Membrane Overlays Manufacturer – Design/Guide

hqtJun 8, 2020

Everything You Need to Know about Membrane Overlays – A Complete Guide

As a beginner first you need to go through what actually Membrane Overlays are? In this Article, You will get to know about Membrane Overlay Overview, Importance, and Features.

Membrane Overlay Overview

Membrane Overlays are the main part of membrane switches, these are actually a separate plastic layers made by polyester. Many people says that membrane overlays and graphic, panel overlays are same but here is a big NO to all of them, this is 100% wrong because of mechanical nature of membrane switches, membrane overlays are very much unique from panel overlays and graphic overlays. Membrane overlays actually represents the product identity, in short you can say that these are the face-plate to membrane switches.

Importance of Membrane Overlays for the Product

Yes! Membrane Overlays are very important for product, as we know it defines the product identity so it helps the manufacturers in getting know that how it will be easier or difficult to utilize the product.

Membrane Overlays are designed according to the design requirement of membrane switches, our engineer team will customize it as per your requirements.

Another important thing about membrane overlays is that it can be embossed to give tactile feedback and if necessary it can leave a space on the components of membrane switches.

If back lightening is involved then there might be a possibility of using variety of blocking layers for example fiber optics, LED’s, Electroluminescent.

These layers actually plays an important role in controlling the direction of light, one can even print the layers behind the colors of overlay. While doing this, there are chances of increasing opacity.

In order to maintain the quality of Membrane Switches, it is very necessary to use good material for Membrane Overlays. Let’s read about Membrane Overlays material and design guide.


Selection of Material for Membrane Overlays

Membrane Overlays material is the main concern while in its engineering, lots of materials can be used in its making but the best choice that will ensure the quality of membrane switch is polyester and UV exposure.

Advantage of using Polyester in Membrane Overlays

1: The main advantage of using polyester is that it can endure to survive millions of actuation’s.

2: Research says that it is best material for Overlay because it works as a solvent resistant.

3: It is one of the most robust materials that has superior life cycle.

4: Because of memory properties polyester requires hydro-forming than embossing.

Hydro-forming is more expensive for both tooling and unit cost that is why many manufacturers don’t use it just to save time and money.

Disadvantage of using material other than Polyester like Poly-carbonate

Many manufacturers uses Poly-carbonate because it is easy to print on, die cut and emboss. Its disadvantage is bigger than its advantages it begins to show signs of wear sooner as compared to other materials. Research has found that in many applications overlay of poly-carbonate lasts a minimum of 100,000 cycles during life cycle testing. If poly-carbonate overlay is un-coated then there are many chances of damage of product from other products. If poly-carbonate overlay is going to be in chemical environment then overlay will last no longer. So if you are not choosing a Polyester material then the final results will not be effective, even there are many chances of its breakage because of repeated pushing of switch.

While choosing a material another important feature that makes the Switches reliable is UV exposure, in case the material is non-reliable then the switches used in sunlight can be cracked So always try to choose the UV exposure material in order to ensure the quality.

Note: If you will take Keypad-FD services then we assure you that we will only choose reliable Polyester material in its making and let us know if the switches are going outdoors or indoors it helps us in choosing the correct Overlay material.

As we all knows that a well-designed membrane overlay makes a powerful first impression of company and equipment. If the company gives its best in providing unique design of the membrane switch overlay then this gesture will set your equipment apart from the competition by providing an unsurpassed user experience that is why we always do our best in choosing right material according to environmental needs.

Dependence of Few Factors while Printing Process of Membrane Overlay

There are three main factors that play an important role in printing process, the number of colors, color callout and the type of image to be printed. These days’ Solid overlays are one of the most popular options. For screen printing solid colors are still the best option but if you are one of those who want to generate same results as screen printing with less expense then digital printing can also be an option for those.  It is also a great option if you want your images to have halftones and gradient.


Either its screen printing or digital printing, the type of printing method used can be different from project to project. It depends on the color scheme, quantity needed, durability, wear ability. Try to go after a design that is robust as well as cost effective.

Why Keypad-FD is different than other Manufacturers in the Market?

Keypad-FD is different because we have indigo printer because of it we can generate all types of Membrane Overlay Solutions. We offer variety of solutions and our state of art technology comes up with printing unique serial numbers. These are readable by both human as well as computers.

Advantage of using Overlay in the Product

1: First try to know about the environment where you are planning to install the overlay, doing  this will maintain the product quality. If Overlays are made by using a right kind of material then the product will be more efficient, durable and reliable. Right material will provide you a lot of environmental benefits.

2:  As we all knows very well that most of the users want great usability in the product. Overlays play an important role in providing 100% usability to product. If you want to increase the product facility then always go after to the right type of overlay. Its functionality can be enhancing by adding more features into it for example usage of embossed technique and raised button.

3: Another main advantage of using Overlay in the product is that it is easy to understand, operate and feel.

4: It plays an important role in building your brand. If right kind of overlay has been used then the product will not break at all. As we all know that the right kind of visuals puts amazing impact on the product. Moreover overlay is the visual layout as well as the interface design so it helps to understand the product.

Reasons to buy Overlays

There are many reasons to buy Overlays; few of them are listed below.

Inventory reduction: There is no need to store the overlays at all. It is necessary only when the manufacturer demands it so you don’t have to pay the additional cost for it.

Easy Installation: They are very easy to install. They doesn’t required any rocket science, you can call the professionals they will fix it in a very short time but if you have a bit expertise then you can do at your own also.

Customization:  This is the main reason to buy overlays. Yes its customization offers lot of possibilities in terms of overlays. These are amazing for unifying variety of languages.

Why to choose Keypad-FD?

If you are looking for High Quality Membrane Overlays, Keypad-FD is here for you to provide its amazing services; it’s been decades Keypad-FD is serving its customers with 100% customer ratings. Our engineering teams have years of industry experience and always provide quality products especially when it comes to membrane overlays simply go to our Contact us page, our team of Engineer’s always stands ready to assist you. Our Industry-leading engineers will design membrane-overlay according to the design of the membrane switch just schedule a meeting with us to receive top-tier engineering and design support.

Keypad-FD Overlays must have these things:

1: Our engineers add aesthetic sense to the overlays.

2: They always design overlays by keeping environmental protection in mind.

3: They always choose reliable material like polyester in its making.

4: Our engineers provide endless possibilities in terms of overlays.Our engineers can easily provide you screen printed overlays.

5: They offer the facility of digital printing also, it totally up to you which one you want to go after.

Keypad-FD is the best overlay manufacturers in the market because we have an amazing variety of size, finishes and colors. Simply give us a call today and a member of our technical team will be ready to offer you their full and expert advice.