What Kind of Graphic Overlay Fits Your Requirements?

hqtOct 30, 2020

Starring Role of Graphic Overlays in the Our World

Graphic Overlay is a sheet or film that forms the outer surface of any product. You can also call the outermost jacket of any product. Often used for ornamental purposes, they also have a purposeful and practical motive. This reveals much about the product such as the essence and idea behind its manufacturing.

As mentioned before, it is the outermost layer hence it is viewable to the user. It shows the nature of the product as well as what the product is promoting. Since this is the first thing that the buyer notices, it has to have a compact yet bold way of telling about the company’s story.

A Graphic Overlay can bear a company’s logo, the product title, and some other features too. Due to its versatile functionality, it has been in business for many different industries. It covers medical, manufacturing, building, industrial, technological, and business world too.

Graphic Overlay

Materials Used in Graphic Overlay Production

Graphic Overlay is the view that is the visible first layer of any product. You can also say that it defines the face of the company the product is representing.  As its functionality suggests, graphic overlays have to be very versatile.

The versatility is very important because every company has its own set of needs and requirements. And of course, to fulfill these needs different materials are required. This is a basic function of an overlay to perform the specific duty that is required of it to highlight the features of the product at its best.

How to Choose a Best Graphic Overlay:

Since this is a very important feature for any product, its importance increases ten folds. To decide on the material that suits you the best, you have to have the information regarding the materials used to make a Graphic Overlay. This is the only way to make an informed decision.

Polyester Graphic Overlay:

Polyester Graphic Overlay is a highly utilized plastic. Its worldwide uses make it the most common material in making a Graphic Overlay. They are renowned for their endurance qualities in extreme pressures.

The Polyester Graphic Overlay stays the most preferred overlay material in the world. It holds great qualities in enduring high temperatures. Hence, it has a higher demand in comparison with other overlay materials.

Due to its abundant qualities, it is a highly favorable material for industries that have to deal with a lot of hard conditions. It has a lot of chemical endurance therefore making it ideal for chemical industries. It can undergo severe environments, altering extreme temperatures and acid-resistance properties.

Another feature that makes Polyester Graphic Overlay a favorable choice is that it is very thin. This quality earns many plus points in its favor. It is both overwhelming and thrilling; that the existence of material can bear almost any kind of exterior pressure without getting affected.

Moreover, the thin-ness of Polyester Graphic Overlay adds to the attraction of using one. It prevents the formation of a hard covering around the product itself. Hence, it helps in keeping the product most close to its original design.

Although it does have its flaws and being opaque is one of them. But this doesn’t hinder its use industry-wise. They are extremely popular in medical, chemical, and safety equipment companies.


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Polycarbonate Graphic Overlay:

Polycarbonate Graphic Overlays are also one of the most common overlays use industrially. They are transparent yet an effective choice for the telecommunication and IT industry.


They are resistant to impacts. This is why they are the most ideal overlays. It is great to achieve a translucent look with unbreakable qualities. Its qualities also include the ease with which it is cut-able. Its changeable and resilient qualities have earned it a valuable reputation in the telecommunication and IT industry.

Unlike, polyester graphic overlay, it is not resistant to chemical contact. Hence, it needs defense against such interaction. To use it in a chemically persistent environment, polycarbonate graphic overlay needs an outer coating. This reduces the damage to zero.

They are naturally heat-resilient but their resistance level is much lower than the polyester overlays. Moreover, their confrontational feature when hit with a hard or tough surface makes it the king amongst all overlay materials. It can withstand even high-level impacts.

Another of its highlighting feature is the Fire Retardant Polycarbonate. This is widely used to douse down flames. This is the reason it is extremely popular in automotive, telecommunication, safe precautionary industry, IT, and Mobile Manufacturing Industries.

Acrylic Graphic Overlay:

It is a kind of plastic graphic overlay. Though it is an unusual choice in comparison with other graphic overlays, it has its own appeal and uses. Its key attractive feature is its trivial weight. Along with being light in weight, it is also transparent. This adds up to the features of an Acrylic Graphic Overlay.

It is often interchangeable with glass as it is lighter in weight than glass. Its quality of being translucent makes it feasible to use instead of glass. Just like glass, it has refractive qualities. They can easily diffuse light; hence their usage as diffusers is quite common.

Some other additive features of an acrylic graphic overlay are its strength and suppleness. They are unbreakable with the ability to be resistant to high-pressure forces. This also makes it a sturdy long-run choice.

They are most popular in medical, automotive, decorative, and ornamental industries.

Applications of a Graphic Overlay:

A Graphic Overlay enhances the applications of any product. They help in improving the functionality of any product.

A Graphic Overlay is a feature that comes in direct contact with the user. Being a touch-indulgent feature it has distinct importance. It’s a map that helps the consumer in using the product successfully. Some common overlay features include on/off, volume control, light control buttons, and much more.

Since overlays are made to suit the client’s requirements, they are customizable. The overlay often bears the company’s logo or branding name. This helps indirectly in promoting the company. Unconsciously, the user gets used to the brand name or logo.

Mostly transparent overlays are common so that backlight can enhance its features even more. Moreover, any product durability increases when layered with an overlay. Without an overlay, it is almost impossible to use a product. When the map (overlay) of a product is missing, you might feel uncomfortable using the product without a user interface.

Furthermore, as an overlay is customizable, you can design it any color, pigment, or style. Its flexibility in designing abilities helps you maintain/create your brand as you want it.


It is very important to choose wisely between Overlays. They are the face and the recognition element for your brand. It is a necessity to make an informed decision in this regard.

Always keep your priorities in mind when selecting an overlay. Keep it clear in your mind what your products signifies and represents. It helps you in making a space in the market for your desired product. Always select what is best for your product quality, feature, and functionality wise.

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