The classify of the membrane products

hqtJul 8, 2020

The membrane products here I mean for the plastic raw material, not for biology.

The plastic membrane products used as the machine interface, such membrane can be as the ornament, and can be as the protection, and can be as the indication, and can be as the controller. In a simple word, the plastic membrane products can be seen very often around our daily life, we will contact the plastic membrane products every day.

Generally speaking, the membrane products contain the below group by its construction

1. Membrane switch, membrane keypad, membrane keyboard, membrane button, Touch switch, Foil switch


2. Membrane overlay, Graphic overlay, Touch panel, Control panel, Labels, Name-plate, Foil overlay


3. Membrane circuit, Flexible circuit, Touch circuit, FFC circuit, FPC circuit, Polyester circuit, Foil circuit


4. Dome array, Metal dome array


5. Membrane spacer, Insulation spacer, Insulation foil

There are contain the below groups by its appearance and function

1. Membrane dome membrane switch, Poly-dome membrane switch, flat membrane switch, gloss membrane switch, matte membrane switch, PU Dome membrane switch, rim-embossing membrane switch


2. Backlighting membrane switch, LGF membrane switch, With indication LEDs membrane switch, standard membrane switch, sensors membrane switch

3. Crimp membrane switch, membrane switch with housing, membrane switch with connector, female pins membrane switch, male pins membrane switch, zif membrane switch


There contain the below group by its industries applying

  • Manufacturing industry.
  • Appliance industry.
  • Medical industry.
  • Automobile industry.
  • Sports apparatus industry.
  • Aerospace.
  • Agriculture.
  • Construction industry.

Actually, the plastic membrane products are used worldwide, and they also have many different names with the difference langue.

Our Company

Our Foundation Industries does not have a very long history, but we also are one of the lead companies in the business. Currently, we have over 13years of experience in the business, and we always do the plastic membrane products. We don’t produce the plastic membrane raw material but produce the membrane switches and it’s relative goods. And We have many experiences in doing the membrane products, the engineers and the main leader at each production department mostly work over 10 years at the company (Before coming to our company, all work at other’s membrane company). We always supply high-quality goods, more than 95% percent of our goods are shipping to foreign and H.K.

Our is not a very big company like the other’s business, but I am sure we are a big company in the membrane switch business. Actually, there are many small tiny workshops that do the membrane switches, they produce the standard membrane switches and can’t be always very stabilizer for a long time. They can’t give good support if there have problems with their goods, or can’t give good support with designing the new products, also can’t give good support that good protection with the toolings and required quality controls. Our Foundation Industries is the ISO9001 certificate company, from the original customer request, then the products design, then the prototype making, then the series production and the re-series production, we always have a good standard, the good tracker and the record, that allow us always give the best support to our customers.

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