Why Custom Silicone Keypad is the best choice for a New Startup?

hqtFeb 24, 2020

Top 6 Benefits of Silicone Rubber Keypads

ustom Silicone Keypad

Table of Contents: 

  • The rubber used in custom silicone keypad
  • Design of custom silicone keypad
  • Application of custom silicone keypads
  • Benefits of custom silicone keypad
  • Conclusion

custom silicone keypad is a replacement to electric switches. It is also known as an elastomeric keypad. These keypads use rubber or silicone for keytops or buttons. It deforms its shape when someone presses it; moreover, it has a variety of characteristics. It is a traditional keypad. Custom keypads are less expensive and reliable.

The rubber used in custom silicone keypad

The rubber on the custom silicone keypad provides a multitasking option. It has the ability to solve many of the hardships for many industries. It is not only flexible but soft also. Since it is a very good replacement for hard keyboards. Now people around the world are giving preference to silicone material for keypads.

The rubber used in silicone pads is made from compression or injection molding. Therefore it is way different from typical keypads. Moreover, the rubber on the custom silicone keypads gives a tactile sensation to the user. After releasing the button from the keypad, it comes back to its original position because of the rubber.

Design of  Silicone keypads

The design of the rubber of custom silicone keypad is made to convince every client from the military, medical, electronic or manufacturing, etc. Any leading membrane keypad manufacturer can provide a range of designs for customers. There are different ways to produce a custom silicone keypad. There is an electric connection in between. So, on pressing the button it touches the electric contact underneath. The connection between the two of them creates a circuit to operate the device.

A flamboyant keypad design

  • Ready to use control panel
  • Custom-made to compete for the performance need of the customer.
  • Backlight features
  • Surface finishing
  • Clear windows

Moreover, it includes all the elements which can make your business or activities smooth and easy.

Application of custom silicone keypads

The silicone keypads are used in homes at a small range as well as industries

Common use

Custom silicone keypad is an input device and offers multi functions

  • Remote control for televisions, microwaves, stereo or toys, etc.
  • It is also used in mobile devices, keypads of laptops or computers, video games, household devices, etc.

Industrial use

Application of custom silicone keypads

The silicone rubber keypads have significant participation in many industries because of its durability and versatility. They protect the devices from many harmful things and dust. The following are the devices that use silicone keypads for functioning.

  • Medical monitors and devices
  • Many machines, equipment, and computers
  • Electronic devices
  • Testing instruments and machinery
  • Security devices
  • Communication devices

Major Custom Silicone Keypad Industries

Following are the industries which use custom silicone keypads

  • Banks
  • Military
  • Food industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Aerospace

Benefits of custom silicone keypads

Custom silicone keypad has many benefits to every field given as
  • Versatile and durable
  • Smooth and comfortable to use
  • Reasonable cost
  • Stable and resist
  • Lightweight and reliable
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Variety of shapes and design
  • Natural tactile feature

Some of the benefits are briefly described below.

Benefits of custom silicone keypad


The customize custom silicone keypads are designed long-lasting. For example in some places like hospitals, the keypad can resist the hardships there, moreover, in the construction site; the keypad can bear the environment or dust, etc.

Versatile – custom silicone keypad

The custom silicone keypads has a versatile design. It offers a single piece of a button with multiple functions that is why it is also known as “membrane keypads”. It resists the dirt, it is soft, it is comfortable to use, also has a functional and friendly design.

Comfortable to use

On an industrial level, some devices need continuous contact. That is why the workers have to punch the buttons over and over. If the keypad is made up of plastic then regular punching will cause damage on the buttons. And also it is uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, custom silicone keypads are soft and flexible hence, comfortable to use. Also, there are fewer chances of damage because of rubber keytops.


Water is one of the biggest enemies of electronic devices. Moisture in any Device can damage it to no extent. But rubber is a waterproof material. So while using custom silicone keypad there is no need to worry.

Dustproof – Custom silicone keypad

Using custom silicone keypad is handy to those industries which make commercial clients. These silicone keypads are dustproof also. The dirt or any particle in the device can cause damage. But the silicone keypad prevents the keypad from dust particles as well.


The most important factor while using a device is its price. The price depends on the material used thus; the rubber is low-cost material. The price of custom silicone keypad is way too less as compared to other keypads. As keypads are a necessity of both home and industrial uses, there is no such huge investment for buying custom silicone keypads made of rubber.

Moreover, the process while making the custom silicone keypad is not rocket science. It just needs a molding method to make depressions on the keypad. During the process, when the compressor is removed from the keypad, it returns back to the original position giving positive feedback.

Laser etching – Custom silicone keypad

The silicone keypad supports the laser etching method. This process involves removing of top later of paint with the help of minor and control laser. This method is best to reveal a new color on the keypad. Subsequently, this feature is used to customize different and new designs.



Custom silicone keypads are now trending over the market. It is a smart choice and also popular now. Furthermore, it has versatile features as well as applications. It is a wonderful technology unless you get familiar with the electrical switches. Moreover, it has numerous benefits that we cannot ignore.

Custom silicone keypads have fewer chances of errors because of the feedback of buttons that give a tactile feature. On pressing the button it caves in and then pops out when releasing it. The keytops on the keypad are 19 mm and the key travels are 3.8 mm. Hence it can be used in any business for many applications because it is an affordable, versatile and multitasking Device.