Capacitive switches

Capacitive switches have emerged as a popular style of the user interface. Elastomers, and full travel keyboards as the primary input method on many product designs. Foundation offers a variety of options for printed capacitive sensors that can integrate with commonly available microcontrollers to provide capacitive touch sensing.

 Capacitive switches Features
1. Adopt data storage technology.
2.Using RF capacitance measurement and microcontroller technology, it can detect solid particles, powders and liquids (including conductive and non-conductive media), especially strong corrosive media;
3. It can overcome the influence of the adhesion layer on the probe and the splashing of the material on the measurement. In these cases, no malfunction will occur.
4. Just press the setting button to complete the alarm point setting. The setting button also has anti-vibration features to prevent the alarm point from being unnecessarily modified.
5. The upper and lower alarm modes can be set flexibly.
6. Adopt PTFE to protect the probe, suitable for high temperature and high pressure environment

Capacitive switches Application
Capacitive switches are widely used in liquid, powder and solid level measurement and control in petroleum, chemical, power, metallurgy, machinery, food, pharmaceutical, feed and other industries

The capacitor switch uses radio frequency capacitor technology to convert the level change in the container into the capacitance change. The probe is used as one plate of the capacitor, and the container wall (or auxiliary probe) is used as the other plate. The change of the pulse frequency is converted into the change of the pulse frequency, and the setting of the alarm point and the realization of the alarm action are completed by the microcontroller. It overcomes the inconvenience caused to the user by the traditional alarming methods (such as the charging and discharging method) of low alarm accuracy and complicated adjustment steps. A set button is used to confirm the alarm point and store the alarm point for a long time. If you need to change the alarm point, just reset it.