How to choose a custom silicone keypad manufacturer in 2020?

hqtFeb 15, 2020

A comprehensive Guide to Understand rubber keypad and silicone keypad manufacturing Techniques

Table of Contents:
1.Custom silicone keypad Background
2. Is it Good to order a custom silicone keypad online?
3.Why a custom silicone keypad?
4.Applications of silicone keypad
5. What is a silicon Rubber Keypad?
6. Reasons to choose silicon rubber keypad
7.Benefits of Silicon Rubber Keypad
8.Types of custom silicone Keypads
9. How to coat the upper surface of custom silicone keypad buttons?
10.Construction of Conductive Rubber Keypads
11.The function of Force cone- custom silicone keypad
12.Construction of Non-Conductive Rubber Keypads


“Custom Silicone Keypad Overwhelming Global Electronic Industry”


Custom silicone keypads has almost faded the concept of hard keypads. Today I would like to talk about a very important point: how to choose a silicone keypad manufacturer? Maybe many friends will not be thinking about this, just wondering if someone out there explains this technique.

Since a lot of people do not have sufficient knowledge about silicone rubber keypad manufacturer, the writer would like to share some important tips on choosing a custom silicone keypad.

custom silicone keypad

Silicone Keypad Global Electronic

First, whether the custom silicone keypad manufacturer has the production capacity?

By deciding whether the rubber keypad manufacturer has a production plant or a trading company, it is important to check the specialty of the relevant company.  However, you need to clearly understand if a customized silicone rubber keypad is one of their important and distinctive products

Moreover, also remember that the silicone keypad manufacturer is a better option as compared to the wholesale dealer. It will provide you a number of benefits.


  1. You can easily order custom silicone keypad
  2. Can negotiate price
  3. Moreover, you can enhance the functionality of the keypad
  • . How do you need to distinguish?
  • What is the percentage of silicone rubber key products in the other silicone keypad manufacturer production line? 

Furthermore, it would be easy for you to choose the best custom silicone keypad company by looking at its product line. There is another way too; by checking the customer feedback. Many companies provide customer reviews end. It will give you an idea to figure out the extract of your expectations.

Is it Good to order a custom silicone keypad online?

No doubt you can find a flood of rubber keypad manufacturers around you. The question is whether you are able to check the quality and expected configuration. Mostly, there comes a communication gap. Because, if you do not have sufficient information about rubber or silicone keypads, you can hardly convey your message to the keypad manufacturer.


That is why, I always suggest meeting the company in person. It will give you wide exposure and satisfaction. Moreover, you will be able to get a better idea of every product.

Why a custom silicone keypad?


Silicone rubber keypads have successfully replaced traditional mechanical switches for many years.
It is easy to implement, cost-effective and reliable, all of the most important and can produce excellent tactile sensitivity. Simultaneously, it can be done very well under very high or low temperatures.

Applications of silicone keypad
rubber keypad manufacturer design custom silicone keypad for:

  • mobile phones
  • calculators
  • handheld games
  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Switches
  • remote controls
  • data banks
  • toy games
  • micro-measuring devices
  • Typewriters
  • cordless phones Custom design


Silicon keypad is a more advanced product. That is why a designer must know the basic steps of generating a silicon rubber keypad and the fundamentals which convert the input into signals. Above all, the silicon keypad converts the input key into signals to run the machine.

Q. What is a silicon Rubber Keypad?

silicon Rubber Keypad

A silicon rubber keypad is also known as elastomeric keypad because the silicone is elastic in nature. Similarly, its surface comes with soft rubber. Undoubtedly custom silicone keypad has phenomenal features. It is soft, elastic and flexible but strong and long-lasting too. The silicon rubber keypad is the best option in any case.

Reasons to choose silicon rubber keypad

Silicon rubber keypad gives many reasons to choose and it is unbelievable to accept also.  Such as, a silicon rubber keypad is:

  • waterproof
  • supports backlight design
  • and laser-etched graphics
  • it gives tactile sensation and most important cost-friendly.

Benefits of Silicon Rubber Keypad

Silicon rubber keypad has a variety of benefits as mentioned above.

  1. It is dustproof and waterproof; silicone rubber is naturally a waterproof material therefore it protects the circuit underneath. And also helps from damaging the keypad from water or other particles.
  2. Support backlight design; the backlight performance makes the keypad smart. It enhances the beauty and also satisfies the user. However, it is not necessary but backlight makes the keypad smart
  3. Support laser-etched graphic; silicon rubber keypad also supports laser-etched graphics but it depends on the designer.
  4. Tactile feedback; some custom silicon rubber keypad gives special tactile feedback
  5. Low-Budget; silicon rubber keypad is only made up of rubber that is why it is cost-effective. Other keypads may use expensive material. So, you can buy it without paying extra money.


  • It works the same as other keyboards but it is unique because of its benefits, therefore many users choose custom silicon keypad rubber.
  • The key or the switch of keypad has
  1. Base
  2. Spring
  3. Stem

Types of custom silicone Keypads

Types custom silicone Keypads in china

Electronic devices are popular worldwide now. However, signal breakage can make the tool useless.

  • A lot of modern vehicles come with rubber
  • Scissor-switch keypads are little expensive
  • Mechanical keypads are very common because of the low price

Durable Silicon rubber keypad

Durability Personalized silicon rubber keypads are tough. They can afford a harsh environment and heavy particles like dust and moisture. In addition, silicone keypad manufacturers use copper and carbon as the base material. Unfortunately, these are not available worldwide. Although the Chinese are working on this as it provides many benefits to the consumers.

Molded custom silicone keypad rubber

Over thirty years the electronic industries are using molded silicon rubber keypad. This keypad has a 3D operating surface.

The Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) face problems while specifying features.

Basic styles of Molded Silicon Rubber Keypad

There are two basic styles of custom silicon rubber keypad.

  1. Conductive Rubber Keypads; it has a semi-conductive pill is on the backside. It has a cone on the bottom side. The cone supports positioning the button.
  2. Non-Conductive Rubber Keypads; it presses against metal snap dome switch.

This article describes the comparison and contrast between these two styles and detail of the design features.


The molded silicon rubber keypad only includes the rubber pad but the whole keypad also contains the supporting PCB, interconnects, grade stopper and bezel. The silicon rubber cannot stand alone as a keyboard it has a proper assembly of components.

Common Features of Silicon Rubber Keypad

Common Silicon Rubber Keypad

There are visible keytops embedded in the base mat. The base mat is against PCB and a thin web rubber is between the keytops and base mat. Similarly, the rubber keypads are high-grade custom silicone keypad rubber.

Formation of keytops

Screening of silicone ink and laser etching is done on a clear glass silicone rubber to form keytops. Furthermore, a keypad manufacturer sprays the silicone rubber with silicone paint.

  • UL 94V0 is available for silicon rubber but not for raw rubber.
  • Most of the silicone rubber is flame-retardant and cannot tolerate high flame
  • Few silicone keyboards can take UL 94V0 and saves extra time and extra cost.

How to coat the upper surface of custom silicone keypad buttons?

Follow these steps to coat the surface of the rubber keypads:

  1. A coating similar to polyurethane, wear-resistant coating applies the upper surface of the keytops.
  2. The texture of the coating may be shiny/glossy or matte.
  3. Dual-durometer keytops and epoxy tops are the treatments. Custom silicone keypad manufacturers use it to make the keyboards beautiful.
  4. The rubber keypads can have solid color, clear or fusion of both clear and solid colors.

Low pressure; some molded rubber keypads come by applying low pressure. This is a compression molded process.

High pressure; high pressure applies to some molded keypads by the liquid injection process.

Construction of Conductive Rubber Keypads

A semi-conductor puck is the constituent of conductive rubber keypad that already exists in the mixture of carbon particles and silicon. Moreover, the silicon particles are there to hold the carbon. The surface is conductive because of carbon particles.

During the final molding, the pucks get permanently attach down every button of keytop. The custom silicone keypad manufacturer uses it for molding terminal in the electric connectors.

Q. How does it work?

When the keytop of conductive Rubber Keypad is pressed the semiconductive puck touches the inter-digitated conductor beneath. The conductors are on the PCB and thus form an electric switch. The keytop and the puck/pill must be parallel to the PCB to form a switch closure.

The function of Force cone- custom silicone keypad

The forcing cone exists in between the edge of the keytop and the surrounding base which gives tactile sensation to the user. Furthermore, it also helps to support the keytop when it is not in its actual position. The forcing cone should be elastic as well as thin. Custom silicone keypad companies use low durometer to make it flexible without being torn or crack.

Construction of Non-Conductive Rubber Keypads

The appearance of non-conductive keypads is the same as the conductive one but is different in processing and components. It has a metal snap dome switch instead of a forcing cone that provides the tactile sensation. Nonconductive keypads are less elastic and have thick web between base and keytop. It has some chances of cracking too.


Conductive Rubber Keypad

custom silicone keypad

  • In conductive rubber keypad switches do not have sealing options.
  • On pressing, the buttons should move freely.
  • The pills on the backside of the keyboard are a mixture of carbon particles and silicone.

Non-conductive Rubber Keypad switches are free from contamination.

  • A molded rubber keypad is automatic against the snap dome
  • and there is no effect on the resistance of the closed circuit.
  • The resistance of the switch is controlled by the contact surface
  1. Switch Bounce of custom silicone keypad

Switch bounce is directly dependent on the force applied by a finger on the button and the force of the pill on the PCB.

Conductive Rubber Keypad If the button of the conductive rubber keyboard is pressed over the corner, the contact surface will be low between the pill and PCB. This condition in results increases switches bounce.

Non-conductive Rubber Keypad metal snap dome switch can control the switch bounce in this type. The resistance of closed switches is less as compared to the conductive rubber keypad. That is why the less resistance lessens switch bounce.

  1. Operate Force

The force applied on a keytop must be bearable according to the design

Conductive Rubber Keypad has force cones around the keytops. Moreover, the forcing cone prohibits the extensive force. Operate force ranges from 60-200 grams for conductive custom silicone keypad.

Non-conductive Rubber Keypad sum of the linear displacement and operating force is the effective operate force of non-conductive rubber keypad. Subsequently, the operating force depends on the dome switch design in this type. The range of an operating force is between 240-2000 grams.

  1. Intermittent Switch Operations

The irregular operations of the keytops are intermittent switch operation

Conductive Rubber Keypad

When the pills become coated with nonconductive contamination it shows intermittent switch operation. Similarly, the movement of the keytop and pucks will not affect the tactile snap. Setting the resistance will help to lessen the contamination but dost not prevent the switch cavities from destruction.

Non-conductive Rubber Keypad the tactile snap of this type depends on the dome switch. Therefore, the custom silicone keypad has such a design that avoids external contamination. Hence it can cover the intermittent switch operation.



Understanding the uses, features, construction, limitations of the custom silicone keypad will make it easy for any rubber keypad manufacturer. The biggest jump for a designer is presenting a molded rubber keyboard with collective components instead of a single component.

Generally, silicone rubber keypad is extraordinary, low cost and effective for both industrial and home base use. The processing of a custom silicone keypad involves compression. Although after the pressure is removed the keytops returns to the neutral position. Hence it is positive feedback.