How Membrane Switches Manufacturers Make Custom Membrane Panel?

hqtJan 30, 2020

Learn Custom Membrane Switches Technology in 10 Simple Steps

Switches Technology

1-Why do people prefer membrane switches manufacturers?

2-Where do Membrane switches manufacturers install a membrane switch panel?
3-How many sections are there of custom membrane switches?
4-How to save money on membrane switch installation?
5-How to match the color for the membrane switch overlay?
6-Membrane Switch Specifications and Designing Precautions
7-How to install display windows in membrane switch panels?
8-How Membrane switches manufacturers set to overlay on switch panels?
9-Never forget to check these top 5 membrane switch overlay points
10-How to emboss custom membrane switches?


Membrane Switches Manufacturers have provided an extremely easy front panel solution. Almost every kind of industry is switching towards new custom membrane keypads and switches. Due to the reliability and service, these switches have become the priority of millions. Some of the dominant consumers of custom membrane switches are:

  • Gaming industry
  • Banking
  • Computing
  • Medical
  • Electronics

Why do people prefer membrane switches manufacturers?


Technology has never remained silent. It never limits its boundaries. Membrane switches have come through a long journey too. Subsequently, there were many observations. Technicians held experiments based on observations. Today, we have the finest quality custom membrane keyboards. Similarly, we have a lot of options and varieties too.

Membrane switches manufacturers have a pile of custom membrane keypads in their sample inventory. These switches are going to replace hard button technology almost in every filed. They give better protection and cover the whole surface area. Furthermore, they are also decorative.

custom switches & keypads in China

You can easily order a customized membrane keyboard for any product or device. These switches are highly resistant. In older devices, hard buttons had gaps and spaces. Similarly, these spaces let tiny particles to enter into the mainboard. With the time these particles grow and interrupt device working. Above all, debris makes the functional keys hard. You might have noticed these symbols in your hardboard keypads.

Subsequently, liquid leakage remains a big problem. In traditional keyboards or keypads, water leakage or penetration brings a lot of fuss. While membrane keypads are made up of tough layer. It doesn’t let any chemical or liquid into the board. Moreover, its service is also very good. You can read membrane switch overlay guidelines before buying a membrane switch panel.

Where do Membrane switches manufacturers install a membrane switch panel?

Generally, custom membrane switches are used in a range of applications. Its major applicants are communication devices, input devices, and the banking field. These switches are providing greater feasibility and facility. In addition, people are shifting attention towards it. Subsequently, these panels also offer great decorum and appeal too.

How many sections are there of custom membrane switches?

Switches manufacturer in China

There is a total of 4 major membrane switches sections:

  1. Specifications of membrane switch
  2. Equipment module
  3. User interactive interface
  4. Categories of custom membrane switches

There are two major categories of membrane switches:

  • Tactile
  • Non-tactile

Although both tactile and non-tactile are common in every industry business with a low budget like to install non-tactile panels.  You can find a huge variety of these panels from any membrane switches manufacturers. These switches are cost-effective and provide a better user interface. For instance, its operations are easy. They make a little beep sound on the press. And the most important is their smooth touch. They also give a good service time.

In the past, we have seen issues in home appliances. In these appliances, the customer experience was not good. Simultaneously, the constant use of membrane panel made virtual buttons stiff and created signal problems. Similarly, we have examples of button disorder too. In the latest membrane switches keyboards, we have seen great improvements. As I have told above that the service time has been increased. There are little chances of interruption and bord mismanagement.

How to save money on membrane switch installation?

How to save Money

If you really want to save some money and you are running out of budget, try to meet any good membrane switch manufacturer. He can suggest you a low-cost custom membrane switches solution. For instance, it is very important to know how many membrane switches panels you want to buy. Furthermore,

  • what kind of material you will use?
  • What type of membrane switch you will install?

These are the most basic queries. By following this, you can prepare a suitable membrane switches keyboard.

To check the manufacturing quality of membrane switch, you can inspect these portions:

  • Graphic layer
  • Dome retainer
  • Metal domes
  • Spacer
  • Bottom
  • Adhesive

By getting information about these features, you can estimate the price against one product. So, in the beginning, I will suggest you go with mid-range custom membrane switches.

How to match the color for the membrane switch overlay?

It can be a unique or contemporary contrast. In many devices, membrane switches manufacturers go with the contrast option.  But it depends if you are making custom switch panels. For the sake of reader information, this color combination is done under the layer. This whole process is set during design.

Above all, the plastic of the sheet protects these colors. Yes, these buttons may fade after given service if the surface panel is not embossed, it may fade fast. In color integration, making exact button caps is a difficult task. It invites light refraction and blocking. To remove this hurdle, try custom membrane switch panel designing.

Membrane Switch Specifications and Designing Precautions

  • Try to install dark colors around leds
  • Darker tone color should be hiding
  • Apply contrasting
  • Lines should not be less than .006 thick

How to install display windows in membrane switch panels?

switch panels

Installing leds into the custom membrane switches is the easiest part. Modern leds have an easy integration module. They support every kind of membrane keyboard. Since printed circuit board technology has made it easy for every membrane switch manufacturer to install smaller size pcbs in panels, we are getting high technology membrane switches.

It is recommended for membrane board manufacturers to do texture finish for a pleasant visual led display. Although every type of led display is suitable for the best result later option is a good choice.


How Membrane switches manufacturers set to overlay on switch panels?

The top surface of the custom membrane switches is a direct way of communication between the user and the internal system. Similarly, further layers are connected to the rest of the functions that reflect on pressing. You can select the following features before choosing a membrane switch overlay:

  • Material
  • Color selection
  • Designing

Why these points are important? With every passing day, custom membrane technology is improving. Therefore, a lot of Membrane switches manufacturers are also in the market. They are offering a range of services. So, there is a tough competition among membrane switch keyboard manufacturers. You need to establish a pre-research.

It will help you to assess the price of custom membrane switches. Subsequently, you will be able to get decent knowledge of membrane keyboards and switches. Especially, knowing about the material, lifetime, and design is crucial. It is crucial to study about these points before contacting any membrane switch manufacturer.

Never forget to check these top 5 membrane switch overlay points

  • Graphic strength and performance
  • Textures
  • CMYK process
  • Embossing
  • Screen tints

Membrane switch keyboard quality is compulsory. You may find a range of cheap membrane switch manufacturers. I am crucial to go through this checklist. It will help you in buying a unique and standard membrane switch panel. Good quality custom membranes switch not only perform better but also save time. Otherwise, there are situations, where people prefer to install low-quality membrane switch keyboards and they waste a lot of time on the service.

How to select material for custom membrane switches?

“Polyester is the best choice for custom membrane switches.”

Leading Membrane switches manufacturers use polyester membrane switch overlay. It is one of the best materials used for panel switch manufacturing. According to the top membrane switch review, polyester supported switches and panels provide 1000000-time pressing service. It is more than enough. After a long time of service, it starts wearing and tearing. Above all, material selection and designing of membrane switch panel also affect the performance and life of these keypads.

“Always remember that a membrane key switch without overlay will reduce more than half of life”

There are also other factors involved that can decrease a membrane switch panel life:

  • Day to day use
  • Consumption
  • Weather effects
  • Chemical impacts

No doubt weather has its impacts. For instance, direct lighting will fade the button. Similarly, liquid and spilling of water or another chemical can damage the layer. Hence custom membrane switches provide excellent performance against liquids. And chemicals regular intact will damage its outer layer too.

How to set custom membrane switches graphics and display?

switches graphics and display in china

These are the top 3 checkpoints before designing custom membrane switches keyboard:

  • What kind of information is there?
  • How to install information?
  • Where to store all the data?

All these three points cannot be achieved solely from the membrane switch layer. For this purpose, membrane switches manufacturers practice separate methods for every activity. The purpose of the layer is to provide solid protection and soft integration. Moreover, it has a little contribution to internal system execution too.

Importance of User Interface for custom Membrane Switches

Membrane switches manufacturers give much importance to the user interface. In any industry this aspect takes attention. Because no product can be successful until its user is supportive. Whether these are websites, web portals, or custom membrane switches, an easy user interface will engage a customer. Navigation is also compulsory. Similarly, a soft and smooth surface layer will assist adhesive to fit properly. If a layer supports adhesive it means it will keep the surface to the main panel strongly. Otherwise, it will start losing its grip.

How to emboss custom membrane switches?

Embossing is a widely used technique in membrane switch panels. Most membrane switches manufacturers use this technique to make panels more attractive and appealing. It enhances the shine in the outer surface that brings user engagement ultimately.

There are two methods of membrane switch overlay embossing:

  1. Male/female
  2. Hydroforming

In the first method of embossing, it cleans the surface completely. On the other hand, the second method provides the same function but it is expensive. Yes, it is considered ideal for thick embossing. Sometimes membrane switches manufacturers increase the quality of the board panel. Thick embossing brings better surface and service.

How do membrane switch manufacturers perform laser cutting?

Co2 laser cutting is widely used for custom membrane switches. It is cost-effective and a good alternative to steel die-cutting. The laser tool is a perfect way to cut through the layer accurately. It easily cuts the internal parts without damaging any side of the panel.

Membrane keypads tooling technique

keypads tooling technique

Custom membrane switches manufacturers use two prominent methods for tooling:

  1. Hard tools
  2. Steel rule die

What is a steel rule die?

This tool is made up of steel blades, and wooden support. It can cut through the board with the single cut.

What are the hard tools?

Hard tools also use the same technique but they have hard material on blades. These tools are made up of hard steel blades.

What factors membrane switch manufacturers should consider for connectors installation?

The use of connectors in custom membrane switches

Connectors are of various types. It is quite important to choose a connector that best suits your requirements. Consider the following factors before installing connectors in membrane switch panels:

  • Environment
  • Product design
  • Device performance
  • Reliability
  • Cost


In any product manufacturing, these points cannot be neglected. Especially when it comes to custom membrane switches environment, design and other factors will save time and money both. As I have mentioned above the environment will reduce or increase the performance of the surface layer, it also impacts its service time. Similarly, the design is also very important. Without designing you cannot carry the remaining procedures.

Popular membrane switch manufacturers advise pre-designing before installation. Accurate designing will reduce costs also. Moreover, it will help you executing day to day operations. Subsequently, the performance of the device depends on the material and assembling. It may increase its cost but provides long-lasting results.