LGF Membrane Switch: The Best Technology for Backlit Membrane

hqtAug 4, 2020

A Detailed and In-depth Guide on LGF Membrane Switch

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As we see the technology evolve, consumers across industries are looking for thinner and advanced lighting solutions. They want the backlighting membrane without all the additional hassle. Engineers are working hard to come up with solutions that are as effective as the LGF membrane switch.

After the visible shift towards the Human Machine Interface designs incorporating backlighting systems require sophisticated and advanced lighting techniques. Engineers are trying to design technologies that could fill the purpose without compromising on quality and are cost-effective.

At the moment, the best option we have when it comes to backlighting membrane switches is the LGF. It is the perfect solution for uniform lighting, backlight areas, nearness to backlit areas, multiple colors, and low profile.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on the LFG technology and along with other custom membrane switch backlighting options.

LGF Membrane Switch: The LGF Technology

LGF stands for Light Guide Film that is responsible for directing light generated via right-angle LEDs or side-firing across areas where you need the backlit. It is basically a thin film backlighting technology that industries across the world have been using for backlit purposes.

The great thing about LGF technology is that it provides consistent backlighting regardless of the area shape. It also offers uniform lighting across multiple areas within the switch. It is possible to use multiple LG films within a certain application in order to offer discrete backlighting to different graphic features.

In order to achieve unique lighting effects, you can use different colored LEDs.  On the overlay, you can associate different lighting colors with different printed graphics.


Working of Light Guide Film Technology

The thickness of the Light Guide Film ranges from 0.005 to 0.020”.  The layer has microdots incorporated in it. These dots are pressed onto areas that are to brighten up once you supply power. This particular area is referred to as the imaged area.

In order to place the side view LEDs in the right location, manufacturers tend to perform cut-outs in the film. The side view LED generates light rays. These rays travel via the film and hit the microdots. When they make contact with microdots, they are refracted upwards towards the overlay surface. Thus, ensures uniformity in the backlighting effect. Something every LGF membrane switch user wants.

Advance Backlighting Solutions for Human-Machine Interaction

Human-Machine interaction design requires sophisticated and smart lighting solutions. Therefore, they greatly depend upon the Light Guide Film technology to yield effective and efficient results. After the LGF membrane switch offers the advanced functionalities required by this type of technology.

It is possible to place this thin layer onto the spaces and the metal domes to ensure uniform backlighting on every part of your product’s overlay. What more is that the layers do not add to the thickness of your product.

The reason being, the layer generally is 0.010 inches or thinner. You can incorporate the LGF layer that is only 0.005” thin. Do remember that the technology is effective when you want to backlight your product using the discrete LEDs as it uses fewer LEDs.

We simply can’t deny that this technology is an excellent choice for all your backlighting options. It requires fewer LEDs, thus resulting in limited power consumption and occupying less space. You would have ample space on the circuit layer to incorporate other components.

Application of Light Guide Film

Being a cost-effective backlit option, LGF membrane switch is fairly common among a number of industries. For instance, it is perfect for designs that need backlit tactile keys. With the LGF membrane switch, you can either light all the keys are the same time or you can brighten them up individually.

This majorly depends upon the requirement of your product. It is possible to backlit big areas using multiple colors. Thus, making this an amazing technology even for status indicators including the sensors and the batteries, etc.

Below are some other applications that are well suited for LGF technology.

  1. Medical Device Panels
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Keyboards
  4. Aerospace Lighting
  5. LCDs
  6. PRNDLs
  7. Human Machine Interface
  8. Control Consoles
  9. Automotive Light interior
  10. Automotive Light Exterior
  11. Badges
  12. Commercial Vehicle Lighting
  13. Membrane keypads
  14. Membrane Switches

Advantages of LGF Lighting

  1. LGF lights are available in almost any shape. Their versatility and flexibility make them the top choice for backlit switches.
  2. LGF membrane switch is very useful for compact and thin devices.
  3. It ensures minimal to almost no impact on the tactility of the switch buttons of the membrane.
  4. With LGF switch, you can enjoy uniform lighting across one or more areas within a switch.

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Backlighting Options: Membrane Switch

LGF membrane switch is not the only type of backlight membrane switches available.  So, we are going to talk about some other membrane switches as well.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Another effective and smart way to ensure smoothly backlit of your product, use the Fiber optic lighting.  It basically uses rectangular fiber-optic cloth. At one end of the cloth, the fibers are bundled together. They pair with an additional light source, it most cases it is the LEDs.

This is an effective method for the uniform distribution of light emitted from LEDs across the entire surface area.

Fiber Optic Lighting Advantages
  1. Fiber optic lighting is extremely durable. They have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, along with humidity and several other challenging conditions. Therefore, they are highly acceptable in products that would have direct contact with the outside environment.
  2. You will get uniform light across the entire graphical surface of the overlay.
  3. They do not generate electromagnetically and heat interference.
  4. They are extremely power efficient.
  5. Longevity is among is their biggest advantages. The LEDs can last up to 100, 000 hours.


LED or the Light Emitting Diodes are also among the most common choice for backlighting in a number of products. The reason for their popularity is that they are extremely cost-efficient and highly durable.

You would find LEDs on the surface or products that are lit almost all the time. Also, they are the best choice for energy-saving devices. LEDs are seen in indicator lights, along with symbols on membrane switches, icons, and keys. They are also extremely important in the medical industry.

Light Emitting Diodes Advantages
  1. They are highly cost-effective.
  2. They have a long life. In general, an LED can work up last up to 100,000 hours.
  3. LEDs are an extremely reliable source of light
  4. In addition to being inexpensive, they are also low on power consumption.
  5. These lights are available in a number of colors and intensities for you to choose from.

Electroluminescent Lighting

EL lighting is an excellent and reliable source of light. It uses the phosphors to turn the electrical energy into light energy. However, do bear in mind that this type of lighting works well with products that do not require constantly on backlit.

Wondering why? Because it uses phosphors for the lighting purpose. The phosphors decay over the period of time. Therefore, the backlit wouldn’t last if it is used around the globe. In addition, you would need the DC/AC inverter for the light to function.

Electroluminescent Lighting Advantages
  1. You can enjoy a wide range of colors.
  2. Offers evenly balanced backlighting across the switch area
  3. It is universal, so you can incorporate it with most of the switch constructions
  4. For applications that do not require the constant activation of backlighting, electroluminescent is durable.


Take Away

When it comes to choosing the right kind backlight technology, there is no better than the LGF membrane. All you have to do is provide us with your lighting configurations and requirements and we will do the rest. Our experienced and highly skilled team of engineers would craft the best possible solution for you.

Our designs are not only reliable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing in terms of the user interface. What more is that our products have the ability to exceed IP 67 rating. So, contact us today and allow us to help you in the best possible way.