Membrane keypad Manufacturer –Why to choose it

hqtJun 19, 2020

Reasons to Choose Membrane Keypad

In this Article, we will walk you through detail about Membrane keypad, but first we are going to put some shed to the main definition of membrane keypad so that you can know exactly what membrane keypad is? This article also covers the topic that why membrane keypad is good for business use.

Membrane Keypad Overview

Membrane keypad is composed of sets of multiple keys within a panel. Panel is flat and its thickness is less than 1mm.

As we can see keypads are used in variety of applications like desktop computers, calculators etc.

Its wide usage has been seen in heavy machinery and industrial equipment.  In simple words, we can say that keypad is used to control the device, because of keypad person can communicate with device.

In market, variety of keypads is available but the most preferable and popular one is a membrane keypad because of its reliability, durability, longevity etc.

Let’s read with us to know exactly what membrane keypad is?

membrane keypads

Membrane keypad actually features variety of keys on single platform without separate moving parts. Normally keypads are composed of individual keys each key has a separate moving parts.

But with membrane keypad, case is completely different, membrane keypads are composed of pressure pads on which the keys and symbols are printed.

Techniques used to designed membrane keypads are simple and straightforward, on the bottom keys are composed of conductive metal, so after pressing it opens up the circuit.

Since 1980’s manufacturers are utilizing it widely in computers and electronic devices, but now touch screens and capacitive switches gradually taking its position, but their usage is still high.

Why Manufacturer prefer Membrane Keypads than using Advance technology like Capacitive Switch?

Membrane keypads are very easy to manufacture and can be designed at a very less price, in short we can say that it is one of the option for budget-conscious consumers.

Its reliability and durability is the main reason of choosing it. It has the ability to repel dirt, dust, moisture and debris, it is perfect to use in kind of environment either it’s indoor or outdoor, try it anywhere. Although there are few points from where dust can get into the keypad because keys are not separate moving parts, but this does not matters a lot when one can avail lot of benefits. After going through all its features we can say that membrane keypad is one of the greatest option for outdoor products, either its rain or dust outside it will withstand itself and performs its function without having a single damage. 90% of people still want to try membrane keypads rather than capacitive switch because of breakage fear, yes the capacitive switch always works with a glass, after touching finger one can operate it, though it is very advance and modern technology and gives a very appealing and attractive look but still there are more chances of its glass breakage, touchscreen can be break just with a single fallen. Mostly parents provide only membrane keypads rather than touch screen devices in order to reduce the chance of breakage.

Here in Keypad-FD we take pride to provide you with 100% reliable working product with advance tech and different designs. It would be better if two keypads comes up with unique design, doing this will not only increase product sale but will also appeal the common user.

Few disadvantages associated with Membrane Keypads

As we all knows that every product comes up with few benefits and flaws so here we are putting some shed to the flaws of membrane keyword.

If we compare it with mechanical keypad then we can see a major difference b/w both of them that it has no tactile feedback which can affect your typing speed, this keypad is not good for those who used the laptops keypads heavily.

It is also not good for typist, it will affect their typing speed and it creates a high button noise while typing but the noise is bearable and don’t disturb the person.

Now days, as technology is advance so manufacturer is designing membrane keypads with small tactile feedback, for example small vibration. Though the vibration is small but it is enough to provide tactile feedback, it plays an important role in accuracy and user satisfaction. Its flaws are in minority that is why it is still popular and widely used.

Why Membrane Keypad is perfect for Business Use?

As we all knows that membrane keypads main quality is that they are robust & durable and their 90% usage has been seen in medical equipment’s but now a day business organization utilizing it for variety of products.

Membrane keypads are mostly assembled with membrane switches so these are very innovative electro-chemical assemblies.

They play an important role in controlling machines via UI, so they can easily utilize in industrial machinery as well as aero scope sector.

If you utilize this technology in workspace then you can get a lot of benefits from it. For example its surface is really easy to clean, and comes up with water resistant quality and chemical fire.

It is perfect to use for business purpose because it sends signal to the PC via membrane.  There is lot of standard keypads available in the market but no one can compete membrane keypad.

Good for business because it is easy to clean, available in favorable prices and work very amazingly.

One can easily buy it from the nearest market. It is perfect for office use with multiple cubicles.

Utilizing it will not disturb other employees in the office. If its price is compared with other keyboard then we can see a clear difference, membrane keyword is very cheaper.

We recommend it strongly for those who used to have lunch or dinner on their office desks.

Many business men prefer it because of its compact and small size as compared to mechanical keyboard this is the reason they have long lifespan.

History of the Membrane Keypads

This technology has been developed over 20 years ago. People find it so reliable, simple; economical not only for design but its function is also extra ordinary. Just because of design capability it is still fresh and popular to use in the 21st century.  Its design still gives a appealing and modern look.

Its manufacturing process has been modern now but if we have a look to its basic principles and basic function then we can see that it has not been change which is why it is still more reliable to use.

Keypad-FD offers many services – Why to choose Keypad-FD?

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Domed Labels

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Keypad-FD not only provides membrane keypads but membrane switches, capacitive switches, membrane overlays and much more products. Our products are known by worldwide because of 100% reliability even in the hostile of operating environment.

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