Silicone Rubber keypad – Why it is Important

hqtJun 21, 2020

Everything you need to Know about Silicon Rubber Keypad

In this Article, we will take you through brief detail about Silicone rubber keypad its features, benefits, why it is good for business purposes; you will get to know everything about it.

Before getting into brief discussion first we are going to introduce its main definition of Silicone rubber keypad then we will talk about its features, benefits.

Silicon Rubber Keypad Overview

Silicone rubber keypad

Silicone rubber keypad second name is elastomeric keypad, it is also a type of keypad, it is designed by using a webbing material which is composed of silicon material, for instance Silicone rubber always webbing around a switch.

After pressing a key, rubber deforms itself because of having elastic properties as a result key touches the top of PCB. In simple words we will says that this keypad has a user interface design which plays an important role in creating connection  b/w user and the device, in short it helps in the functionality of product.

Silicone rubber keypads have widely been used among business owners and mechanical engineers. There are many keypads available in the market which features plastic, but silicon rubber keypad comes up with its own benefits.

They have been around since decades, their mostly usage has been seen in the countless industries like health care, retail, aero scope and business.

But if you are not familiar to it then first you have to know that how they work and why they are so popular.

Construction of Silicone Rubber Keypad

There are many keypads which has been designed differently, but 90% construction is same.

There is a switch button on the top of keypad and there is a conductive material at the bottom of rubber, mostly manufacturer uses the material like carbon or gold.

There is a pocket of air or inert gas under this material (carbon or gold) so when a person press the pad with its finger the material deforms and creates a direct contact with switch.

This pads also has compression molding properties that is why it can easily provide a tactile feedback.

Why to use Silicone Rubber Keypad

Because of soft quality and flexibility they are widely been used, if we compare silicone rubber keypad with other keypads than we can see a major difference b/w them, other keypads are very hard and difficult to use but silicone one is very rubbery and soft.

Their quality is really worth mentioning that these pads can easily tolerate harsh outdoor temperature and environment but other pads cannot tolerate hard environment.

Their another good thing is that they not only tolerate high temperature but if the temperature is too cold it will still keep itself perfect without losing its originality.

In short we can say that it is a perfect choice for factories where heat is everywhere.

As we can see that lot of research comes up with a studies that tactile feedback is the reason of typing accuracy so for typist and office workers silicon plays an important role in the typing accuracy.

Silicone and plastic are the materials that commonly been used for manufacturing keypads but silicon is a perfect choice for soft textures, this is the reason keypad-FD gives first preference to silicon pads in order to satisfy customer needs.

Is Silicon Rubber Keypad is a perfect choice for Business?

First of all we really want to thanks to the silicon rubber webbing material, just because of it, keypads creates naturally tactile feedback.

It is good for business purposes because it can easily bear harsh and moisture environment, so if you travel a lot for business purpose then it can be your good companion and can help you a lot in business matters.

It will not lose its originality even after a heavy usage. If you are using plastic keypads in your long business trips because of seasonal changes your keypad can destroy your time, meetings etc. We have tested and have found that ingress of moisture easily damages the keypad circuit.

But when we tested silicon then we got to see that it shows itself waterproof, moisture free, dust & dirt free material.

Another good thing about it is that you can easily eat your lunch or dinner on the same desk where your keypad is placed without any cleaning fear because it comes up with a surface which can easily be cleaned.

The last and the most amazing benefit of utilizing silicon rubber keypad for business purposes is that it comes up with lot of backlighting option which includes electroluminescent (EL), light-emitting diode (LED).

You will not believe but yes it even includes a laser engraving though it’s not a backlighting option but it works in conjunction with a backlight to help in illuminating the legends.

Advantages of utilizing a Silicone-Rubber Keypads

Are you having a difficulty in deciding a right kind of keypad? If yes then go through the below content we are listing below a few good advantages of it that will help you a lot in choosing. Silicon is one of the most popular and good choice because of its advantages.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Yes they are naturally water proof and dust proof, silicon membrane is really ultra-durable and keeps the keypad safe from intrusion of moisture, dust, and micro-particles. Just because of this feature device remains safe from lot of damages. This feature is the reason of their popularity in factories and medical equipment’s.


As we all knows that reliability is first thing that customers look for, it is one of the key selling point which choosing keypads.

If keypad material is tough and hard then customer will not be happy at all. If it is not designed in a correct and organized manner then it will not serve its intended role. But this is not the case with silicone rubber keypad they are extra ordinary in providing 100% comfort and reliability. Silicone rubber keypad composed of smooth keys which give comfort to fingers and even after a long usage or a heavy work it will still calm your fingers. If you test it yourself then you will also see that this keypad is more comfortable than the plastic one.


Yes! It is 100% true that they are really less cost effective as compared to other keypads in the market. Their prices are very less, so we can say that they are available at favorable prices.

If you are those who is looking for keypads which is not only good, comfortable, environment friendly and cost effective than buy only silicon rubber keypad. It is one of the best choices in reasonable prices.

These keypads are also good for manufacturer when they are designing large scale applications, they can easily integrate this affordable keypad with that application. It will not only increase the product efficiency but will be less cost effective for manufacturer.

Supports HMIs With or Without Back Lighting

It’s another worth mentioning advantage is that it has a capability to support HMI’s. There are some HMI’s which use backlight for illuminating the interface. But it is not necessary if the keypad uses backlighting or not the, keypad will continue to perform its function.

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