What is difference B/w Tactile & Non-Tactile Membrane switches manufacturers?

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Top 7 features of custom Membrane Switches and silicone keypads


Membrane switches manufacturers


Table of Contents:

  • What is a membrane switch?
  • Significance and Demand of Membrane switches manufacturers
  • Distinctive Features of Membrane switches
  • Click touch Technology of Membrane switches manufacturers
  • Tactile Membrane Switches
  • Non-Tactile Membrane Switches
  • The popularity of Membrane Switches

Membrane switches manufacturers are providing a massive space to all electronic companies. Because the new mod of communications has changed the whole world. people are now talking about artificial intelligence. Therefore, membrane technology will be on the top priority list of all industries sooner or later. The membrane switch assembly is composed of many flexible layers forming a whole switch package. This assembly can have one to several dozen active areas.

What is a membrane switch?


A membrane switch is actually an interface between a user and machinery which enables the communication between operator and instrument. It is an electronic circuit that is printed and controls a circuit using pressure. Similarly, the circuitry of membrane switch is usually screen printed that uses silver or carbon made conductive inks. They are actually a part of a range of instruments that have human-machine interfaces (HMIs) including touch screens along with mechanical switches.

Significance and Demand of Membrane switches manufacturers

Membrane switches are a very important and essential tool for the keypad interface. Its advantages make it a versatile choice for many applications. Moreover, membrane switch is an utmost part of medical machinery due to a lot of options for the user interface. The advancement in membrane switches has affected a large number of fields including:

  • high-end applications
  • toys
  • games
  • automotive controls
  • industrial controllers.

Membrane switches manufacturers have a very good reputation for medical uses, that are particularly focused on specific functions. Furthermore, they are portable and seek visibility to a great extent. They are particularly appropriate for medical applications. They are portable due to lightweight, durability, feasible for cleaning, and RoHS compliant.

Distinctive Features of Membrane switches

The most distinctive feature of membrane switch manufacturers is a graphic overlay. It is an ability of an instrument view in 180* radius. Similarly, we can see Warning lights from distance at different angles. The graphic overlay covers the top surface of membrane switches and hence provides a direct interface between the user and the product.

It defines the switch locations, provides product increment and differentiation. Moreover, membrane switches manufacturers bestow the product with highly valuable and versatile characteristics with an unlimited coloration. Therefore, simplified colors and adjustments produced in artwork help in low-cost production models and differentiation in functions.

The materials that have hard coatings of overlay have immunity to harsh and unfavorable environments. Different applications produce durability and attractive background. In addition, dead fronts help in hiding lower layer displays and LEDs.

“Membrane panels and keypads are modern and innovative assemblies that control instrumentation through the user interface. They are equally applicable in the medical field, industry, and aerospace.”

Silicon Membrane switch and keypads

Membrane switches manufacturers design a lot of keypads and switches with silicone rubber. Simultaneously, they can be in the form of rubber actuators that are nonconductive or carbon pills that are conductive. They are fit for a number of applications due to their durability and flexibility.

Silicon keypads have the following features:


  • Available in the form of acontrived button forms, designs, and durometers
  • Cost-effective
  • Stabilityto chemicals, water, and other materials
  • Membrane switches manufacturers use it with a variety of lightening solutions, including LEDs, EL lighting, and fiber optic lamps

Click touch Technology of Membrane switch manufacturer


Clicktouch technology is also very famous. It comes with various forms from high-speed trains to customer products. It comes with keyboards that are user-friendly having flexible spring zone keys and long life. Membrane switches manufacturers technology has the following benefits:

  • Survive more than six million activations
  • A specified “click “feeling
  • Stability to scratches, water, dust, and chemicals
  • Present in different varieties of size, designs, and key shapes

Tactile Membrane Switches

Membrane switches manufacturers make it from a metal dome and provide a versatile feeling. A unique click response and it has the ability of customization too. Subsequently, they are applicable in medical, defense, transport, aerospace, etc. They have the following benefits:

  • Infinite design limitations
  • Up to one million applications
  • Tolerate high temperature
  • A short switch travel

Non-Tactile Membrane Switch


Non-tactile membrane switches are good for applications that require a flat and thin solution. Membrane switches manufacturers technology gives no tactile feedback but it is very cost-effective as compared to click touch technology. It has the following benefits:

  • A lot of options for button and shape patterns
  • Provided with high-quality feedback that is visual, auditory and haptic
  • Easily affordable

Capacitive Switch

Capacitive switches come with very good programming features like light and sensitive. They use overlay materials like polycarbonate, polyester, and glass. Scroll bars and mouse pads attain new design due to this technology. It has the following benefits:

  • High actuation life
  • Stable to scratches, fingerprints, and liquids
  • Custom graphics and color selections

The popularity of Membrane Switches

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Membrane switches manufacturers have gained much fame popularity in a few years. They have become the number one choice of business owners and professionals. Their waterproof design attracts them the most. Waterproof membrane switches deliver dual functions: indoor as well as outdoor without the fear of moisture. They have an airtight seal and it repels even smaller amounts of moisture. This seal forms a barrier between the moisture and the membrane switch’s internal circuit.