Choose the Right Touch Keypad Membrane Switch For Critical Devices?

hqtSep 25, 2020

The Importance of Having the Right Components for Critical Devices?

Choosing the right keypad membrane technology is imperative for critical devices such as factory equipment or medical devices. Since reliability and accuracy are among the key success factors for these kinds of devices, therefore, they need to incorporate the right products and tools including a touch keypad membrane, or any other technology. Everything needs to be according to the device to ensure reliable results.

So, may it be a pressure transmitter for a chemical processing factory or an automatic external defibrillator used for people suffering from heart issues that cannot fail? After all, the lives of people depend upon these devices.

Although, the end product gets the credit for high quality and performance, rarely do you think about the parts that make up the beautiful piece of technology. You would hardly think about the parts quality and development process. The great thing is that you really don’t have to concern yourself with all the information as a lame man.

However, if you are planning to invest in the machine, then we recommend a little research is due. This article will be focusing on the different factors that come into play to ensure that you choose the right membrane technology, touch & otherwise, for your critical devices.
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Choosing Keypad Membrane Technology

Even though you have little to no information as to what goes inside the device, yet it turns out to be nearly perfect. The reason being there are dedicated teams of engineers that evaluate different components and determine the best one.

These engineers would focus on everything starting from the nuts and bolts to the Printed Circuit Boards of the device. After all, they have to ensure that the devices are able to withstand the challenging job that is destined to perform.

Selection can be extremely difficult especially when the designers have a wide of material options and design variability. Below, we have listed some of the factors that need consideration during the designing mission of all critical devices.


Another important thing that requires undivided attention is the component footprint and size during the design process. Regardless of the product domain, there are numerous factors including increased features, functionalities, and pressurizing the designers to reduce the size of the component.

The increased demand for smaller medical devices makes it a must for the engineers to use small Printed Circuit boards, components, and even the touch keypad membrane switches.

Performance Requirements

Among the different factors, the machine’s performance requirement is among the most important factor to consider for the end application. The engineers need to understand that there is a mark difference between the requirement of the consumer product.

For instance, an electric toothbrush or an electro-surgery instrument. It is not possible for the latter to fail, however, for the other one it might just cause minor inconvenience. Therefore, it is vital to assess the performance difference of every application before finalizing the keypad membrane technology for it.

Take AED as an example, the switch that engineers would use for this need has the anti-oxidant ability. It is critical for the switch to prevent oxidation as this product would once placed stay intact for years. Nonetheless, the switch has to keep on emitting a low-level signal when activated.

Likewise, the components that would be part of the utility meters should have the capacity to withstand extreme outdoor weather.

Customization of Touch Keypad Membrane and Other Components

Despite having a large number of suppliers as well as a massive catalog of off-the-shelf commercial components. You still need to put in the effort to fit the right fit. Moreover, even after you find the right one, you would have to make slight alterations to it to ensure the exact required performance from it.

Since customization of products seems difficult and expensive, thus the suppliers tend to make alterations to the existing products. This not only saves time but it also allows us to acquire required changes at a minimal cost.

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The type and the level of customization vary from product to product. In some cases, you might just need to change a certain feature or the size. On the other hand, you would even integrate components into a complete sub-assembly or module.

Other common customization options include snap-in mounting, graphics, and lighting. This might be a daunting task for a lame man, however, a professional supplier such as the Keypad-FD would help you make the right decision.

They would fully comprehend the supplier’s product requirement and then make changes to the existing product within minimal time and budget.

Production Factors

Sometimes, the manufacturer as well as the client dismiss the location factor during the design phase. However, this is something you should never ignore. After all, the longevity and the performance of the device greatly depends upon this particular factor.

To yield effective and efficient results, it a good idea to work in close proximity to the supplier. Thanks to all the modern technological advancement staying connected with the supplier is no longer an issue. You have high-speed internet, outstanding communication software.


Mission-critical devices need to hold up against extremely harsh conditions. For instance, they would have to survive in extremely high temperature, against body fluids or extreme winters. Therefore, the suppliers need to focus on the corrosion resistance in order to find the right touch keypad membrane switches or other types of components.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the components are of the highest quality and they are robust.

This is extremely important for the global supplier as they would be able to better gauge the environmental conditions of the region the product is to be deployed. They would be able to upgrade the product or make changes to the existing one. Thus, they would meet the demands of the respective region.

Also, it is important to focus on the designing phase of the assembly process. So, regardless of the type of assembly process. May it be automatic or manual, it is important to design the components as per the need of assembly processes.

The Right Touch Keypad Membrane

For Mission-Critical devices, it is vital to have all the right components including the touch keypad membrane switch. After all, lives depend upon these devices and their failure is extremely dangerous. To ensure the quality and reliability of your device’s membrane switch, you can Contact Us Today.