5 Best microwave oven membrane keypad Properties (2020)

hqtSep 4, 2020

An Introduction to membrane key switches functions and pressure bearing features

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Modern day’s technology actually has totally changed our way of living. In fact, innovative technologies of today have made our lives better than ever. And the technology of microwave oven membrane keypad also belongs to these remarkable technologies. These genius techniques have allowed us to make impossible into possible.

Nowadays technology has made impressive progress in a very small duration. Moreover, these keypads are more innovational discoveries of this technological era. Manufacturers have mostly used these membranes in all hardware and software control systems. We can see their use in our daily routine lives. Such as we use them in,

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines, etc.

Furthermore, we also operate microwaves through these membrane keypads. However, this technology is smaller but it is able to bring easier solutions to more complicated devices.

What is microwave oven membrane keypad?

Microwave oven membrane keypad basically contains pads or keys along with printed symbols. In fact, these keypads do not have individual keys. Instead of it all the pressure pads do not have any breaks. But there is a single surface that has stretched all over the device.

Hence, because of this single surface, it has become more advantageous. Because it has made it extra compact in comparison of mechanical keyboards. In addition, these kinds of membrane keypads contain three necessary parts, like

  1. Top layer with symbols
  2. Middle layer that is inactive
  3. Bottom layer that unites to the rest of the device.

When we press any symbol, the bottom layer which have many conductive traces will provoke a proper command. Moreover, there are two kinds of designs avail for microwave oven membrane keypad.

  • a flat keypad
  • dome design keypad.

Flat keypad:

In flat type of membrane, all symbols are present on the same pad.

Dome design keypad:

In this style of keypad, the symbols are present in the shape of a dome. Moreover, this shape gives feedback of better tactile.

How can microwave oven membrane keypad save to spread CoVid-19?

These membrane keypads have sleek designs and a surface of flat glass. This perfect designing helps to keep away the viruses. Because on these types of surfaces virus can not settle easily. So, it has ability to secure from CoVid-19.

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In addition, these keypads have designed specially. These special designs are water resistant. So, you can clean these type of membrane keypads with,

  • sanitizer
  • soap

You can easily clean microwave oven membrane keypad after or before any use. Moreover, because of this fantastic feature, they are ideal choice for using in medical use. Additionally, there is not any kind of mechanical movement on these keypads.

So, these keypads are better in functionality when we compare them from traditional keypads. You can customize these membrane keypads according to the needs of your machine.

Since the toper most glass is hardened, this quality makes it rigid. Hence, we can use it for several applications like,

  • vending machines
  • public utility machines
  • kiosk machines, etc.

Its keyboard has Bluetooth, so we can easily connect it with CPU without any data cable. Moreover, its characters are bright so you can also use it in the areas of dim light.

How many kinds of microwave oven membrane keypad are?

Manufacturer generally use microwave oven membrane keypad in industrial as well as domestic applications on a vast variety.

microwave oven membrane keypad

Its main types are:

  • Non-Tactile Membrane Switches
  • Tactile Membrane Switches

Furthermore, here are some of its more famous kinds are:

  • backlit keypads
  • capacitive touch fascias
  • embossed versions and so on.

What are some beneficial applications of microwave oven membrane keypad?

The basic mechanic which is behind each membrane keypad is that, they are straightforward and relatively simple to use. Basically, its keys have a conductive metal on its bottom. So, when we press the buttons, they create a circuit with the help of underlying components.

When we take a look on the history of membrane keypads, we find that applications of these keypads have firstly introduced in 1980s. At that time, microwave oven membrane keypad had generally used in home computers.

Moreover, they mostly had used in similar consumer electronic devices. Nowadays they have become most popular. Because these keypads are very easy and simple to produce and low cost. So, all these qualities make them an ideal choice for every budget-conscious customer.

Furthermore, there are several other reasons that make these keypads a better choice in comparison to conventional mechanical keypads.

Hence, manufacturers use them in

  • electronics
  • industries
  • medical
  • white goods
  • marine
  • security, etc.

What is the environmental performance of microwave oven membrane keypad?

The best environmental performance of microwave oven membrane keypad is here:

Large air pressure 86~106KPa


Storage temperature -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C, temperature 95% ± 5%


Working temperature  -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C


Moreover, the button life has ability to determine according to the customers’ requirements.

In addition, it has no oxidization on the silver paste line and no impurities.

What are the benefits of microwave oven membrane keypad?

Microwave oven membrane keypads have several benefits which we cannot count. But here we are describing some of them.

These kinds of membrane keypads are,

  • waterproof
  • oil proof
  • dust proof.

So, all these features make these keypads a perfect option to use in outdoor applications.

Moreover, they are anti-erosion from many dangerous gases.

In addition, they are,

  • light weight
  • long service life
  • small volume
  • wide ranges of colors
  • and have elegant appearances.

Here are 5 more advantages of these keypads

  1. These keypads are extra smooth and their surface is totally seal. they are easy to clean. As manufacturers know that mechanical switches and keypads attract almost all kinds of dirt, while

Microwave oven membrane keypad is an ideal choice of manufacturers.

  1. They are extra durable and long lasting. keypads are waterproof. These keypads are extra hygiene and hence are best for medical devices.
  2. These keypads are easy to protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Because these harmful radiations can damage our electronic appliances.
  3. Several companies favor to make use of these keypads because they provide a huge variety of several different backlights. They also include fiber optic and light-emitting diode (LED). Companies also prefer to use them because they do not produce any extra noise.
  4. These keypads are easy to construct according to all the needs of customers.


What are some drawbacks to use a microwave oven membrane keypad?

Although microwave oven membrane keypad has many advantages but it also has some drawbacks.

It has lack of tactile feedback. So, it is not sure that all time you press the correct button. Hence, in order to avoid this drawback, the engineers make use of dome-type membrane keys.

Furthermore, it helps to imitate the tactile feedback.


As we have already described that these types of membrane keypads are best in many ways. They provide several advantages in all industrial manufacturing as well as in home appliances. Although these keypads have some drawbacks but they are extremely useful for its extra beneficial advantages.

Furthermore, microwave oven membrane keypad is a smart choice of all industrials.