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hqtJun 9, 2020

A Complete Guide to a Rubber Keypad (Use + Benefits)

In this Article we will take you through a complete guide to a Rubber Keypad, this article is a full package; here you will find everything from usage of rubber keypad to its benefits and features. Before getting though a deep conversation about rubber keypad let us put some shed into its main definition.

What is a Rubber Keypad?

As a beginner first you have to go through what is actually a Rubber Keypad? There are variety of rubber keypads in the market which seems similar to membrane switches but they just seems similar, in real both are totally different because membrane switches are made up of electronic switches with layers of membrane & graphic overlays on the other hand Rubber Keypads are made up of electrical switches and a rubber overlay.

The main difference b/w a rubber keypad overlay and a keypad switch membrane is thickness and texture just because of this overlays perform different purpose otherwise they are same.

If you are using switch membranes then you can easily engage with switch just with a little effort because of its thinness but in case of rubber switches engagement required a bit effort because of its thickness and texture.

Rubber keypads another plus point is that they provide favorable qualities and easily can be set in all types of product.

One can easily utilize it in garage doors, remote controls, elevator switches, game controllers and variety of applications and context.

Why Rubber Keypad is in a great use? Why it doesn’t need more care?

There are many reasons of it’s widely usage, we are going to write below of the great one. As everybody knows that silicone rubber keypads are non-transparent, this amazing feature let the light pass through it.

Because of its non-sticky and conveniently pressing feature, manufacturer use it in almost 90% of digital items. Just because of rubber keypad manual handling has become so easier.

If you are also one of those who are into finishing any digital item then we will strongly recommend you to utilize only a silicon rubber keypad.

But if you are looking for branded new rubber keypad then only try Keypad-FD.  Keypad-FD is serving their customers since decades with trustworthy interface at affordable prices.

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Why Rubber keypad must be in Silicon?


There are many manufacturers that made keypads by using other plastics just to save some money and time but those keypads are not reliable and non-durable.

Because of non-corrosive and environment friendly nature of silicon it is most recommended material for Rubber keypads.  By using a silicon material your hands will not stick to keypad at all, it increases its lifetime, usability and makes it more reliable to use. One can use silicon rubber keypads in any type of environment. It comes up with 100% environment protection.

An amazing Guideline to Protective Coating for Rubber Keypad

Here I am going to put some shed into simple definition of rubber keypads protective coatings.

Protective Coatings

Coatings are very important for every product because of protective coating product value increases. Because of it keypad lifecycle increases and it offers amazing tactile operations and lot of finishing techniques. Just because of good coatings product can be safe from dust and even after heavy use there comes a very low chance of its surface change.

Varieties of protective coatings are available:

Applying a good kind of protective coating is extremely necessary; we are going to list down few good one coatings for rubber keypads.

Silicon Spray:

This coating is good for applications which are low or medium, one can coat it by using a spray and wear resistant.

If we compare wear resistant and screen printed coating then wear resistant is the good one.

If you want to double the abrasion resistance of printed graphics on rubber keypads then you must overcoat a silicon spray.

Clear Matte Protective Spray coating:

If you are going after Clear Matte Protective Spray coating then it provides the rubber keypad silky and smooth finish which keeps the application safe from dirt and there will be no chances of attraction of dust.

Clear Silicon Protective Spray:

If you are using Clear Silicon Protective Spray by adding anti-bacterial then it will facilitate you by wear protection and anti-bacterial resistant


These coating increases abrasion resistant of graphics by 20 times so this is also applied 100% of keypads.


This coating is applied to 90% of keypads; it has high resistance and good for high use application. It actually provides resistance to chemicals.


This one is applied to only key tops but it is 100% wear resistance but can only be utilized for high use applications. Because of this coating key tops provides a feeling of hard plastic and lens effect.

Clear Coat:

This one is the one of the lowest cost protective coating and is only applicable for low use applications. Resistance is directly proportional to coating, if you do more coat, resistance will increases automatically.

Amazing Health Benefits of Protective Coatings

As we all know that Flue and MRSA spread very quickly every year, so many hospitals are looking forward to control it by adding antibacterial to all applications.

The antibacterial used in the sprays are produced by silver component, as we know silver is a biocide so work as a perfect antibacterial.

When this sprayed applications get in touch with normal atmosphere then it immediately evaluate silver ions which plays an important role in killing a microscopic bugs.

Many research found that because of these antibacterial coatings they found an immediate response of reducing bacteria’s just in a very short span of time.

You will not believe but yes just because of this coating many people remain safe from the spread of infection, cross contamination, and bio-film build up even after a heavy use results will be still the same.

After making rubber keypads protective coating is the only thing that provides ruggedness and longevity to keypad. Addition of protective coating is an amazing option to remain safe from many issues and situations. So if you want to place an immediate order for sliver rubber keypad then contact Keypad-FD, we will follow all safety measure to provide you efficient, reliable, environmental friendly rubber keypad.

Common use of Rubber Keypad

Expert found the most common use of rubber keypads in the stereo systems because their material provides an amazing comfort. Rubber keypads are commonly used in household appliances, mobile phone, laptops, keyboards, gaming boards.

Because of their amazing durability they are called ideal, it keeps the product safe from lot of damages.

Let’s have a look below to see the industries where it commonly used.

  • It’s been widely used in banking sector.
  • Food packaging also has a great usage of rubber keypad.
  • In military, its usage is 50/50 percent.
  • There are much more Industries where rubber keypad has been widely used for example Aerospace, Transport, Defense, Construction, Retail, Schools, Government and so on.


Few great benefits of using Rubber Pads that you may have not known


  • Their surface is very smooth to use and does not harm the fingers at all.
  • They comes up with less expense tooling and solutions
  • This one is the main advantage, It contains a stability even at a high temperature
  • It is very lightweight and comfortable while working
  • It easily absorb shock and vibrant
  • 100% durable and reliable
  • It is really easy to install and clean.
  • Its operational life is just awesome, if you compare it with other pads then you will got to see a big difference
  • Because of its water resistant quality your pad will not be damage even after getting into water.
  • Because of rubber it can be design in every shapes and styles, so it is a perfect option to satisfy the clients by adding amazing shapes.


Why to choose Keypad-FD?

There are many reasons of choosing Keypad-FD, few good one are listed below.

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