Microwave Oven Membrane Keypad: The Inspection Guide

Step by Step Technique for Inspecting Your Microwave Oven Membrane Keypad

The microwave oven membrane keypad switch plays when it comes to operating the microwave oven. So, if something goes wrong with the membrane keypad, you will not be able to operate the machine. Therefore, you need to have the keypad intact.

There are different types of problems that can occur with the membrane keypad. We will not be covering every problem individually. On the contrary, we will offer a more generalized solution so that you can inspect your oven membrane keypad yourself. So, without any further delay, let’s begin.

A Comprehensive Inspection Guide

In case, the touchpad on your microwave open doesn’t respond, however, the display does light up, it means there is a problem with the membrane switch. The component that people generally refer to as the touchpad is basically a series of soft-touch electrical switches.

Microwave Oven Membrane Keypad

Membrane Keypad

It is important to understand the basic concept of a membrane keyboard, before you on inspecting and repairing one. To make things easy, a membrane keypad consists of pads or keys that have some sort of printed symbols on it.

The symbols can be alphabets, signs, numbers, etc. Although the keys seem individual, the keypad doesn’t contain individual keys. The entire pressure pad is without any breaks in it. It is more like a single surface that stretches out on the entire device.

Due to the single surface, the membrane keypad is compact in comparison to the mechanical keyboard. There are three important parts of the membrane keypads.

  1. The top layer. This layer consists of all the symbols.
  2. Then you have the middle layer. This is basically the inert.
  3. Lastly, we have the bottom layer. This layer is important is it is responsible for connecting the rest of the device.

There are numerous conductive traces present on the bottom layer. These traces are responsible for triggering the required command against every pressed symbol. There are two types of variation for a membrane keypad.

One is that comes with all symbols printed on the same pad. Whereas, the other one uses the dome design. IT means that the symbols would provide more tactile feedback. Mainly because they shape them into the domes.


One of the main reasons that a membrane keypad is more popular than its mechanical counterpart is its size. Membrane keypads are of small size, thus they fit nicely to the modern compact devices. They work well with gadgets with slimmer designs.

This is something the mechanical keypads cannot achieve. Moreover, the membrane switches do not have space in their keys, thus eliminating the chance of dust accumulation. This is something very important for medical devices. Also, these keypads are more robust and they have a long shelf-life.


The touchpad is the collaboration of soft-touch electrical switches. It has two layers of thin Mylar plastic. There is also the presence of conductive material in the inner surface of these layers. To keep the two coated surface separates, there is a formed gap between them.

The gap would stay intact until the user applies the pressure. The contact of the two conductive surfaces results in the completion of an electrical circuit. This then provides the control board with an input signal. When the conductive coating is used repeatedly it eventually wears out.

Thus, making it difficult to make good contact to send the input signal to the control board. If this is your problem, you would have to work on the coating layer.

Control Board of Oven membrane keypad

The Control board is often the main cause when the touchpad does respond, but the display lights up. After all, the control board is responsible for generating a low voltage. This voltage then transmits to the membrane switch.

The membrane would use these signals as the inputs and then would generate the respective output. These output replies are responsible for controlling a number of microwave components such as the magnetron, or the turntable motor.

So, when a control board is unable to generate the low voltage signal, it would lead to a lack of response of the touchpad. Likewise, the lack of a control board to sense the input would also result in the same problem.

Microwave Oven Membrane Keypad Problem

In order to start the inspecting process, we have listed the steps below.

  1. In order to gain access to the membrane switchof the microwave oven you would have to disconnect it by unplugging the unit.
  2. Make sure that the cord is out of the switch, instead of you turning only the switch button off while the cord remains plugged in.
  3. Next, you need to remove the cabinet of the microwave oven.
  4. You will find the membrane switch attached to the control panel, at the same time, it has a connection with the electronic control board as well via a connector. The connector has a flat ribbon style.
  5. Before you dig any deeper, check the connection. It is there is no problem with that, then you can go on testing the membrane switch.
  6. In order to test the continuity of the membrane switch, you would be using a multi-meter.
  7. See whether the ere is of only a few ohms of resistance against every touchpad you press.
  8. To perform the test, you would need the membrane switch’s matrix layout. The layout would be present in the electrical schematic.
  9. If are unable to find the problem, you would have to either reach out to replace the entire control board or contact the best membrane keypad repair service, provider.

Microwave Oven Membrane Keypad manufacturers

Take Away

Inspecting and identifying the problem related to a microwave oven membrane keypad might seem simple. However, if you are new to this and have no information, it is better to reach out to a reliable repair services provider.

For those who can identify the problem and they are searching for reliable membrane keypad providers, they should contact FD-Keypad Manufacturers. Their extensive experience in designing and developing high-quality membrane keypads would help you choose the best one for your device.

Choose the Right Touch Keypad Membrane Switch For Critical Devices?

The Importance of Having the Right Components for Critical Devices?

Choosing the right keypad membrane technology is imperative for critical devices such as factory equipment or medical devices. Since reliability and accuracy are among the key success factors for these kinds of devices, therefore, they need to incorporate the right products and tools including a touch keypad membrane, or any other technology. Everything needs to be according to the device to ensure reliable results.

So, may it be a pressure transmitter for a chemical processing factory or an automatic external defibrillator used for people suffering from heart issues that cannot fail? After all, the lives of people depend upon these devices.

Although, the end product gets the credit for high quality and performance, rarely do you think about the parts that make up the beautiful piece of technology. You would hardly think about the parts quality and development process. The great thing is that you really don’t have to concern yourself with all the information as a lame man.

However, if you are planning to invest in the machine, then we recommend a little research is due. This article will be focusing on the different factors that come into play to ensure that you choose the right membrane technology, touch & otherwise, for your critical devices.
Touch Keypad Membrane suppliers

Choosing Keypad Membrane Technology

Even though you have little to no information as to what goes inside the device, yet it turns out to be nearly perfect. The reason being there are dedicated teams of engineers that evaluate different components and determine the best one.

These engineers would focus on everything starting from the nuts and bolts to the Printed Circuit Boards of the device. After all, they have to ensure that the devices are able to withstand the challenging job that is destined to perform.

Selection can be extremely difficult especially when the designers have a wide of material options and design variability. Below, we have listed some of the factors that need consideration during the designing mission of all critical devices.


Another important thing that requires undivided attention is the component footprint and size during the design process. Regardless of the product domain, there are numerous factors including increased features, functionalities, and pressurizing the designers to reduce the size of the component.

The increased demand for smaller medical devices makes it a must for the engineers to use small Printed Circuit boards, components, and even the touch keypad membrane switches.

Performance Requirements

Among the different factors, the machine’s performance requirement is among the most important factor to consider for the end application. The engineers need to understand that there is a mark difference between the requirement of the consumer product.

For instance, an electric toothbrush or an electro-surgery instrument. It is not possible for the latter to fail, however, for the other one it might just cause minor inconvenience. Therefore, it is vital to assess the performance difference of every application before finalizing the keypad membrane technology for it.

Take AED as an example, the switch that engineers would use for this need has the anti-oxidant ability. It is critical for the switch to prevent oxidation as this product would once placed stay intact for years. Nonetheless, the switch has to keep on emitting a low-level signal when activated.

Likewise, the components that would be part of the utility meters should have the capacity to withstand extreme outdoor weather.

Customization of Touch Keypad Membrane and Other Components

Despite having a large number of suppliers as well as a massive catalog of off-the-shelf commercial components. You still need to put in the effort to fit the right fit. Moreover, even after you find the right one, you would have to make slight alterations to it to ensure the exact required performance from it.

Since customization of products seems difficult and expensive, thus the suppliers tend to make alterations to the existing products. This not only saves time but it also allows us to acquire required changes at a minimal cost.

Touch Keypad Membrane manufacturers

The type and the level of customization vary from product to product. In some cases, you might just need to change a certain feature or the size. On the other hand, you would even integrate components into a complete sub-assembly or module.

Other common customization options include snap-in mounting, graphics, and lighting. This might be a daunting task for a lame man, however, a professional supplier such as the Keypad-FD would help you make the right decision.

They would fully comprehend the supplier’s product requirement and then make changes to the existing product within minimal time and budget.

Production Factors

Sometimes, the manufacturer as well as the client dismiss the location factor during the design phase. However, this is something you should never ignore. After all, the longevity and the performance of the device greatly depends upon this particular factor.

To yield effective and efficient results, it a good idea to work in close proximity to the supplier. Thanks to all the modern technological advancement staying connected with the supplier is no longer an issue. You have high-speed internet, outstanding communication software.






Mission-critical devices need to hold up against extremely harsh conditions. For instance, they would have to survive in extremely high temperature, against body fluids or extreme winters. Therefore, the suppliers need to focus on the corrosion resistance in order to find the right touch keypad membrane switches or other types of components.

In addition, it is important to ensure that the components are of the highest quality and they are robust.

This is extremely important for the global supplier as they would be able to better gauge the environmental conditions of the region the product is to be deployed. They would be able to upgrade the product or make changes to the existing one. Thus, they would meet the demands of the respective region.

Also, it is important to focus on the designing phase of the assembly process. So, regardless of the type of assembly process. May it be automatic or manual, it is important to design the components as per the need of assembly processes.

The Right Touch Keypad Membrane

For Mission-Critical devices, it is vital to have all the right components including the touch keypad membrane switch. After all, lives depend upon these devices and their failure is extremely dangerous. To ensure the quality and reliability of your device’s membrane switch, you can Contact Us Today.

5 Best microwave oven membrane keypad Properties (2020)

An Introduction to membrane key switches functions and pressure bearing features

microwave oven membrane keypad in china

Modern day’s technology actually has totally changed our way of living. In fact, innovative technologies of today have made our lives better than ever. And the technology of microwave oven membrane keypad also belongs to these remarkable technologies. These genius techniques have allowed us to make impossible into possible.

Nowadays technology has made impressive progress in a very small duration. Moreover, these keypads are more innovational discoveries of this technological era. Manufacturers have mostly used these membranes in all hardware and software control systems. We can see their use in our daily routine lives. Such as we use them in,

  • Dishwashers
  • Washing machines, etc.

Furthermore, we also operate microwaves through these membrane keypads. However, this technology is smaller but it is able to bring easier solutions to more complicated devices.

What is microwave oven membrane keypad?

Microwave oven membrane keypad basically contains pads or keys along with printed symbols. In fact, these keypads do not have individual keys. Instead of it all the pressure pads do not have any breaks. But there is a single surface that has stretched all over the device.

Hence, because of this single surface, it has become more advantageous. Because it has made it extra compact in comparison of mechanical keyboards. In addition, these kinds of membrane keypads contain three necessary parts, like

  1. Top layer with symbols
  2. Middle layer that is inactive
  3. Bottom layer that unites to the rest of the device.

When we press any symbol, the bottom layer which have many conductive traces will provoke a proper command. Moreover, there are two kinds of designs avail for microwave oven membrane keypad.

  • a flat keypad
  • dome design keypad.

Flat keypad:

In flat type of membrane, all symbols are present on the same pad.

Dome design keypad:

In this style of keypad, the symbols are present in the shape of a dome. Moreover, this shape gives feedback of better tactile.

How can microwave oven membrane keypad save to spread CoVid-19?

These membrane keypads have sleek designs and a surface of flat glass. This perfect designing helps to keep away the viruses. Because on these types of surfaces virus can not settle easily. So, it has ability to secure from CoVid-19.

microwave oven membrane keypad suppliers

In addition, these keypads have designed specially. These special designs are water resistant. So, you can clean these type of membrane keypads with,

  • sanitizer
  • soap

You can easily clean microwave oven membrane keypad after or before any use. Moreover, because of this fantastic feature, they are ideal choice for using in medical use. Additionally, there is not any kind of mechanical movement on these keypads.

So, these keypads are better in functionality when we compare them from traditional keypads. You can customize these membrane keypads according to the needs of your machine.

Since the toper most glass is hardened, this quality makes it rigid. Hence, we can use it for several applications like,

  • vending machines
  • public utility machines
  • kiosk machines, etc.

Its keyboard has Bluetooth, so we can easily connect it with CPU without any data cable. Moreover, its characters are bright so you can also use it in the areas of dim light.

How many kinds of microwave oven membrane keypad are?

Manufacturer generally use microwave oven membrane keypad in industrial as well as domestic applications on a vast variety.

microwave oven membrane keypad

Its main types are:

  • Non-Tactile Membrane Switches
  • Tactile Membrane Switches

Furthermore, here are some of its more famous kinds are:

  • backlit keypads
  • capacitive touch fascias
  • embossed versions and so on.

What are some beneficial applications of microwave oven membrane keypad?

The basic mechanic which is behind each membrane keypad is that, they are straightforward and relatively simple to use. Basically, its keys have a conductive metal on its bottom. So, when we press the buttons, they create a circuit with the help of underlying components.

When we take a look on the history of membrane keypads, we find that applications of these keypads have firstly introduced in 1980s. At that time, microwave oven membrane keypad had generally used in home computers.

Moreover, they mostly had used in similar consumer electronic devices. Nowadays they have become most popular. Because these keypads are very easy and simple to produce and low cost. So, all these qualities make them an ideal choice for every budget-conscious customer.

Furthermore, there are several other reasons that make these keypads a better choice in comparison to conventional mechanical keypads.

Hence, manufacturers use them in

  • electronics
  • industries
  • medical
  • white goods
  • marine
  • security, etc.

What is the environmental performance of microwave oven membrane keypad?

The best environmental performance of microwave oven membrane keypad is here:

Large air pressure 86~106KPa


Storage temperature -40 ° C ~ +85 ° C, temperature 95% ± 5%


Working temperature  -20 ° C ~ +70 ° C


Moreover, the button life has ability to determine according to the customers’ requirements.

In addition, it has no oxidization on the silver paste line and no impurities.

What are the benefits of microwave oven membrane keypad?

Microwave oven membrane keypads have several benefits which we cannot count. But here we are describing some of them.

These kinds of membrane keypads are,

  • waterproof
  • oil proof
  • dust proof.

So, all these features make these keypads a perfect option to use in outdoor applications.

Moreover, they are anti-erosion from many dangerous gases.

In addition, they are,

  • light weight
  • long service life
  • small volume
  • wide ranges of colors
  • and have elegant appearances.

Here are 5 more advantages of these keypads

  1. These keypads are extra smooth and their surface is totally seal. they are easy to clean. As manufacturers know that mechanical switches and keypads attract almost all kinds of dirt, while

Microwave oven membrane keypad is an ideal choice of manufacturers.

  1. They are extra durable and long lasting. keypads are waterproof. These keypads are extra hygiene and hence are best for medical devices.
  2. These keypads are easy to protect against harmful ultraviolet radiation. Because these harmful radiations can damage our electronic appliances.
  3. Several companies favor to make use of these keypads because they provide a huge variety of several different backlights. They also include fiber optic and light-emitting diode (LED). Companies also prefer to use them because they do not produce any extra noise.
  4. These keypads are easy to construct according to all the needs of customers.


What are some drawbacks to use a microwave oven membrane keypad?

Although microwave oven membrane keypad has many advantages but it also has some drawbacks.

It has lack of tactile feedback. So, it is not sure that all time you press the correct button. Hence, in order to avoid this drawback, the engineers make use of dome-type membrane keys.

Furthermore, it helps to imitate the tactile feedback.


As we have already described that these types of membrane keypads are best in many ways. They provide several advantages in all industrial manufacturing as well as in home appliances. Although these keypads have some drawbacks but they are extremely useful for its extra beneficial advantages.

Furthermore, microwave oven membrane keypad is a smart choice of all industrials.

LGF Membrane Switch: The Best Technology for Backlit Membrane

A Detailed and In-depth Guide on LGF Membrane Switch

LGF Membrane Switch manufacturers in china

As we see the technology evolve, consumers across industries are looking for thinner and advanced lighting solutions. They want the backlighting membrane without all the additional hassle. Engineers are working hard to come up with solutions that are as effective as the LGF membrane switch.

After the visible shift towards the Human Machine Interface designs incorporating backlighting systems require sophisticated and advanced lighting techniques. Engineers are trying to design technologies that could fill the purpose without compromising on quality and are cost-effective.

At the moment, the best option we have when it comes to backlighting membrane switches is the LGF. It is the perfect solution for uniform lighting, backlight areas, nearness to backlit areas, multiple colors, and low profile.

In this blog post, we will be focusing on the LFG technology and along with other custom membrane switch backlighting options.

LGF Membrane Switch: The LGF Technology

LGF stands for Light Guide Film that is responsible for directing light generated via right-angle LEDs or side-firing across areas where you need the backlit. It is basically a thin film backlighting technology that industries across the world have been using for backlit purposes.

The great thing about LGF technology is that it provides consistent backlighting regardless of the area shape. It also offers uniform lighting across multiple areas within the switch. It is possible to use multiple LG films within a certain application in order to offer discrete backlighting to different graphic features.

In order to achieve unique lighting effects, you can use different colored LEDs.  On the overlay, you can associate different lighting colors with different printed graphics.


Working of Light Guide Film Technology

The thickness of the Light Guide Film ranges from 0.005 to 0.020”.  The layer has microdots incorporated in it. These dots are pressed onto areas that are to brighten up once you supply power. This particular area is referred to as the imaged area.

In order to place the side view LEDs in the right location, manufacturers tend to perform cut-outs in the film. The side view LED generates light rays. These rays travel via the film and hit the microdots. When they make contact with microdots, they are refracted upwards towards the overlay surface. Thus, ensures uniformity in the backlighting effect. Something every LGF membrane switch user wants.

Advance Backlighting Solutions for Human-Machine Interaction

Human-Machine interaction design requires sophisticated and smart lighting solutions. Therefore, they greatly depend upon the Light Guide Film technology to yield effective and efficient results. After the LGF membrane switch offers the advanced functionalities required by this type of technology.

It is possible to place this thin layer onto the spaces and the metal domes to ensure uniform backlighting on every part of your product’s overlay. What more is that the layers do not add to the thickness of your product.

The reason being, the layer generally is 0.010 inches or thinner. You can incorporate the LGF layer that is only 0.005” thin. Do remember that the technology is effective when you want to backlight your product using the discrete LEDs as it uses fewer LEDs.

We simply can’t deny that this technology is an excellent choice for all your backlighting options. It requires fewer LEDs, thus resulting in limited power consumption and occupying less space. You would have ample space on the circuit layer to incorporate other components.

Application of Light Guide Film

Being a cost-effective backlit option, LGF membrane switch is fairly common among a number of industries. For instance, it is perfect for designs that need backlit tactile keys. With the LGF membrane switch, you can either light all the keys are the same time or you can brighten them up individually.

This majorly depends upon the requirement of your product. It is possible to backlit big areas using multiple colors. Thus, making this an amazing technology even for status indicators including the sensors and the batteries, etc.

Below are some other applications that are well suited for LGF technology.

  1. Medical Device Panels
  2. Personal Protective Equipment
  3. Keyboards
  4. Aerospace Lighting
  5. LCDs
  6. PRNDLs
  7. Human Machine Interface
  8. Control Consoles
  9. Automotive Light interior
  10. Automotive Light Exterior
  11. Badges
  12. Commercial Vehicle Lighting
  13. Membrane keypads
  14. Membrane Switches

Advantages of LGF Lighting

  1. LGF lights are available in almost any shape. Their versatility and flexibility make them the top choice for backlit switches.
  2. LGF membrane switch is very useful for compact and thin devices.
  3. It ensures minimal to almost no impact on the tactility of the switch buttons of the membrane.
  4. With LGF switch, you can enjoy uniform lighting across one or more areas within a switch.

LGF Membrane Switch suppliers

Backlighting Options: Membrane Switch

LGF membrane switch is not the only type of backlight membrane switches available.  So, we are going to talk about some other membrane switches as well.

Fiber Optic Lighting

Another effective and smart way to ensure smoothly backlit of your product, use the Fiber optic lighting.  It basically uses rectangular fiber-optic cloth. At one end of the cloth, the fibers are bundled together. They pair with an additional light source, it most cases it is the LEDs.

This is an effective method for the uniform distribution of light emitted from LEDs across the entire surface area.

Fiber Optic Lighting Advantages
  1. Fiber optic lighting is extremely durable. They have the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, along with humidity and several other challenging conditions. Therefore, they are highly acceptable in products that would have direct contact with the outside environment.
  2. You will get uniform light across the entire graphical surface of the overlay.
  3. They do not generate electromagnetically and heat interference.
  4. They are extremely power efficient.
  5. Longevity is among is their biggest advantages. The LEDs can last up to 100, 000 hours.


LED or the Light Emitting Diodes are also among the most common choice for backlighting in a number of products. The reason for their popularity is that they are extremely cost-efficient and highly durable.

You would find LEDs on the surface or products that are lit almost all the time. Also, they are the best choice for energy-saving devices. LEDs are seen in indicator lights, along with symbols on membrane switches, icons, and keys. They are also extremely important in the medical industry.

Light Emitting Diodes Advantages
  1. They are highly cost-effective.
  2. They have a long life. In general, an LED can work up last up to 100,000 hours.
  3. LEDs are an extremely reliable source of light
  4. In addition to being inexpensive, they are also low on power consumption.
  5. These lights are available in a number of colors and intensities for you to choose from.

Electroluminescent Lighting

EL lighting is an excellent and reliable source of light. It uses the phosphors to turn the electrical energy into light energy. However, do bear in mind that this type of lighting works well with products that do not require constantly on backlit.

Wondering why? Because it uses phosphors for the lighting purpose. The phosphors decay over the period of time. Therefore, the backlit wouldn’t last if it is used around the globe. In addition, you would need the DC/AC inverter for the light to function.

Electroluminescent Lighting Advantages
  1. You can enjoy a wide range of colors.
  2. Offers evenly balanced backlighting across the switch area
  3. It is universal, so you can incorporate it with most of the switch constructions
  4. For applications that do not require the constant activation of backlighting, electroluminescent is durable.


Take Away

When it comes to choosing the right kind backlight technology, there is no better than the LGF membrane. All you have to do is provide us with your lighting configurations and requirements and we will do the rest. Our experienced and highly skilled team of engineers would craft the best possible solution for you.

Our designs are not only reliable, but they are also aesthetically pleasing in terms of the user interface. What more is that our products have the ability to exceed IP 67 rating. So, contact us today and allow us to help you in the best possible way.

The membrane switch backlighting design for the difference Human Interface Device

The electric industrial revolution begins from around the end of the 19th century. The human interface device is born at the right moment. The original human interface device design request is very simple. They need the goods can be goof for manufacture and the function can be stabilized. Even though the goods are very cumbersome and un-humanization. The membrane Human Interface Device is begun from around the middle of the 20th century. NASA looking for the very thinner and stabilize Human Interface Device. Then make the research and develop such a new device.

With over 170 years of development, the original device now develops very well. Such as very beautiful, very small and light, very humanization, and very easy to use. The current device not only allows the user to get the special tactile feeling but also gives the user a very beautiful appearance. Here I would like to talk about the backlighting design of the different human interface device which used very often around our life.

The backlighting design of the membrane switches

With the standard membrane switches, there may contain the difference tactile metal domes design, contain the indication LEDs design, but such membrane switch without the backlighting design upon the keys. For catching the backlighting problems, we add the Light Guide Film under the text & patterns where need to be light up, we also need to solve the lighting homo problems, solve the keys tactile feeling problems, solve the lighting spread to each other’s and outline problems, solve the series production problems. To improve to get a better result, we make many tests with different techniques and raw material.

Now, we know the technology very well, and the LGF membrane switch still keeps the very thinner thickness and beautiful appearance design, they like the standard membrane switch, just with the side SMT LEDs as the backlighting design.


The other backlighting design is EL-Panel

The Electro Luminescence short for “EL”, the EL-Panel can be as the backlighting design. Actually, some of the membrane switches also can use the EL-Panel as the backlighting (Not the SMT side LEDs as the backlighting).

But there have some points that design use the EL-Panel as the backlighting.

1. There needs a very high power than can lighting the EL-Panel(Also need to design the extra actuator on the end control machine).

The EL-Panel need the at least 50Voltage power can be work, the SMT side LEDs only need 2V power can be work.

2. The life-time of the EL-Panel is around 5000~10000 hours, the SMT side LED’s life-time is around 50000~100000 hours, the SMT LEDs have the much longer life-time.

3. The EL-panel is can be designed very clear around the outline size, as the EL-Panel lighting is from the “self-luminous”, the lighting can be an easy design to be very homo, and the lighting not easy to spread to the outline size, there no need to design the extra lighting-barrier.


The backlighting design for the phones or other’s graphic overlays

The switch can be without the tactile feeling keys, and there can be design the touch feeling keys. Such as a cellphone. They use the capacitive sensing circuits design. Such backlighting design also with the SMT side LEDs and add the LGF plate that helps the lighting diffuse homo. Such technology also used very often at the advertising board. (Though the LGF technology for the advertising board not very high technology).


The backlighting design for the micro-switch

The backlighting design for the micro-switch is much easier because there no need for the LGF plate design. But such design required very much space with the keys. It’s hard to design the backlighting with the very thinner. And also, there needs to design extra transparent plastic pads to help the lighting diffuse and improve keys tactile feeling. There allow design the keys with more space (More thickness) will help the lighting more homo. The tooling cost is very complex and also cost very higher.

For more information, please contact us.

The classify of the membrane products

The membrane products here I mean for the plastic raw material, not for biology.

The plastic membrane products used as the machine interface, such membrane can be as the ornament, and can be as the protection, and can be as the indication, and can be as the controller. In a simple word, the plastic membrane products can be seen very often around our daily life, we will contact the plastic membrane products every day.

Generally speaking, the membrane products contain the below group by its construction

1. Membrane switch, membrane keypad, membrane keyboard, membrane button, Touch switch, Foil switch


2. Membrane overlay, Graphic overlay, Touch panel, Control panel, Labels, Name-plate, Foil overlay


3. Membrane circuit, Flexible circuit, Touch circuit, FFC circuit, FPC circuit, Polyester circuit, Foil circuit


4. Dome array, Metal dome array


5. Membrane spacer, Insulation spacer, Insulation foil

There are contain the below groups by its appearance and function

1. Membrane dome membrane switch, Poly-dome membrane switch, flat membrane switch, gloss membrane switch, matte membrane switch, PU Dome membrane switch, rim-embossing membrane switch


2. Backlighting membrane switch, LGF membrane switch, With indication LEDs membrane switch, standard membrane switch, sensors membrane switch

3. Crimp membrane switch, membrane switch with housing, membrane switch with connector, female pins membrane switch, male pins membrane switch, zif membrane switch


There contain the below group by its industries applying

  • Manufacturing industry.
  • Appliance industry.
  • Medical industry.
  • Automobile industry.
  • Sports apparatus industry.
  • Aerospace.
  • Agriculture.
  • Construction industry.

Actually, the plastic membrane products are used worldwide, and they also have many different names with the difference langue.

Our Company

Our Foundation Industries does not have a very long history, but we also are one of the lead companies in the business. Currently, we have over 13years of experience in the business, and we always do the plastic membrane products. We don’t produce the plastic membrane raw material but produce the membrane switches and it’s relative goods. And We have many experiences in doing the membrane products, the engineers and the main leader at each production department mostly work over 10 years at the company (Before coming to our company, all work at other’s membrane company). We always supply high-quality goods, more than 95% percent of our goods are shipping to foreign and H.K.

Our is not a very big company like the other’s business, but I am sure we are a big company in the membrane switch business. Actually, there are many small tiny workshops that do the membrane switches, they produce the standard membrane switches and can’t be always very stabilizer for a long time. They can’t give good support if there have problems with their goods, or can’t give good support with designing the new products, also can’t give good support that good protection with the toolings and required quality controls. Our Foundation Industries is the ISO9001 certificate company, from the original customer request, then the products design, then the prototype making, then the series production and the re-series production, we always have a good standard, the good tracker and the record, that allow us always give the best support to our customers.

For more information, please contact us.

How to Coat your Custom Silicone Keypads to Perfection? 

A Complete Guideline to Coating for Custom Silicone Keypads

Despite the many advantages of custom silicone keypads, they are prone to dust. Their high level of dust absorbing ability makes it a must for vital to have a protective coating on top. Moreover, the texture or the character design of the silicone keypad requires coating.

After all, these keypads are used for a range of application in numerous industries across the globe. Thanks to the increase in human-machine interaction, you would need more and more of these keypads. After all, they serve as a medium for the human to communicate with the machine.

So, their quality needs to be of top-notch quality, especially if you want the machine to perform well and the user to provide positive feedback for your product. For these reasons, robustness and quality of the keypads are among the top priority for any manufacturer. Their extensive use in both the industrial as well as consumer electronic products results in variety as well as durability.

These effective, yet cost-efficient solutions are part of hundreds of applications. They also come with the facility of withstanding harsh outdoor conditions, provided, you have the right coating. In this blog post, we are going to talk about different coating options to extend the life of the keypad.

After all, applications that are constantly exposed to hard environments would take a troll on the keypad without proper protection.

Different Coating Options for Custom Silicone Keypads

See the options below for coating.

Custom Silicone Keypads in china

Polyurethane Coating

The first in our list is the Polyurethane coating. It is a smooth, clear spray coating and is used on applications that are highly used. It is also abrasion-resistant. The common abrasion-resistant coating offers great results, especially when applied on a rubber keypad.

All industries use this amazing spray coating as it enhances the keypad image as well as make it robust. It increases the lifespan of the keypad, despite its extensive use. The reason it increases robustness is that it offers superior resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and chemical exposure.

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your product, we would recommend the polyurethane coating for your keypad. Additionally, it comes with the facility of adding more to the life of the artwork printed onto the keypad.

It can actually increase the lifespan of the keypad 4 times more, in comparison to the non-coated keypads. This result was generated by the Norman Abrasion testing.

Clear Matte Oil Coating

The clear matte oil coating is basically applying a matte oil onto the keypad surface. This type of coating has similar characteristics to that of the Polyurethane coating. So, when the manufacturer sprays the mate oil coating onto the silicone keypad, it gives it a matte finish.

The touch of the surface also becomes smoother. It is extremely inexpensive. The low-end appliances tend to use this type of coating.

Epoxy Key Top Coating for Custom Silicone Keypads

The Epoxy key top coating is exclusive for the silicone rubber keytops. It is an excellent clear protective coating. The coating is perfect to give a glossy appearance. What more is that manufacturers use it to give the keypad a hard-plastic type feel.

Epoxy coating yields outstanding results. It may cost a bit extra, however, it would offer 12 times more longevity in comparison to a non-coated custom silicone keypad.

This again is subjected to the Norman Abrasion Testing. The epoxy coating works well for keypads that will be receiving a higher number of daily actuations. They work well for industrial applications where you would use abrasive gloves to operate the keypad.

Plastic Keyboard Protector

You can use injection molding with a variety of materials such as the TPU, PC, and ABS to offer an additional layer of protection to the custom silicone keypads. You can even enjoy laser etching as well as screen printing on top of the plastic keyboard’s surface.

Nonetheless, you would have to ensure that these plastic button caps are equipped with either electronic membrane or the silicone rubber membrane. Doing this would help you achieve functional function. Something, which is imperative in a keypad.

Parylen Coating

Another way to improve the longevity of the artwork present on top of the silicone keypad is to coat it using Parylene. This basically is a vacuum deposited coating. It has the ability to increase the life of keypad ten times more when compared to the non-coated keypad.

The manufacturers apply this coating in the form of a gas. Due to this process, it is possible for the parylen polymers coating to penetrate into tight areas as well as the small crevices. Thus, ensuring the uniformity of the coating on different surfaces.

One concern with this type of coating is that there is a need for specialized equipment for the process. Therefore, it would be expensive in comparison to some of the other abrasion resistant coatings.

Metal Caps for Custom Silicone Keypads

You can use a number of materials including copper or aluminum for the metal cover keyboard. To mold these covers, you would be using either the CNC processing or the die-cutting process. Since they offer high-level protection as well as uses the latest technology, therefore, the cost would be high.

These are perhaps the most expensive coating available.

Engraved Key Top Legends

We understand that sometimes, you want more than the coating. You are looking for an alternative that would offer the same results but would look way better. In that is the case, we suggest using the engrave keytop legends technique for your custom silicone keypads.

It is the perfect alternative to coating. What really happens is that the legends are directly engraved into the silicone rubber top. Thus, ensuring the longevity of these characters. Therefore, it is an excellent solution for high use applications.

After all, the legends will not wear off despite being used frequently. Although, it offers longevity, but it does come with some demerits. For example, these keypads are prone to dust. There is a probability that the dust would be trapped in the keypad.

This would have an adverse effect on the lifespan of the keypad. Also, to change the legends, you would have to be extra. It would be a costly modification.

Custom Silicone Keypads Coating Advantages

All these coatings offer a number of benefits. Below, we have listed the common ones.

They add to the aesthetic sense of the keypad. You can give glossy finish or a matte look. In addition, it is possible to give the keypad a hard-plastic feel. The ability to add to the look of the keypad makes it extremely effective especially in workplaces.

The coating provides great protection against different weather conditions. Of course, some coating work well with moist whereas others against UV ray. Have a clear understanding of the environment in which the keypad needs to be operated. Then, finalize the coating type.

One of the major benefits of coating is that it makes the keypad resistant to moisture and dust. The lack of dust accumulation in the keyboard enhances its overall life span. Thus, making the keypads work well even in outdoor conditions.

The engraved keytop legend technique is an excellent way to improve the overall look of the keypad. After all, you are not coating the legends. On the contrary, they are being engraved into the silicone pads. Thus, offering more and ever longevity.

Custom Silicone Keypads

Take Away

To improve the ruggedness and the longevity of the custom silicone keypads, you would have to use an appropriate abrasion-resistant coating. The good news is that the coatings are available in different types. You can choose the one that would suit your product requirement.

Each coating comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. So, in case, you need to choose with care. In case, you are seeking more information, you have come to the right place. We being on top of the game, would provide you with accurate information efficiently.

Reach out to us today, and let us guide you in the best possible way to choosing a top-notch coating for your silicone keypads.


The Ultimate Buying Guide for Custom Membrane Keyboard

Custom Membrane Keyboard and Switching Buying Guide For UI

When designing a user interface, decision design engineers come across multiple challenges. Choosing, the custom membrane keyboard or switch on top. They also need to figure out the right kind of switching technology.

Of course, they can go with standard membrane keypad. However, sometimes it is the need for the application to have a custom membrane keypad. Thus, they would have to go with customization. Using the correct membrane switch is imperative. After all, it plays the middle man for the machine and the end-user.

It lets the end-user send out signals to the machine, thus allowing the machine to fulfill the requested command. Due to this reason, it is an imperative aspect of the product design process. You should not take the selection of membrane switch lightly.

In addition to analysing a number of variables, it would also define how the machine responds to the users. Something, the consumers pay extra heed to. So, for your convenience, we have come up with this blog post.

This is a guide about buying the correct membrane keyboard, switch, or keypad for your applications.

A Guide to Buying Custom Membrane Keyboard

Usability.gov says that the user interfaces greatly focuses on what the user might want the machine to do. It actually anticipates the user input. In addition, it ensures that the UI has the capability along with all the required elements that would make it easy for users to access.

Furthermore, the objective of a well-designed UI is to offer flexibility, understandability, and ease of use to the users. It also needs to allow users to facilitate all these actions in an effective manner. In other others, UI would bring together concepts from visual design, interaction design, and information architecture.

Since it is a vital component of digital and product design, there is actually a growing body of searched that solely focuses on the design principles of the User Interface for a number of applications.  Before you finalize an optimal switching technology, you should consider a number of factors.

All these factors would contribute towards the ultimate durability, functionality, and usability of the end product. You need to consider things about design constraints, packaging cost, packing constraints, user experience, user feedback, etc.

Moreover, you also need to consider the environmental factors, after all, they do play some role due to the evolvement of machine design. To simplify things for you, we will be grouping the switching technology into two main groups, first the traditional technologies and second the specialty technologies.

Custom Membrane Keyboard

Traditional Switching Technologies for Custom Membrane Keyboard

Below, we have listed some common traditional switching technologies

  • Rubber Keypads
  • Copper Flex Membrane Switch
  • PCB Membrane Switches
  • Sliver Flex Membrane Switches

Specialty Switching Technology

  • Capacitive Touch Membrane Switch
  • Touch Screens
  • Peizoelectric Membrane Switches
  • SimTouch, SimSlide, and SimScroll Membrane Switches


Considering the Traditional Switching Technologies

Although, both technologies offer a number of benefits. However, our major focus would be on the traditional switching technologies for the custom membrane keyboards. Overall, with membrane switches, it is possible for the manufacturers to design an array of designs.

They can offer customized, appropriate and targeted interfaces for the consumers. These designs have the ability to seamlessly bridge the gap between the end-user and the machine functionality. A traditional or typical membrane switch consists of a number of layers as well as components.

Below, we have listed them from bottom to top.

  • Rigid Support Layer
  • Rear Adhesive Layer
  • Lower Circuit Layer
  • Circuit Spacer
  • Top Circuit Layer
  • Overlay Adhesive
  • Graphic Overlay

For the overall appearance of the end product, it is important to focus on the graphic overlay. After all, it acts as the visual representation of the product’s control panel. Also, you have the option of choosing a custom membrane keyboard.

There is an array of design options for you to choose from. Select the one that would fulfill all your application requirements. Here are some of these options.

  • Elastomer Rubber Keypads
  • Panel Interconnections
  • Circuit Encoding
  • Backlighting
  • Relegendable Overlays
  • Embossing
  • Filter Windows
  • Hard Coat Finishes

These are some of the most common merits that different traditional membrane switch technologies offer to a number of applications. So, let’s talk about different traditional membrane technologies in detail.

Sliver Flex Membrane

Silver Flex membrane uses carbon conductive inks along with screen-printed silver on flexible polyester layers. These layers are separated using an adhesive spacer. In addition to being the most common design for the custom as well as flexible membrane keypads, it is also cost-effective.

Affordability is among its major attractions especially when you compare them with expensive, bulkier electromechanical switch assemblies. This simple, yet space-saving design adds more to their appeal.

Environment Friendly

What more is that they are environment friendly. So, the screen-printing process of conductive silver inks onto the flexible film substrate causes less damage to the environment in comparison to the chemically etched copper.

This along with the wide variety of designs often makes them the top choice for designers. Some of the design options include:

  • Standard Connectors on .110 inches centers.
  • RFI Shielding
  • EMI Shielding
  • Rigid backers including FR4 or Aluminum
  • Electroluminescent backlighting (EL)
  • Embedded LEDs
  • Non-tactile or tactile with either polyester or metal tactile domes

Furthermore, the Silver Flex membrane incorporate the graphic overlay. This further adds a number of design possibilities

  • UV Hard-coat Surface Finishes
  • Selection Textures
  • Transparent Display Windows
  • Tinted Display Windows
  • Rim Embossing
  • Pillow Embossing
  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Combination of Screen and Digital Printing

Below are the layers of a sliver Flex membrane Switch Design

Graphic Overlay

For graphic overlay manufacturers usually choose the polyester. They use this material instead of the polycarbonate due to its enhanced chemical resistance along with the flex life. You can get the right texture, finishes, or colors by using a number of printing options.

For instance, you can use screen printing or digital printing. For more enhanced results, try combining both printing techniques for your membrane switch designs.

Overlay Adhesive

To bound the top circuit layer to the graphic overlay, overlay adhesive comes into action. Generally, this is an acrylic adhesive. The manufacturer uses this because of its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions and offer durability.

The acrylic overlay work well with different environments including the moist environments.

Top Circuit Layer

The layer comes with incorporating the poly domes along with encapsulating the metal domes. These domes are required to achieve tactile feedback. The layer usually is between .005 to .007 inches. In addition to being heat stabilized, it comes with a polyester printed layer.

The layer has is filled with dielectric inks, electrically conductive inks, and a silver filling.

Circuit Spacer

To separate the bottom circuit layer from the top circuit layer, the circuit spacer comes into action. Thus, allowing the switch to stay open until there is a press on the keypad. The space has adhesive on both sides and is usually of polyester.

Lower Circuit Layer

The layer usually is between .005 to .007 inches. In addition to being heat stabilized, it comes with a polyester printed layer.

The layer has is filled with dielectric inks, electrically conductive inks, and a silver filling. Furthermore, the Lower Circuit layer acts as a flexible tail serving as interconnecting to other electronics and controllers PCBs.

Rear Adhesive Layer for Custom Membrane Keyboard

The purpose of the rear adhesive layer is to bound the entire membrane switch package of the product enclosure. It would bound it to the rigid support panel. There are different adhesive types and thicknesses. You need to choose the one that would be according to your equipment requirements.

Custom Membrane Keyboard in china

Rigid Support Layer

This is an optimal layer. You can use it to add structural integrity to your custom membrane keyboard. Furthermore, you can use a number of materials including FR-4, Aluminum, etc. You can also add mounting hardware such as the standoffs and the studs. Thus, increasing the robustness of the keypad.

So, you can reach out to us for your membrane keypads and we will provide you the best services.

Know Everything about Touch Keypad Membrane Switches

Touch Keypad Membrane Switches: Introduction and Usage

Mechanical engineers now use electrical switches to create an open or close electrical current. The current is generated through user controls. The technical advancement has led to a wide variety of switches. However, in recent times, touch keypad membrane switches have become extremely popular.

They have become an important part of any and all electronics that offer machines and human interactions. Since they now are everywhere, therefore, it is important to have a basic understanding of these switches and how to use them.

In this blog post, we will provide you with all the required information. Thus, enlighten you, if you are new in the market. So, without any further delay, let us get started.

Touch Keypad Membrane

Touch Keypad Membrane Switches: All That You Need to Know

When users, press their fingers onto the switch, a switch deformation takes place. This deformation results in the creation of a closed circuit. Once, the user releases a finger, the circuit is open again.

Although it is a simple process, it has the ability to power a number of devices such as smart remote controls, laptops, lamps, and several other smart appliances.

As we did mention above that there is a wide range of switches available, serving different purposes. However, in this case, we would be majorly focusing on the membrane keypad touch switches. The two major categories include the membrane switches and the touch switches.

Both these switches do have the basic same working functionalities; however, they are unique in their own way. The type of switch you use greatly depends upon your equipment and product requirements.

We hardly use a touch switch to power a lamp, however, we might incorporate that in a more sophisticated and smarter appliance such as a microwave. So, here it goes.

Membrane Switch Overview

Although, we have a separate blogpost on a membrane switch, nonetheless, we are going to touch the topic lightly here. Thus, ensuring that you get the gest of what we do the comparison. For more detail, check out our membrane switch article.

Membrane switch is a special type of electrical switch. You will find incorporated in a number of devices. It contains one or more so contacts. Manufacturers use a flexible substrate for the creation of these contacts.

In general, a membrane switch consists of 5 layers. Graphic interface layer on the top then comes the Printed Circuit layer. The logos and the buttons are printed onto the top layer.

The circuit layer is responsible for a number of functionalities. To create this layer, the manufacturer uses conductive material such as the ITO or the PET. Membrane switches are popular due to their flexibility.

Thus, making them the perfect choice for small devices. In addition, you can find a number of backlighting options with membrane switches. For instance, the electroluminescent, the light-emitting diode, or the optical fiber.

Touch Keypad Membrane Switch Overview

The touch switch offers the same functionality as the basic switch as well as all other switches. It means it would create an open and close electrical circuit. Although, it is doing the same thing, but it differs in the way it creates an open and close circuit.

The touch switch supports touch-based control. The membrane touch switches have a momentary action. The reason being, they need the condition of normal to operate. For instance, they normally open, then they push to close and finally they have an immediate opening.

In simpler words, we can say that you would have to press the switch using either a finger or an actuator. Thus, ensuring that the two poles of the switch make contact for it to close the circuit. Once you release the membrane touch switch, the switch returns back to its original condition.

However, before it goes back to its original open positions, the poles are separated.


To manufacture these touch keypad membrane switches, the manufacturers use a number of techniques. The common is the printing of either carbon or silver ink into a heat-stabilized polyester film.

After then, comes the graphic interface, also the first layer of the switch. The make the graphic layer, you apply an overlay. The reason these top substrates are referred to as the graphic overlay films of membranes is that they are extremely pliable and tin material.


When it comes to the usage of membrane touch switches, the options are endless. A number of industries use them for a wide range of products and applications. You can find them in aerospace, medical industries.

Moreover, they have extremely popular in consumer markets. They are common among industrial control systems as well. After all, they offer ease of use and effective results. You can even find them in touch-sensitive touch, high-end computer keyboards, and phones.

Their uses are endless. It is not possible to list all of them here. After all, these switches are becoming the norm of the industry especially due to their ability to enhance the aesthetics of the human-machine interface.

They make it convenient for users to interact with machines seamlessly. The advantages are endless.

Membrane Touch Switches: Construction

Now that you are aware of its advantages as well as the application. Let us look at its basic construction.

Note: Although, the interface of every touch screen might be different. However, the basic construction is the same.

The membrane touch switch consists of the following parts.

  • User Interface or the Graphic Overlay
  • Graphic Adhesive
  • The Printed Circuity – Top
  • Spacer Adhesive
  • Printed Circuitry – Bottom
  • Backer adhesive
  • Rigid Support Layer

Key Features of Touch Keypad Membrane Switches

For the manufacturing of membrane touch switches, a number of materials come into action. Although the manufacturing process is the same, however, different materials lead to different features of the switch.

For example, if you want the switch to offer durability as well as high-temperature resistant properties, manufacturers recommend using the polyester film for the construction of the switch. Likewise, for all the benefits of polyester material as well as some additional advantages, use the hard-coated polyester film.

After all, these hard-coated films are explicitly designed for the graphics overlay film of the switches. Below, we are the common features that all most all membrane touch switches offer.

  • High reliability
  • Fast curing
  • Strong adhesion
  • Carbon Conductors
  • Silver Conductors
  • Flexibility
  • High Conductivity

Types of Membrane Touch Switches

Here are the basic types of membrane touch switches.


First, we have the capacitance touch membrane switch. Similar to the capacitive smartphones, the switches identify the touch via the capacitance body. They are able to open on close the switch via the body. To operate the switch requires just one electrode.

You will find them behind non-conductive panels. For instance, plastic or glass panels.


Resistance touch membrane switches feature two electrodes instead of one. For the switch to perform, both these electrodes need to be in contact with any electrically conductive material or a finger. When you touch the switch, it creates an open and closed state.

In comparison to the capacitance switches, resistance switches have a simpler design.


Piezo is the least common type of touch keypad membrane switch. The switches incorporate the piezo-ceramic bending properties, and they perform in accord with these properties. They have the ability to work with a wide variety of materials.

Manufacturers build them behind surfaces and panels. The great thing about these switches is they have the capacity to be used as an actuator.

Touch Keypad Membrane in china

Tactile touch membrane switches

This type of switch reacts once the user makes contact with it. The reason being, the switch comes in contact with the underlying control panel. The user using this switch would feel the snap action of it. They are often seen in laptop keyboards etc.

Non-Tactile Touch Switch

Non-tactile switches, on the other hand, offer durability. They have a stronger build. The reason they offer durability is that they are completely sealed. Thus, there is no dust accumulation.

Silicone Rubber keypad – Why it is Important

Everything you need to Know about Silicon Rubber Keypad

In this Article, we will take you through brief detail about Silicone rubber keypad its features, benefits, why it is good for business purposes; you will get to know everything about it.

Before getting into brief discussion first we are going to introduce its main definition of Silicone rubber keypad then we will talk about its features, benefits.

Silicon Rubber Keypad Overview

Silicone rubber keypad

Silicone rubber keypad second name is elastomeric keypad, it is also a type of keypad, it is designed by using a webbing material which is composed of silicon material, for instance Silicone rubber always webbing around a switch.

After pressing a key, rubber deforms itself because of having elastic properties as a result key touches the top of PCB. In simple words we will says that this keypad has a user interface design which plays an important role in creating connection  b/w user and the device, in short it helps in the functionality of product.

Silicone rubber keypads have widely been used among business owners and mechanical engineers. There are many keypads available in the market which features plastic, but silicon rubber keypad comes up with its own benefits.

They have been around since decades, their mostly usage has been seen in the countless industries like health care, retail, aero scope and business.

But if you are not familiar to it then first you have to know that how they work and why they are so popular.

Construction of Silicone Rubber Keypad

There are many keypads which has been designed differently, but 90% construction is same.

There is a switch button on the top of keypad and there is a conductive material at the bottom of rubber, mostly manufacturer uses the material like carbon or gold.

There is a pocket of air or inert gas under this material (carbon or gold) so when a person press the pad with its finger the material deforms and creates a direct contact with switch.

This pads also has compression molding properties that is why it can easily provide a tactile feedback.

Why to use Silicone Rubber Keypad

Because of soft quality and flexibility they are widely been used, if we compare silicone rubber keypad with other keypads than we can see a major difference b/w them, other keypads are very hard and difficult to use but silicone one is very rubbery and soft.

Their quality is really worth mentioning that these pads can easily tolerate harsh outdoor temperature and environment but other pads cannot tolerate hard environment.

Their another good thing is that they not only tolerate high temperature but if the temperature is too cold it will still keep itself perfect without losing its originality.

In short we can say that it is a perfect choice for factories where heat is everywhere.

As we can see that lot of research comes up with a studies that tactile feedback is the reason of typing accuracy so for typist and office workers silicon plays an important role in the typing accuracy.

Silicone and plastic are the materials that commonly been used for manufacturing keypads but silicon is a perfect choice for soft textures, this is the reason keypad-FD gives first preference to silicon pads in order to satisfy customer needs.

Is Silicon Rubber Keypad is a perfect choice for Business?

First of all we really want to thanks to the silicon rubber webbing material, just because of it, keypads creates naturally tactile feedback.

It is good for business purposes because it can easily bear harsh and moisture environment, so if you travel a lot for business purpose then it can be your good companion and can help you a lot in business matters.

It will not lose its originality even after a heavy usage. If you are using plastic keypads in your long business trips because of seasonal changes your keypad can destroy your time, meetings etc. We have tested and have found that ingress of moisture easily damages the keypad circuit.

But when we tested silicon then we got to see that it shows itself waterproof, moisture free, dust & dirt free material.

Another good thing about it is that you can easily eat your lunch or dinner on the same desk where your keypad is placed without any cleaning fear because it comes up with a surface which can easily be cleaned.

The last and the most amazing benefit of utilizing silicon rubber keypad for business purposes is that it comes up with lot of backlighting option which includes electroluminescent (EL), light-emitting diode (LED).

You will not believe but yes it even includes a laser engraving though it’s not a backlighting option but it works in conjunction with a backlight to help in illuminating the legends.

Advantages of utilizing a Silicone-Rubber Keypads

Are you having a difficulty in deciding a right kind of keypad? If yes then go through the below content we are listing below a few good advantages of it that will help you a lot in choosing. Silicon is one of the most popular and good choice because of its advantages.

Waterproof and Dustproof

Yes they are naturally water proof and dust proof, silicon membrane is really ultra-durable and keeps the keypad safe from intrusion of moisture, dust, and micro-particles. Just because of this feature device remains safe from lot of damages. This feature is the reason of their popularity in factories and medical equipment’s.


As we all knows that reliability is first thing that customers look for, it is one of the key selling point which choosing keypads.

If keypad material is tough and hard then customer will not be happy at all. If it is not designed in a correct and organized manner then it will not serve its intended role. But this is not the case with silicone rubber keypad they are extra ordinary in providing 100% comfort and reliability. Silicone rubber keypad composed of smooth keys which give comfort to fingers and even after a long usage or a heavy work it will still calm your fingers. If you test it yourself then you will also see that this keypad is more comfortable than the plastic one.


Yes! It is 100% true that they are really less cost effective as compared to other keypads in the market. Their prices are very less, so we can say that they are available at favorable prices.

If you are those who is looking for keypads which is not only good, comfortable, environment friendly and cost effective than buy only silicon rubber keypad. It is one of the best choices in reasonable prices.

These keypads are also good for manufacturer when they are designing large scale applications, they can easily integrate this affordable keypad with that application. It will not only increase the product efficiency but will be less cost effective for manufacturer.

Supports HMIs With or Without Back Lighting

It’s another worth mentioning advantage is that it has a capability to support HMI’s. There are some HMI’s which use backlight for illuminating the interface. But it is not necessary if the keypad uses backlighting or not the, keypad will continue to perform its function.

Why to buy Silicon Rubber Keypad only from Keypad-FD?

Yes! for buying silicone rubber keypad, keypad-FD must be your first choice, because we not only provide keypad but you can avail benefits of enhanced options like epoxy encapsulation, multi-hardness materials, hard key feeling, laser-etched graphics, and your choice of finishes, including high-gloss.

By these enhancing options your keypad will have a new dynamics to keypads which plays an important role in increasing not only aesthetics but functionality also.

So place your order any time to keypad-FD, we have industry leading engineers, designs and manufacturing group that has been serving our company with their expertise since decades.

We are the top rated and most popular company right now we do our best in providing most complex and innovative human machine interface devices in the world.

has become the most capable global supplier of printing services include printed electronics, flexible printed circuits, instrument dials, Indicator faceplates, multicolor panels, tactile switch, capacitive touch keypads, silicone rubber keypad, touch screens, functional die cuts, backlighting, film insert molding and related custom components and products as well as the leading innovative solutions provider for custom applications.

Our company always comes up with appealing and attractive look products, you can order any color, size of product.

Our prices are very moderate and products are moisture proof, dust proof and anti-corrosion and erosion of harmful gases proof. So what else a customer wants for?

Want to place your order? Simply visit our contact us page and give us a free instant quote, one our team member from customer service will reach out to you and will guide you through our products.