • loose key contact
  • make it sure decorative foil is not blocking the membrane keypads ways

if you are buying a decorative custom membrane keypad switches, you can ask membrane keypad manufacturer for an extra protection layer. It will improve its protection level. Moreover, it will also increase the smoothness level of the buttons and life cycle.

Top 7 easy membrane keypad customization tricks

  1. backside can be adjusted with the printed circuit board
  2. a custom PCB will allow a more compact design
  3. smooth replacement of the different parts
  4. enhanced display
  5. customized mouse pad
  6. easy integration of analog potentiometer
  7. offer a vast array of light customization

How to prevent dirt and other particles from membrane keypads?

To secure the surface of membrane key switches, a membrane keyboard manufacturer uses electric fields. This filed is conducted using electrodes behind the surface. This adjustable electric field stabilizes the signals and stops small particles and liquid to enter into the mainboard. Above all, this technique is very popular among mobile and tablet PCB board manufacturers too.

In the past moisture and dust particles could easily damage a mobile inner surface. But recently, mobile manufacturing companies are using the electrolyte membrane keyboard technique that has made mobile devices more defensive and higher resisted.

What is capacitive membrane touch switches?

Membrane keypad manufacturer also makes capacitive membrane touch switches. These devices are easy to clean and offer better mechanical operations. Moreover, it also fulfills hygiene standards. Membrane keyboard manufacturer places them behind nonconductive material. It delivers maximum flexibility for edge designing.

Generally, industrial membrane keypad manufacturers and suppliers consider membrane key switches a great replacement that allows massive product exposure, security, and service time. Furthermore, custom membrane keypads have become an ideal option for a range of industries. They are considering contemporary cutting-edge technology options for many businesses.

What are the common issues come with membrane switch keypads?

Membrane keypad manufacturer generally faces the following issues:

  • less compact devices

Less compact devices allow dust and dust particles to move in the membrane switches

  • poor design will leave space for moisture

If a membrane keypad manufacturer develops a poor design of a keypad it will make trouble in the future. No matter how much it is costly, better designing will reduce moisture risks.

  • Low quality capacitive switch and filter discs

By giving attention to these points a membrane keyboard manufacturer can minimize moisture and chemical risks. Moreover, he can improve the performance of custom membrane keypads. Simultaneously, modern equipment and professional training also play an integral role to overcome keypad manufacturing faults.

How membrane keyboard manufacturer can improve product quality?

10 tips to improve membrane key switches functionality

Membrane Keypad Tips & Tricks

By following below practical ways a membrane keypad manufacturer can enhance the performance of end-product:


  • Try multiple design options
  • Improve optical bonding
  • Make perfect mechanical switches
  • Improve the life of keypads by installing good quality material
  • Focus on the built-in touch screen
  • A device should be highly resistant against weather changes like temperature, air pressure, and moisture
  • Minimal signal fluctuation in mechanical execution
  • Use optic bonding for switches long life
  • Good adhesives should be used for glass. In any situation, if it is broken, it should not injure any operator
  • Maintain optical bonding. It will deliver good light results and a smooth touch screen. Moreover, optical bonding provide great sustainability to membrane switches against severe weather


What are the most common keypad characteristics?

According to the membrane keypad manufacturer manual, a keypad possesses the following common characteristics:


  • Ambient temperature maximum 90c
  • Provides better resistant against every type of food, oil, liquid, chemicals, moisture, and dust
  • Ip54 rating
  • 100v circuit voltage
  • The standard current rate of a switch 100mA

What are the environmental considerations for membrane keypad?

A membrane keypad demands an average temperature. A keyboard should have the capacity to beat both high and low temperatures. Some keypads do not respond in severe weather. That is why a membrane keyboard manufacturer should design switch keypads according to the weather conditions. In addition, the effect of temperature often occurs to the adhesive of keypad switches. For instance, in extreme weather, these adhesives lose control and can interrupt mechanical signals. Simultaneously, it will also impact the operating procedure.

How to protect keypad switches from humidity?


keypad switches Supplier

Membrane keypad manufacturer uses polycarbonate film on the surface. It has the power to resist extreme moisture and liquid. In many cases, keypad switches come across tea, coffee, or any other liquid drink, its surface provides better protection against every kind of chemical incidents.

Graphic layer production of custom membrane keypads

The graphic layer is placed on the reverse side of switches. It is applied from the darkest to the light color tone. It is very important to understand that the result depends on the type of material a membrane keyboard manufacturer is using. Similarly, the surface material thickness also affects the quality of color.

Membrane switch design tips and tricks

  • Hide or join color bleed
  • Do not apply low contrast colors. This practice will impact display performance
  • Avoid covering the maximum area for lighting. It will require extra energy and backup.

What is an estimated life cycle of membrane keypads?

The life cycle and performance of a keypad switch depends mainly on the material, design, and contemporary skill. These elements make any product durable. However, a good product can engage you for up to 50 million operations. Moreover, the average user experience is based on design and panel construction.

  • Tactile based switch keypads have 1 million to 10 million operation capacity. Mostly, the life of a membrane switch keypad is dependable on the type of content. For instance, there is a difference in dome quality if it is made up of polyester or metal.
  • The polyester dome has a polyester covering
  • Metal dome are different and have separate covering
  • The life of the dome is limited. in many instances, the maximum age of a custom membrane keypad is 1 million operations. After it, it starts fading.
  • The unusual pressing reduces the life of keypad
  • The stress also affects the graphic layer

Static comparison of membrane keypad shields

Generally, membrane keypad manufacturer uses the following materials in manufacturing membrane key switches:

Type of Material Volume resistance Dielectric power
Bayfol 50kV/mm
Polycarbonate 108 cm 67kV/mm
Polyester 109 cm 125kV/mm



In conclusion, Membrane keyboard and keypads have gone through several experiments. It took decades of modification. And every step required tiresome efforts, observation, and applications. Now, we are able to operate the latest membrane switch keypads smoothly. With millions of operations, finally, we have a sustainable membrane device that is able to work flawlessly in extreme weather conditions.