Membrane keypad Manufacturer –Why to choose it

Reasons to Choose Membrane Keypad

In this Article, we will walk you through detail about Membrane keypad, but first we are going to put some shed to the main definition of membrane keypad so that you can know exactly what membrane keypad is? This article also covers the topic that why membrane keypad is good for business use.

Membrane Keypad Overview

Membrane keypad is composed of sets of multiple keys within a panel. Panel is flat and its thickness is less than 1mm.

As we can see keypads are used in variety of applications like desktop computers, calculators etc.

Its wide usage has been seen in heavy machinery and industrial equipment.  In simple words, we can say that keypad is used to control the device, because of keypad person can communicate with device.

In market, variety of keypads is available but the most preferable and popular one is a membrane keypad because of its reliability, durability, longevity etc.

Let’s read with us to know exactly what membrane keypad is?

membrane keypads

Membrane keypad actually features variety of keys on single platform without separate moving parts. Normally keypads are composed of individual keys each key has a separate moving parts.

But with membrane keypad, case is completely different, membrane keypads are composed of pressure pads on which the keys and symbols are printed.

Techniques used to designed membrane keypads are simple and straightforward, on the bottom keys are composed of conductive metal, so after pressing it opens up the circuit.

Since 1980’s manufacturers are utilizing it widely in computers and electronic devices, but now touch screens and capacitive switches gradually taking its position, but their usage is still high.

Why Manufacturer prefer Membrane Keypads than using Advance technology like Capacitive Switch?

Membrane keypads are very easy to manufacture and can be designed at a very less price, in short we can say that it is one of the option for budget-conscious consumers.

Its reliability and durability is the main reason of choosing it. It has the ability to repel dirt, dust, moisture and debris, it is perfect to use in kind of environment either it’s indoor or outdoor, try it anywhere. Although there are few points from where dust can get into the keypad because keys are not separate moving parts, but this does not matters a lot when one can avail lot of benefits. After going through all its features we can say that membrane keypad is one of the greatest option for outdoor products, either its rain or dust outside it will withstand itself and performs its function without having a single damage. 90% of people still want to try membrane keypads rather than capacitive switch because of breakage fear, yes the capacitive switch always works with a glass, after touching finger one can operate it, though it is very advance and modern technology and gives a very appealing and attractive look but still there are more chances of its glass breakage, touchscreen can be break just with a single fallen. Mostly parents provide only membrane keypads rather than touch screen devices in order to reduce the chance of breakage.

Here in Keypad-FD we take pride to provide you with 100% reliable working product with advance tech and different designs. It would be better if two keypads comes up with unique design, doing this will not only increase product sale but will also appeal the common user.

Few disadvantages associated with Membrane Keypads

As we all knows that every product comes up with few benefits and flaws so here we are putting some shed to the flaws of membrane keyword.

If we compare it with mechanical keypad then we can see a major difference b/w both of them that it has no tactile feedback which can affect your typing speed, this keypad is not good for those who used the laptops keypads heavily.

It is also not good for typist, it will affect their typing speed and it creates a high button noise while typing but the noise is bearable and don’t disturb the person.

Now days, as technology is advance so manufacturer is designing membrane keypads with small tactile feedback, for example small vibration. Though the vibration is small but it is enough to provide tactile feedback, it plays an important role in accuracy and user satisfaction. Its flaws are in minority that is why it is still popular and widely used.

Why Membrane Keypad is perfect for Business Use?

As we all knows that membrane keypads main quality is that they are robust & durable and their 90% usage has been seen in medical equipment’s but now a day business organization utilizing it for variety of products.

Membrane keypads are mostly assembled with membrane switches so these are very innovative electro-chemical assemblies.

They play an important role in controlling machines via UI, so they can easily utilize in industrial machinery as well as aero scope sector.

If you utilize this technology in workspace then you can get a lot of benefits from it. For example its surface is really easy to clean, and comes up with water resistant quality and chemical fire.

It is perfect to use for business purpose because it sends signal to the PC via membrane.  There is lot of standard keypads available in the market but no one can compete membrane keypad.

Good for business because it is easy to clean, available in favorable prices and work very amazingly.

One can easily buy it from the nearest market. It is perfect for office use with multiple cubicles.

Utilizing it will not disturb other employees in the office. If its price is compared with other keyboard then we can see a clear difference, membrane keyword is very cheaper.

We recommend it strongly for those who used to have lunch or dinner on their office desks.

Many business men prefer it because of its compact and small size as compared to mechanical keyboard this is the reason they have long lifespan.

History of the Membrane Keypads

This technology has been developed over 20 years ago. People find it so reliable, simple; economical not only for design but its function is also extra ordinary. Just because of design capability it is still fresh and popular to use in the 21st century.  Its design still gives a appealing and modern look.

Its manufacturing process has been modern now but if we have a look to its basic principles and basic function then we can see that it has not been change which is why it is still more reliable to use.

Keypad-FD offers many services – Why to choose Keypad-FD?

Panel and Overlays

Our team gives 100% dedication in designing panel and overlays and provides better specification, better design and same flexibility than our competitors.

Labels and Dials

You will not find better supplier than Keypad-FD, volume consistency and services are the basic needs and we are here to fulfill all these requirements.

Domed Labels

It is really easy process to try, but it comes up with most amazing results, make sure to put lens over your image.

Quality and Testing

We always come up with great product but before delivering product to customer first our team test and inspect it. We are top rated and well known worldwide company. Our popularity is just because we value our customer needs and we award winning company not only locally but internationally also.

You will find lot of good things in our products but the best part our team is that they monitored and documented the product during every stage of manufacturing. Yes we strive to meet the customer demands.

Keypad-FD not only provides membrane keypads but membrane switches, capacitive switches, membrane overlays and much more products. Our products are known by worldwide because of 100% reliability even in the hostile of operating environment.

Yes! We have experts and engineers who has been serving in our company since decades, we have provided them a vast array of technical specification and equipment’s that helps them to offer  best designing and manufacturing solution to clients.

Keypad-FD is custom designed and manufactured to meet the exact technical and ergonomic requirements for each customer’s specific needs. We gives a full freedom to our customer in choosing variety of designs.

Our team can provide the full solution to any concept from any market or product. Always remember that we only utilize the high quality material and advance technology and methods to fulfill customer demands.

If you are looking for reliable Membrane keypads, Silicone rubber keypads, Membrane switches, Capacitive switches, LGF membrane switches products with industry leading customer services and reasonable prices then keypad-FD is always here to satisfy you.

From low cost prototypes to full production volumes, you can quote us any time, just visit our contact us page one of our team member will respond you soon and will guide you through our products and company scenario.

What are the design structures of membrane switches?

As the engineer who designs and produces the membrane switches for over fifteen years, here I would like to share some information about the construction of the membrane switch design.

The main raw material of the membrane switch is the plastic, like the mostly machines & tools that we use. It’s much different from the metal switch, difference from the computer keypads, the difference from the micro-switch, difference from the traditional rocker switch. The membrane switch has a beautiful appearance, the small volume, the lightweight, the low resistance, the easy produce & custom, the complex control integration, and the long lifetime advantage.


For the standard membrane switch, it builds with 6 layers, sees the below 1~6 layers.


Layer1: This is the front layers of the membrane switches, the users directly see and touch such layers directly. Normally, such layer build with the hard coat Polyester sheets or the hard coat Polycarbonate sheets, the front surface can be printed with the different colors, the difference text, the different patterns, the printing is on the backside of such layers (Means you can’t scratch the printing).

Layer2: The layers are the double-side adhesive, it’s been used to stick the top and the bottom layers together. If there has the keys or the windows on the top layer, such a layer will be designing the cut holes.

Layer3: This is the metal dome retainer layer, for the membrane switch that with the keys design, the metal domes will be used for help to get good keys tactile feelings. The dome retainer layer can help to hold on the metal domes permanent, even though the membrane switch used at the very bump environments.

Layer4: This is the double-side adhesive layer, it’s used for stock the top layer and the bottom layer together.

Layer5: The layer for the circuits design. Normally, it can design the Polyester sheet that printing the silver as the circuits, it can be designed with copper flexible circuits, it can be designed with the PCBs circuits.

Layer6: The layer is usually designed with the double side adhesive, such as the 3M 200MP series, the 3M 300LSE series, the 3M 300VHB series, the adhesive can be a very good stick to the plastic material (Like the ABS, the Acrylic, the Makrolon, the PVC) the metal material (Like the stainless steel, the aluminum plate), the glass material (Like the glass, like the PMMA) and etc., the such adhesive can be work at the temperature at -40℃~80℃.

Layer7: The layer here is the circuits tail connection, it can design the ZIF contacts, design with the male pins connection, design with the female pins connection, also can design with the connect solder pads.

Foundation Industries have many years of experience in design with the membrane switch. We produce over ten thousand different membrane switches for our customers, and each switch is with different designs (Difference shape, difference keys, difference printing or colors, difference function). We are very proud that so many services for many famous companies, such as GE the Siemens, the Bosch, etc., We provide all our customer high-quality products. Also, we are very welcome the more business from anyone.

How to design a smaller and beautiful controller?

Controller design with the smaller volume: How technology and process can help design the controller smaller and beautiful.


Foundation Industries produces more than tens of thousands of switches for the difference controllers, the controllers may be used on many filed. Such as the aerospace, the military, the industrial, the consumer electronics applications, the automotive, etc., Our switches can design to be very thin, very light, and also with very beautiful appearance. Also, our switches are very easy to be been assembly to the plastic enclosure. Below are some points that show the advantages for the membrane switches:

1. Design free

  • Design the shape and thickness per your suggestion, design the dimensions of the outline per your request.
  • Design the text, the patterns, the colors as you like, you also can design the colors per your plastic housing. The printing colors, text, patterns are on the membrane foils bottom, and the colors can keep permanent.
  • Design with the liquid proof very easy, the gasket waterproof can be designed together with the membrane switch, and there is no need for the extra gasket rings design.
  • Design with the LED lighting indicator very easily. We can design with the “point-indicator”, also can design the “area-indicator” (Backlighting design for the switches).

2. Use free for the manufacturer

  • For the membrane switches, it can be very easy to assembly to the different machines. The flat surface mostly will be OK to assembly the switches. Therewith the adhesive design on the bottom of the switches, and you just need to paste such switches to your machine, and connect tails to your control PCBs, then it can be work.
  • The membrane switch can be suite to the sunny outdoors, can be suite to the rainy environment, can be sure to standard indoors, can be suite high temperature outdoors, can be suited to the high-pressure environment, can be suite to causticity environment, can be suite to vibrate environment, etc.
  • The membrane switch with low working voltage and current, low loop resistance. The material also the insulation layers, always Can be safe for users.

3. User free for the terminal users

  • The membrane switches have a good tactile feeling for the users, the simple and beautiful appearance also makes the users happy.
  • Easy clean, Clean the membrane switch more easer than a standard glass.
  • Good scratch resistance, the users don’t care the very easily broken after a long time using. Good acid and alkali resistant during the using.
  • Don’t have the fingerprints leaves, can be suited to the different kinds of touch and press fingers.

Foundation industries produce the membrane switches for over 13 years, and we provide our service all over the world. From the original standard membrane switches design, now our switches design to be very diverse. Our design main idea is not “Simpler is better”, Our design main idea is to try the best that catch the customer requires, Our design main idea is that customers give us the ideas that what they want to design the “achieve” and we give them the solutions. We doing the business always good, and we will keep our advantage that doing the business better in the future. Welcome to email us about your problems!

Capacitive Switch Design/Guide – Keypad-FD

Few Things that you may have not known about Capacitive Switch

Keypad-FD is one of the most and top rated company providing capacitive switch services, we are always here to enhance your product user interface without tipping the scales out of your budget. Keypad-FD is a well-known company worldwide because we always gives value to our customer requirement, before placing an order read below content, first we are going to put some shed to few amazing things about capacitive switch, so that you can have a complete overview and main definition about capacitive switch and decide yourself a better place to buy these switches. So must read the below content it will walk you through the fundamentals of capacitive touch technology including different construction, you will also read about technical consideration that will plays an important role in optimizing your device.

Capacitive Switch Overview

This switch is a type of touch controlled electrical switch which works because of changing in capacitance. Its functionality is as same as capacitive smartphone, when human touch a phone screen, from human body a tiny electrical charge transferred to switch because of this we can see a change in the capacitance.

After touching the switch the electrical charge which has been transferred from human body disturbs the capacitive switch own electrical charge, because of this capacitance change switch determines where the touch occurs. In such a capacitive switch performs its function.

Yes! Day by day technology getting more advanced and our future is going to rely on capacitive sensing technology. Now everybody is so close to touch screen, now 90% people prefer touch screens as compare to membrane switches.

Here we are going to list down few amazing advantages of capacitive switch with the glass

Usage of this technology is increasing day by day because it is very easy now to clean the glass.

1: This technology comes up with highly decorative solutions which include full printing colors like transparent and light blocking.

2: This technology comes up with back light option.

3: It comes up with multiple fond printing options.

4: It let you insert variety of labels into the glass; it also let you integrate multiple displays.

There are many manufacturers that utilized membrane switches technology which is composed of polyester graphical overlay and switching layer beneath. But the main disadvantage of utilizing membrane switches technology is that its usage is not appropriate with a glass lenses, only the capacitive switch technology is solution to get rid from this problem. Usage of a sensing layer and a microcontroller makes possible that now one can operate switches behind glass.

Let’s have a quick overview to the design of Capacitive Switch

Capacitive Switches are composed of 3 layers.

1: Upper Graphic Overlay Layers (This layer is composed of plastic and glass which is really durable and increase the product durability)

2: A Circuit Layer (Which is of flex PCB or simple PCB)

3: 3RD and the last layer is the backer layer.

Main dis-advantage of using this Capacitive Switch

1: The main and only one disadvantage of this technology is that there are 90% chances of breakage glass; such technology requires more care and need.

As we all knows that everything comes up with few pros and cons so same the case with this technology.

But its advantages are much bigger than its cons let’s have a look below to its pros.

Benefits of utilizing Capacitive Switch

First and the most amazing benefit of utilizing capacitive switch is that this switch can bear harsh environment either its outdoor or indoor environment it can tolerate both.

If the customer’s main concern is dirt, moisture and dust then capacitive switch must be your first choice. In short we can say that these switches are one of the best choices for electrical switches.

The main thing about these switches is that for performing they need direct contact with object just because of this reason stylus doesn’t work mostly if the stylus you are utilizing is not made up of capacitive.

It’s another plus point is that they support integration of features like light emitting diode LED backlights.

Usage of Capacitive Switch

There are many industries where Capacitive Switches used in a wide range.

1: Vending Machines

2: Smartphones

3: Tablets

4: Human Machine Interfaces (HMI’s)

5: Industrial Control’s

6: Appliances, infotainment centers and much more

Few other Touch Switches

Besides capacitive touch switches there are also two other types exist of touch switch, Resistive and piezo which perform its function by reducing the resistance of two conductive components. So now you can see that there are three types of switches but the most famous and preferable one is only capacitive touch switch because of its performance, 100% accuracy, reliability and its overall versatility.

As you have seen above that capacitive switches comes up with longevity and reliability so whenever you look for an electrical switch then always prefer a capacitive one.

Major Difference between Capacitive and Mechanical Switch

As we all knows very well that switches are the main backbone that plays an important role in operating electrical device. In simple words we can says that it controls an electrical circuit.

When the switch is turned on the electrical circuit closed thus complete but when the switch is turned off the electrical circuit open up thus incomplete.

So in order to control these circuits variety of switches are available but the most preferable ones are mechanical and capacitive. And if we compare mechanical and capacitive then capacitive is more amazing and has future scope. So here we are going to present a major difference b/w mechanical and capacitive switch.

What is Mechanical Switch?

capacitive switch

This switch is known as a most basic type of switch. Mechanical Switch is composed of two conductive traces; after pressing the switch there occur a contact b/w upper and bottom conductive trace which plays an important role in closing the circuit. After releasing switch the conductive trace comes back to its original position.

Here are few examples of mechanical switches: Buttons on TV remote control. There are other countless application like calculators, gaming controllers etc where mechanical switches has been utilized. Computer keyboards, human machine interfaces (HMIs), household appliance are also an example of mechanical switches.

What is Capacitive Switch?

Their function is also same as mechanical switch, they used for opening a circuit, but the method used for opening the circuit is completely different than mechanical switches.

As we all knows that mechanical switches features conductive traces separated by air but capacitive switches use a capacitive sensor which plays an important role in changing capacitance.

It continually emits a current across the button, when someone touches the button then its finger absorb a bit current and drop the capacitance which in result closing the circuit.

If we compare capacitive switches with capacitive touch then we get to know that both are used for measuring capacitance.

Using a capacitive switch benefit is that it requires no pressure to operate, mechanical switch button requires a pressure to push the button hard enough but in case of capacitance you just need to touch it with your bare finger and all will done.

Few more great features are listed below

1: It is really easy to use just with a single finger touch, it opens up the circuit.

2: It contains sensors which are adjustable to environment.

3: It is easy to clean because switch is impervious to dust and dirt, and resistant to harsh chemicals and contaminants

4: It is really durable and reliable because of 50 million cycles.

5: It is also available in momentary.

These switches are new into the industry but still getting lot of fame among people; slowly they are replacing membrane and mechanical switches, and can easily combine with PCAP touchscreen. They are perfect to give a modern look to a device. Its new features are sliders and wheel, in short we can say it an ideal technology.

If you are one of those who only look for cost effective designs then prefer only capacitive switch because only this technology comes up with cost effective designs.

Why to choose Keypad-FD?

Keypad-FD is always here to fulfill your requirement, if you are looking for high quality capacitive switches then jump over to our contact us page one of our team member will you as soon as possible and will guide you about everything. The reason to choose us is that our engineers have been manufacturing switches since decades.

Let’s have a look to out few Mottos:

We always value our customer needs, we always comes up with high quality product, we choose the product material very carefully, and customer satisfaction will always remain our first preference.

If you are interested in our services then give us an instant quote, our customer support team will respond back to you in a short span of time and will guide you.















Graphic Overlay Manufacturer – Design/Guide – Keypad-FD

Graphic Overlay – Why Membrane Switch is incomplete without Graphic Overlays

Yes! We are used to of using a variety of control panels in our daily life, like oven push button, it is incomplete without graphic overlay interface.

When the interface does not work then we cannot utilize an oven, now these control panels has a full control into our life’s and all the big industries.

This control panel is known as a membrane switch and without graphic overlay membrane switch is useless.

First of all we are going to briefly explain about the main definition of graphic overlays and then we put some shed to its feature, importance and usage.

An Introduction to a Graphic Overlay:

The very first layer of a membrane switch is known as a Graphic Overlay. It is composed of flexible plastic along printed image, display window and embossed key.

Yes with graphic overlays, membrane switches are of two kinds, first one is membrane switch panel other one is a membrane keypad.

Membrane switch panel is called as non-tactile membrane switch on the other hand membrane keypad is called as a tactile membrane switch.

All the screen printed overlays comes up with function keys as well as text display. Just because of this overlay user can interact with device at ease. It’s another advantage is that it gives extra security to internal units from exposed.

As control panel is the main thing for product so manufacturer always gives first preference to customization of graphic overlays.


graphic overlay


Overlay can be designed more attractive and beautiful by the usage of particular inks, well-designed elements and featured images. Even its up to manufacturer, he/she can also give a variety of shapes and sizes.

While manufacturing, two types of cutting process plays an important role, first one is die cut second one is laser cut.

Manufacturer utilizes the die cuts for general purposes but the laser cut is only utilized for high precision purposes.

It’s all up to the professional designer that which they utilize, keypad-FD first try to meet all the customer demands but in case if customer is unaware of good one then we always utilize the best according to needs because we value our customer needs and we work for repute and value not for money So our main motto always remains customer satisfaction.

Manufacturer can impress the users by designing unique graphic overlays but few users come up with a question, if design is everything for graphic overlays then why good material selection is very important for it?

Well the answer to this question is explained below.

Why good quality material is utilize for Graphic Overlay?

User-friendly interface

User will enjoy using product only if the interface is clear and clean so if the graphic overlay is made by utilizing high quality material then the LCD display will comes up with more pleasant look. Just because of amazing transparency communication can be clearer with user and commands. In short we can say that it increases the product usability this is main reason that why Keypad-FD only utilize a high quality graphic overlay material.


Durability is the second main reason of utilizing high quality graphic overlays because a single button will be pressed thousands time, button cannot be pressed without giving any stress, so after putting pressure we have to release the pressure so that button can get back to its original shape, all this process requires a lot of flexibility so graphic overlay material must have modulus of elasticity, if the material is not good then there might be a possibility that overlay developed a undesirable deformation because of stress. So the material should have balanced elasticity otherwise button will be stiff to press.

Another reason of choosing good material is the environmental protection, most of the time membrane switches are exposed to humidity environment which shorten the membrane switch lifespan.  If the membrane switch is exposed to very high temperature then there is a possibility of short lifespan of membrane switch.

Both high and low temperature can affect the overlay either its icy place and dessert if the material is of low class then the overlays will be affected easily.

Three things that create high corrosion for overlays for example chemicals, solvents or salty water so in order to keep safe overlays from such environmental issues material selection plays a very important role.

These are the main reasons that keypad-FD always utilize a high class material in order to provide finest protection to graphic overlays.

Desirable shape

Shape is another main factor in giving overlays an attractive look. If the manufacturer is utilizing a right kind of material then it can design infinite looks for overlays.  Designer can easily satisfied the customer only if the material is of right kind. Now the industry technology has become more advanced so variety of printing inks are available now to give overlays a different designs every time. We can say that material selection can help the manufacturer a lot in making unique overlays. If the material is good then manufacture has lot of ways to print overlays via screen or digital printing.

Screen printing plays an important role in providing amazing color matching; screen printing has a wide use in making high class Application because of great consistency on the other hand digital printing plays a key role in making flexible design.

For both kinds of printing infinite no of color choices are available.

Another good thing about choosing different material is that it can give very clear finishes to overlays.

Let’s see below how it gives distinct finishes to product.

For instance, manufacturer can have choices for embossing, matte, velvet or gloss. There are variety of finishes available which plays a key role in reducing fingerprints and scratch for indoor environment.

There is also variety of finishes available for making display window clearer. All this is possible only if the material is of high quality, so after utilizing a high quality graphic overlay material designer can customize it in many ways and can comes up with variety of pleasing looks.

For different Applications, different kind of Materials is required

There are hundreds of materials are available but all cannot create a good one graphic overlay. Choosing a right kind material is a main part of product designing process.

So before choosing any material, there are few things that you need to be considered.

In which environment that overlay is going to be used? indoors or outdoors? The main thing is that where we are going to utilize this product.

As you have read above a brief discussion about graphic overlay material now let’s have a look to main materials that are commonly used for its manufacturing.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

PVC is popular because it is very cheap and affordable as compared to Lexan poly-carbonate (PC).

It is good because of good chemical resistance and electrical insulation. It is amazing because for finishing we can try lot of colors and can make the design more appealing.

Its dis-advantage is that it is not environmental friendly, in extreme climate it will not work.  Its popularity main reason is its cheap price, short-run signs and folding boxes.

Poly-carbonate (PC)

It is also called as a Lexan poly-carbonate. It is tough and very clear like crystals.

It is good because of mechanical properties; it has quality of tolerating high flames. It is very good because it is very environment friendly, it can easily absorb harsh climate as well as moisture.

In short, it is such a great option for graphic overlays in such an amazing price with such environment friendly features.

But keep remember one thing that you have to coat it double for extra protection, its usage makes the die and cutting process easier.

This is perfect to fulfill all customer needs.

Polyester (PET)

This one is better than PC and PVC because it is more durable. It is popular because even after 1 million actuation cycles you will not see any signs of wear. It is environment friendly and works awesome even in the harsh environment. It perfectly meets all the needs of medical and army applications. It is MORE amazing than PC and PVC but it costs higher and takes more time in manufacturing.

But for keypad-FD times and money does not matter, thing that matter to us is just our customer satisfaction, we value our customer needs and expectations.

We believe in quality work so our main motto is to design “Quality Product”.

Keypad-FD only use polyester material in order to provide high quality graphic overlays this is the reason we are the top rated and more famous company right now.

If there is anything that you need help related to graphic overlays material then simply go to contact us page and throw your query, soon one of our team member will be available to guide you.
















Membrane Switch Manufacturer – Everything You Need to Know About Membrane Switch

Membrane Switch – What are they and How they Works – A Deep Discussion


Keypad-FD is one of the most rated and popular membrane switch Manufacturer Company these days, it is well known company in a worldwide switches industry.

Keypad-FD engineers have been manufacturing switches since decades with 90% positive feedback, so if you are looking for amazing switches then just give us a call today, we will respond you immediately to manufacture switches and to meet and exceed your application requirement.

First we want to take you through the main definition of membrane switch then we will put some shed to its brief discussion.

Overview of Membrane Switch


Membrane touch switches sometime called as a membrane switches or touch switches. It is momentary electrical on/off switch for turning on or off the circuit.

In simple words, we can say that it act as an interface b/w user and machine, it let the user communication with machine.

A special conductive ink like silver, carbon, graphite is put onto a heat stabilizer polyester film which actually used to manufacture a membrane switch.

Simple membrane switch plays an important role in the application of modern devices. From AC remotes to TV and household applications, it is used in a wide range of applications.

These days all the industrial control system are under control by membrane switch for example keyboard, touch-sensitive toys and phones etc.

Now manufacturing and engineering industry is incomplete without membrane switch because it is the reason of enhancing the aesthetics of human-machine interfaces while costing less.

When membrane switches are compared with other switches then we got to know that it is more durable than other in the market. This is the main reason of it’s widely usage. Mostly people think that mechanical and membrane switches are same but its 100% wrong both are completely different, mechanical switches are made up of copper and plastic parts while membrane touch switches are made up of Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or Indium tin oxide (ITO). Read the below content to exactly know how do they are made? How do they work? Membrane touch switch features, types and much more.

How is Membrane Touch Switches Made?

Keypad-FD design and manufacture membrane touch switch with 100% creativity and care, the design behind the making process is one GGI. On the polyester surface, membrane touch switches are printed by carbon or silver ink according to customers’ demands but we mostly prefer the silver surface.

After applying ink, graphic overlay is then applied to film. At GGI, keypad-FD gives its best in providing variety of graphic layer material which includes polyester, antimicrobial polyester, poly carbonate, blends, and silicone. These materials makes the switches more durable and reliable we always choose the one that customer demands us. We always do our best to make the customer happy by keeping product reliability guidelines in mind.

membrane switch


Construction of Membrane Switch

Here few things we are going to list down almost 7 layers which plays a vital role in the construction of membrane switch.

1: Graphic Overlay

This overlay is composed by polyester material, the reason to only choose this material is that it is the most chemical resistance material as compared to poly-carbonate.

For getting right textures, colors and finishes, its CSI requires digital print or screen print even sometimes combination of both can be used.

2: Overlay Adhesive

This layer is actually plays an important role in bonding the graphic overlay to the top of circuit layer.

This layer is actually an acrylic adhesive; it is very important layer for the durability and provides an environmental protection to a switch for example it keeps the switch safe from moist environment.

3: Top Circuit Layer

This layer is printed by polyester with silver filling, electrically conductive and di-electric inks. For achieving tactile feedback, this layer can also absorb metal domes, doing this plays an important role in impacting usability.

4: Circuit Spacer

This layer actually used to separate the top circuit from the bottom one in order to keep the switch open until the keypad is pressed. The spacer is made of polyester which is adhesive on both sides.

5: Lower Circuit Layer

This layer is heat stabilized at 005″ – .007″ temperature, this layer work as a flexible tail in order to control PCB’s. This layer is printed by polyester, with silver filling of conductive and di-electric inks.

6: Rear Adhesive Layer

This layer work as a bond to support the full panel, CSI is used to define thickness and adhesive type to bond your membrane keypad to the device.

7: Rigid Support Layer

This layer plays an important role in adding structural integrity to switch. Material used for this layer can be aluminum, FR-4, steel, etc. Few of the manufacturers also use studs and standoffs.

Few Great Features of Membrane Switch

The main feature of membrane switches is that they comes up with complete sealed surface, it is very easier to clean and sterilized. It’s another good advantage is that it has no crevices that can trap contaminants.

It is affordable and can manufacture in less amount as compared to rubber keypads and capacitive touch keypads assemblies.

It comes up with thin profile which becomes the reason of saving more space in product design.

It is much easier to interface with controller, without any effort and device.

Its interface is made up of very versatile graphics with amazing quality of photos and effects.

Its design is protected from UV radiations as compared to rubber keypads.

Its design another great quality is that it works as a water resistant.

Membrane Switch common few features listed below:

1: Its reliability makes it better than rubber keypads

2: Because of flexibility and high conductivity it gives its 100% performance.

3: It has wide usage in Medical industry because of strong adhesion and fast curing.

Types of Membrane Switch

There are two main type of membrane switch, we are going to put shed to the main definition of these two types.

Tactile membrane touch switches:

Tactile membrane touch switch main function is to provide a response after pressing a finger. There are letters or symbols over the overlay which is used to represent function of switch. In simple words, we can explain that it is composed of metal domes, after pressing button metal domes causes an action to dome. The main usage of tactile switches is in keypads, instruments or interface control panel applications.

Note: Either its Tactile or non-tactile both can be made even without graphic overlays.

Non-tactile membrane touch switches:

Such switch is basically used for more durable applications. When we compare it with tactile membrane touch switches then we get to know that it more reliable and economical. But its features are bit different than the tactile because it is very tough to construct and 100% sealed from external environment.

These are available in variety of shape and sizes manufacturer can easily customize it for active keypad areas because this switch does not comes up with any tactile feedback after user interaction. After pressing key they come up with audio devices and LED indicators. Non-tactile membrane touch switches has an ability to absorb 3 million actuation’s while tactile membrane touch switches has an ability to absorb 1 million actuation’s.

In short, Non-tactile membrane touch switches are more reliable and efficient with many affective features.

What Industries Use Membrane Switch the most?

Well! You got to see its usage in a variety of industries but the ideal markets for Membrane touch Switches are medical and laboratory instruments because these switches has a capability of fighting against moist environment and contamination.  They comes up with anti-bacterial coating to fight against bacteria’s and reduce their growth rate, even they comes up with capability of saving the switch from harsh chemicals. Many electronic test and telecommunication networking equipment’s are made by utilizing these switches.


Why to choose Keypad-FD?

Keypad-FD takes great care of their customers’ needs and our team of engineers works very closely with clients.  We provide allowing you to choose the optimal construction so that we can meet all the goals for budget, performance and delivery.

Simply you have to visit out Product page and explore the product feature and learn how we can customize and manufacture your membrane switch.

We assure you that our switches will not only reliable but will 100% efficient, we always prefer good material in product manufacturing. Making money is not our agenda, Customer satisfaction is our main agenda, we always gives value to our customers that’s why we are the most rated now.

Give us a Quote today, one of our team members will get in touch with you soon to provide its best customer services. If you like this informative membrane switch Article then shares it with others.




Everything about Membrane Keyboard – Keypad-FD

Membrane Keyboard Design/Guide/Features

You can buy keyboards from lot of manufacturers but Keypad-FD providing reliability, long life and design flexibility. Our engineering team has been into this field since decades so no manufacturer can be in our competition. We always gives our best to our clients that is why we are the top most manufacturer right know. Well before getting into deep discussion, firstly we want you to go through the main definition of membrane keyboard so that you can do analysis about membrane keyboard pros and cons, this article will surely going to help you in choosing the right kind of keyboard.

A Small Intro to Keyboard

As we all knows that for all electronic devices and computers, keyboard work as a backbone. It plays an important role in its functioning. In simple words, it helps the person to control electronic device via typing.

In market, variety of keyboards is available but the most common keyboards are mechanical and membrane. But today we are going to put some shed to the main features of membrane keyboard, let’s go through it.

Overview of Membrane Keyboard

After playing lot of games and doing lot of work, everybody looks for an amazing keyboards that provides comfort to fingers but now all the keyboards almost gives a same look but few of them are the dream keyboards so you have to decide yourself which one will be good enough to fulfill your work needs by going through its all features. Slowly but surely, membrane keyboard has overtaken the mechanical counterparts and now have been the most common type of keyboard that we used to see around like in or our offices, schools, colleges etc.  Because of their popularity people now referred it as a most regular or standard keyboards.

The very first keyboard is called membrane keyboard, which is composed by 3 different flexible layers. First layer is known as top membrane layer, there is conductive trace under the top of layer, after pressing key it get you through the second layer which is composed of holes that let the pressure pads to pass through in order to create contact with conductive traces on the top.

There are two types of designs commonly used; first one is the flat key design used by micro-wave oven, keys printed on these pads are the same like it printed on the other pads with same pressure pads but it is difficult to use it for computer keyboard because it provides no physical feedback.

Dome switch keyboard are the another type of keyboard which uses a dome with printed letters. Such keyboards are only made by using rubber or silicone keypad with dome. When the dome is press, it collapse and the graphite beneath the dome fulfill the circuit, and also sends a signal that key has been pressed.

membrane keyboard


Advantages of Membrane Keyboard

Typing Experience of is almost similar to other Keyboards:

Dome keyboards are made by using rubber or silicon domes to respond, so there is a difference of typing between mechanical and membrane keyboard, but with time, technology is getting more advanced so this difference is now become very smaller.


When we compare this keyboard to others then we get to know that membrane keyboard does not create any noise while fast typing but other keyboards create huge noise. For example, mechanical keyboard with blue switches are very noisy.

But if you are one of those who love the loud noise while typing then you should go after the mechanical keyboard.


If we compare membrane keyboard with other like mechanical then we get to know that it is much lighter because of plastic material, one can do his work by having keyboard on its laps for hours with zero stress. It puts a very small load in fact a zero load on the person.


Membrane keyboards are made by using common material with advance tech so because of this it is more affordable than other keyboards. Though it has same features than mechanical keyboard but the prices for membrane keyboard is less expensive, a common men can easily afford it.


Another good pro of membrane keyboard is that it is smaller in size and more compact than others. Many manufacturers utilize these keyboards in 90% of applications because of their slim designs.

Longer Lifespan

Membrane keyboard comes up with longer lifespan because they don’t provide separate moving parts for the keys. So if you are one of those who is looking for keyboard for long use then you must try this one.


Disadvantages of Membrane Keyboard

With advantages, everything comes up with a few disadvantages; few of its cons are listed below.

Typing feel

Membrane keyboard does not produce any tactile feedback naturally and don’t produce spring like action as mechanical keyboard so many typist says that they need lot of effort and energy in typing, few of them also says that this keyboard also affected their typing speed.  But now technology has become more advanced and this typing difference has become very small now.

Cleaning Experience

Membrane keyboard is not easier to clean when it compares with other keyboards, its keycaps are non-removable which makes it harder to clean.

Note: This keyboard is not really popular because of slow typing speed but it is perfect in case you want any keyboard which provides protection from damage and dirt then membrane keyboard is the best one.

Few of membrane keyboard more features that you may have not known:

  • It is very sleek and comes up with compact design because of this feature it can easily got fit into any electronic device.
  • Its front overlay design can easily be made according to client’s requirement even the color combination can also be done according to their choices.
  • It also provides embossing feature with outstanding look.



  • These keyboards are widely been used in Industrial Automation machine control.
  • Their 90 percent usage has been seen in In Bio-medical equipment’s.
  • Testing and measuring equipment’s are incomplete without these membrane keyboards.
  • In aviation and all kind of process control, their great usage has been seen.

Our 90 percent applications and industry is incomplete without this membrane keyboard, we can took an idea that how much popular they are right now.

Which Keyboard you should choose?

Well! There is not anything that comes up with 100% pros, as there is pros there must be few cons with it, if you does not care about typing speed and keyboard performance or you are using it with laptop, tablet, using with PC or for office working or you have to travel a lot with your laptop, tablet then we will strongly recommend you to buy membrane keyboard because of its small size, compact design and light weight.  In addition you can afford it easily because of low prices but if you are a heavy user like freelancers who use the keyboard all the time or if you are developer then membrane keyboard is not of your type you must go on with a mechanical keyboard for yours fingers comfort but keep remember is very expensive so buy it only if you have good enough money.

Why to choose Keypad-FD?

If you are a gamer or student and looking for membrane keyboard with amazing keyboard performance then Keypad-FD is best company to fulfill your needs, we always satisfied our customers that is why we are the top most rated manufacturers right now.

Over product does not cause overheating because our team of engineers has been working since decades and we always use a quality material. Our 90 percent customers are impressed by our immediate shipping, services and packaging. We always deliver what we promise to our client.

Our products are affordable and have reasonable prices, we always gives value to our clients and products, our motto is not money, our motto is just “our client satisfaction”.

We provide not only keyboards but lots of more products, simply go to our product page and explore our products. Example of few of our product are printed electronics, flexible printed circuits, instrument dials, Indicator faceplates, multicolor panels, tactile switch, capacitive touch keypads, silicone rubber keypads, touch screens, functional die cuts, backlighting, film insert molding and related custom components. You will find great variety with 100% satisfaction. Simply get in touch with us or give us a call today, one of our team members will respond you as soon as he can and will guide you through with few of our great products related to your requirements.

Hope you like this informative Article, you can visit our company news section, and we have many more helpful Articles. If you need any help or have any query then simply quote us today by visiting our contact us page we will respond you immediately with great customer services.

Flexible Circuit Board Manufactures – Complete Guide – Keypad-FD

Flexible Circuit – Everything you need to know about it

Keypad-FD has advanced facility and years of experience that enables our team to give the quick turnaround time on flexible circuit. Our team of engineers helped clients conceptualizes, designs, and manufacture complex designs effectively.

Before getting into deep conversation we would like to put some shed to the main definition of Flexible Circuit then we will take you through its brief discussion.

What is Flexible Circuit? A small Intro

Combination of many printed circuits and components that are placed on substrates is known as Flexible Circuit. Flex circuit boards, flex PCBs, flex circuits, or flexible printed circuits are few of their other names.  Same components are used to designed rigid printed circuit boards and flexible printed circuit boards.

But the major difference is that for manufacturing flexible circuit board, the board used in it is very flexible even can adopt any desired shape during process.

Structure of Flex Board:

These circuits are very thin and light weight with contoured shapes. They are composed of strips of metal which are conductive mainly copper, with dielectric material which is of polyimide. Because of it circuit can easily bend and can easily bear high temperature. They are very similar to printed circuit boards but it is more flexible. Connectors used by it are less expensive; it is another plus point for using such flex circuits. They are popular and widely used because it provides mechanical flexing at its best.  In short we can say that flexible printed circuit board tech offers many possibilities in terms of designs and attributes for many products. Now let’s have a look below to its brief discussion to have complete knowledge about Flexible Circuit Boards.

Let’s have a look to the types of Flex Circuit Board



There are many configuration and specification for designing circuit boards but they are divided on the basis of layers and configuration.

Classification of Flexible Circuit on the basis of Configurations

Flexible Circuit is classified into two types based on configuration.

1: Rigid-Flex PCBs: 

By its name we can get an idea that it’s a configuration of rigid and flex PCBs, in simple words we says that rigid-flex PCB configuration features a rigid circuits in a series that are held together by flex circuits. These days lot of manufacturers utilizes these hybrid circuits because it improves the capability of circuit and makes it more reliable.

Manufacturer used it for mounting connectors and components in the rigid areas while the flexible areas provide vibration-free resistance because of their flexibility. This type of circuit comes up with lots of more advantages so designers utilize these circuits fully especially for challenging applications.

2: HDI Flexible PCBs:

The full form of HDI is high density interconnect. These circuits are used for those applications which demands higher performance. These circuits are famous because they provide the best layout, construction and designs. One of the main features of this circuit is micro-vias. The main difference b/w HDI flexible PCBs and regular flexible PCBs is that HDI flexible PCBs utilize thinner substrate which plays an important role in utilizing the packaging size and also improves the electrical performance.

Classification of Flexible Circuit on the basis of Layers

Flexible Circuit is classified into four types based on layers.

1: Single-Sided Flexible Circuit Boards:

It is usually known as a basic type of flexible circuit board. It is composed of single layer of flexible polyimide film with a thin layer of copper. This is called single-sided flexible circuit because copper layer can be accessed only from one side of circuit.

2: Single-Sided Flexible Circuit Boards with Dual Access:

Well! this circuit is also a single sided but the main difference is that the copper layer can access easily from both side.

3: Double-Sided Flexible Circuit Boards: 

This circuit is composed of two layers on each side of base polyimide layer but the electrical connection is created by using metalized plated via holes.

4: Multi-Layered Flexible Circuits:

This circuit is composed of both single and double-sided flexible circuits. Connection b/w these circuits are created via plated-through holes.

Advantages of using Flex Circuit

Because of its benefits and amazing features Flexible circuit are so popular and widely used. We are going to put some shed to its main benefits, let’s have a look below to few of them.

Small Package Size and Light weight:

These are very light weight and easily can fit their body to any of the circuit because of flexibility. Its biggest advantage is that such type of boards are not only thinned but can also be creased easily. One can fold it and placed it to any area that is why we strongly recommend our engineers to utilize the benefits of 3D packaging geometry in order to facilitate the client with more package size reduction.

Accurate Designs:

These circuits are usually made by using automatic machinery so because of this; these circuits come up with zero error and 100% accuracy.

Freedom of Design:

Because of flexibility this circuit is not limited to 2 layers. Designers can makes lot of designs by using it. Major advantage of these circuit is that it can be made as a single sided with single access, single sided with double access and multi-layered also. Because of its flexibility it can be configured with lot of interconnections.

Possibility of High Density Configuration:

This circuit another good advantage is that it provides both -plated through-hole and surface mounted components. Because of this combination one can easily make high density combination and in such a way we can have a more free space for adding more components.


These circuits because of flexibility can connect with multiple planes while processing. During installation such circuits can flexed to variety of levels.

High Heat Dissipation:

Designer creates tiny thermal parts because of compact design which helps in dissipating the heat quicker. Another good point about this circuit is that it dissipates heat from both sides.

Improved Air Flow:

Because of flexibility and heat dissipation it improves the airflow.  Because of this feature circuit remains cooler and it’s performed for long life.

Durability and Long-term Performance:

This circuit is much better than rigid one because of its durability and long term performance. Such circuits can easily flex up to 500 million times. Because of Low ductility and mass, these circuits easily bear vibrations and shocks.


These circuits popularity is because of reliability, other circuit boards main problem was interconnection but now it is possible to design circuits with fewer interconnections.

Suitable for Application with high temperature:

Usage of polyimide material can bear high temperatures and provides high resistant against acids, oils, and gases. This is the reason that these circuit can even survive in applications with 400 degree centigrade.

Cost Saving:

Because of flexibility and small size it can be fit to any area which plays an important role in reducing overall assembly cost.

Few other benefits of this circuit are that they provide strong signal with 100% quality and reduced the wiring errors that is why flexible circuit seems very simple and easy to understand.

Material used for Flexible Circuit:

Material Selection is very important; if you are using a good material then the final results will be more effective.

Copper is widely used for such circuits so Keypad-FD will recommend you to go after this material. But Keypad-FD is also willing to give services by using materials with conductors such as aluminum, Electrodeposited (ED) copper, Rolled Annealed (RA) copper, Constantan, Inconel, silver ink, and more. We always fulfill our customer’s requirement with 100% satisfaction.

As our engineers are into this field since decades so they can easily provide you flexible circuits in any material that you want. The choice of material is completely on you, just pass an order we are here to fulfill it with 100% accuracy and reliability.

Use of Flex Board:

These circuits are very versatile in nature. Flexible circuit widely used by dynamic flexing as well as static application.

Difference b/w Dynamic Flexing and Static Application

Dynamic Flexing: Such circuits are designed for regular flexing.

Static Application: Such circuits are designed for minimal flexing.

Few common examples of such circuits are robots, cellphones and printers. Their main use has been found in electronic devices because space saving is the main concern for such devices so it perfectly fit to such applications.

Why to choose Keypad-FD for flexible circuit?

Our team of engineers can design simple application to complex one, we always come up with extra ordinary and quality boards, our main motto isWe Go Where Others Will Not…

If you are really looking for amazing quality yet reasonable and flexible PCBs, then Our Company Keypad-FD is everything what you need. Simply give us a call today, one of our team members will reach you in his early convenience.








Rubber Keypad – Design & Guide – Keypad-FD

A Complete Guide to a Rubber Keypad (Use + Benefits)

In this Article we will take you through a complete guide to a Rubber Keypad, this article is a full package; here you will find everything from usage of rubber keypad to its benefits and features. Before getting though a deep conversation about rubber keypad let us put some shed into its main definition.

What is a Rubber Keypad?

As a beginner first you have to go through what is actually a Rubber Keypad? There are variety of rubber keypads in the market which seems similar to membrane switches but they just seems similar, in real both are totally different because membrane switches are made up of electronic switches with layers of membrane & graphic overlays on the other hand Rubber Keypads are made up of electrical switches and a rubber overlay.

The main difference b/w a rubber keypad overlay and a keypad switch membrane is thickness and texture just because of this overlays perform different purpose otherwise they are same.

If you are using switch membranes then you can easily engage with switch just with a little effort because of its thinness but in case of rubber switches engagement required a bit effort because of its thickness and texture.

Rubber keypads another plus point is that they provide favorable qualities and easily can be set in all types of product.

One can easily utilize it in garage doors, remote controls, elevator switches, game controllers and variety of applications and context.

Why Rubber Keypad is in a great use? Why it doesn’t need more care?

There are many reasons of it’s widely usage, we are going to write below of the great one. As everybody knows that silicone rubber keypads are non-transparent, this amazing feature let the light pass through it.

Because of its non-sticky and conveniently pressing feature, manufacturer use it in almost 90% of digital items. Just because of rubber keypad manual handling has become so easier.

If you are also one of those who are into finishing any digital item then we will strongly recommend you to utilize only a silicon rubber keypad.

But if you are looking for branded new rubber keypad then only try Keypad-FD.  Keypad-FD is serving their customers since decades with trustworthy interface at affordable prices.

rubber keypad


Why Rubber keypad must be in Silicon?


There are many manufacturers that made keypads by using other plastics just to save some money and time but those keypads are not reliable and non-durable.

Because of non-corrosive and environment friendly nature of silicon it is most recommended material for Rubber keypads.  By using a silicon material your hands will not stick to keypad at all, it increases its lifetime, usability and makes it more reliable to use. One can use silicon rubber keypads in any type of environment. It comes up with 100% environment protection.

An amazing Guideline to Protective Coating for Rubber Keypad

Here I am going to put some shed into simple definition of rubber keypads protective coatings.

Protective Coatings

Coatings are very important for every product because of protective coating product value increases. Because of it keypad lifecycle increases and it offers amazing tactile operations and lot of finishing techniques. Just because of good coatings product can be safe from dust and even after heavy use there comes a very low chance of its surface change.

Varieties of protective coatings are available:

Applying a good kind of protective coating is extremely necessary; we are going to list down few good one coatings for rubber keypads.

Silicon Spray:

This coating is good for applications which are low or medium, one can coat it by using a spray and wear resistant.

If we compare wear resistant and screen printed coating then wear resistant is the good one.

If you want to double the abrasion resistance of printed graphics on rubber keypads then you must overcoat a silicon spray.

Clear Matte Protective Spray coating:

If you are going after Clear Matte Protective Spray coating then it provides the rubber keypad silky and smooth finish which keeps the application safe from dirt and there will be no chances of attraction of dust.

Clear Silicon Protective Spray:

If you are using Clear Silicon Protective Spray by adding anti-bacterial then it will facilitate you by wear protection and anti-bacterial resistant


These coating increases abrasion resistant of graphics by 20 times so this is also applied 100% of keypads.


This coating is applied to 90% of keypads; it has high resistance and good for high use application. It actually provides resistance to chemicals.


This one is applied to only key tops but it is 100% wear resistance but can only be utilized for high use applications. Because of this coating key tops provides a feeling of hard plastic and lens effect.

Clear Coat:

This one is the one of the lowest cost protective coating and is only applicable for low use applications. Resistance is directly proportional to coating, if you do more coat, resistance will increases automatically.

Amazing Health Benefits of Protective Coatings

As we all know that Flue and MRSA spread very quickly every year, so many hospitals are looking forward to control it by adding antibacterial to all applications.

The antibacterial used in the sprays are produced by silver component, as we know silver is a biocide so work as a perfect antibacterial.

When this sprayed applications get in touch with normal atmosphere then it immediately evaluate silver ions which plays an important role in killing a microscopic bugs.

Many research found that because of these antibacterial coatings they found an immediate response of reducing bacteria’s just in a very short span of time.

You will not believe but yes just because of this coating many people remain safe from the spread of infection, cross contamination, and bio-film build up even after a heavy use results will be still the same.

After making rubber keypads protective coating is the only thing that provides ruggedness and longevity to keypad. Addition of protective coating is an amazing option to remain safe from many issues and situations. So if you want to place an immediate order for sliver rubber keypad then contact Keypad-FD, we will follow all safety measure to provide you efficient, reliable, environmental friendly rubber keypad.

Common use of Rubber Keypad

Expert found the most common use of rubber keypads in the stereo systems because their material provides an amazing comfort. Rubber keypads are commonly used in household appliances, mobile phone, laptops, keyboards, gaming boards.

Because of their amazing durability they are called ideal, it keeps the product safe from lot of damages.

Let’s have a look below to see the industries where it commonly used.

  • It’s been widely used in banking sector.
  • Food packaging also has a great usage of rubber keypad.
  • In military, its usage is 50/50 percent.
  • There are much more Industries where rubber keypad has been widely used for example Aerospace, Transport, Defense, Construction, Retail, Schools, Government and so on.


Few great benefits of using Rubber Pads that you may have not known


  • Their surface is very smooth to use and does not harm the fingers at all.
  • They comes up with less expense tooling and solutions
  • This one is the main advantage, It contains a stability even at a high temperature
  • It is very lightweight and comfortable while working
  • It easily absorb shock and vibrant
  • 100% durable and reliable
  • It is really easy to install and clean.
  • Its operational life is just awesome, if you compare it with other pads then you will got to see a big difference
  • Because of its water resistant quality your pad will not be damage even after getting into water.
  • Because of rubber it can be design in every shapes and styles, so it is a perfect option to satisfy the clients by adding amazing shapes.


Why to choose Keypad-FD?

There are many reasons of choosing Keypad-FD, few good one are listed below.

Keypad-FD engineering team has been working since decades so their skills are very polished. We always offer our clients complete, ready to use assemblies.

From custom shapes to finishing we provide everything what our client wants. We provide engineering and design assistant also in order to make sure that the rubber keypads exceeds all your requirements.

Our costs are very affordable and moderate, we takes our clients project as our own that is why we are most rated manufacturer these days.

We 100% assure you that our products will be dust proof, moisture proof, anti-oil, anti-corrosion. We always come up with rich and bright colors with amazing and advanced design.  Simply get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page, shortly one of our team member will respond you with best of its services.


Membrane Overlays Manufacturer – Design/Guide

Everything You Need to Know about Membrane Overlays – A Complete Guide

As a beginner first you need to go through what actually Membrane Overlays are? In this Article, You will get to know about Membrane Overlay Overview, Importance, and Features.

Membrane Overlay Overview

Membrane Overlays are the main part of membrane switches, these are actually a separate plastic layers made by polyester. Many people says that membrane overlays and graphic, panel overlays are same but here is a big NO to all of them, this is 100% wrong because of mechanical nature of membrane switches, membrane overlays are very much unique from panel overlays and graphic overlays. Membrane overlays actually represents the product identity, in short you can say that these are the face-plate to membrane switches.

Importance of Membrane Overlays for the Product

Yes! Membrane Overlays are very important for product, as we know it defines the product identity so it helps the manufacturers in getting know that how it will be easier or difficult to utilize the product.

Membrane Overlays are designed according to the design requirement of membrane switches, our engineer team will customize it as per your requirements.

Another important thing about membrane overlays is that it can be embossed to give tactile feedback and if necessary it can leave a space on the components of membrane switches.

If back lightening is involved then there might be a possibility of using variety of blocking layers for example fiber optics, LED’s, Electroluminescent.

These layers actually plays an important role in controlling the direction of light, one can even print the layers behind the colors of overlay. While doing this, there are chances of increasing opacity.

In order to maintain the quality of Membrane Switches, it is very necessary to use good material for Membrane Overlays. Let’s read about Membrane Overlays material and design guide.


Selection of Material for Membrane Overlays

Membrane Overlays material is the main concern while in its engineering, lots of materials can be used in its making but the best choice that will ensure the quality of membrane switch is polyester and UV exposure.

Advantage of using Polyester in Membrane Overlays

1: The main advantage of using polyester is that it can endure to survive millions of actuation’s.

2: Research says that it is best material for Overlay because it works as a solvent resistant.

3: It is one of the most robust materials that has superior life cycle.

4: Because of memory properties polyester requires hydro-forming than embossing.

Hydro-forming is more expensive for both tooling and unit cost that is why many manufacturers don’t use it just to save time and money.

Disadvantage of using material other than Polyester like Poly-carbonate

Many manufacturers uses Poly-carbonate because it is easy to print on, die cut and emboss. Its disadvantage is bigger than its advantages it begins to show signs of wear sooner as compared to other materials. Research has found that in many applications overlay of poly-carbonate lasts a minimum of 100,000 cycles during life cycle testing. If poly-carbonate overlay is un-coated then there are many chances of damage of product from other products. If poly-carbonate overlay is going to be in chemical environment then overlay will last no longer. So if you are not choosing a Polyester material then the final results will not be effective, even there are many chances of its breakage because of repeated pushing of switch.

While choosing a material another important feature that makes the Switches reliable is UV exposure, in case the material is non-reliable then the switches used in sunlight can be cracked So always try to choose the UV exposure material in order to ensure the quality.

Note: If you will take Keypad-FD services then we assure you that we will only choose reliable Polyester material in its making and let us know if the switches are going outdoors or indoors it helps us in choosing the correct Overlay material.

As we all knows that a well-designed membrane overlay makes a powerful first impression of company and equipment. If the company gives its best in providing unique design of the membrane switch overlay then this gesture will set your equipment apart from the competition by providing an unsurpassed user experience that is why we always do our best in choosing right material according to environmental needs.

Dependence of Few Factors while Printing Process of Membrane Overlay

There are three main factors that play an important role in printing process, the number of colors, color callout and the type of image to be printed. These days’ Solid overlays are one of the most popular options. For screen printing solid colors are still the best option but if you are one of those who want to generate same results as screen printing with less expense then digital printing can also be an option for those.  It is also a great option if you want your images to have halftones and gradient.


Either its screen printing or digital printing, the type of printing method used can be different from project to project. It depends on the color scheme, quantity needed, durability, wear ability. Try to go after a design that is robust as well as cost effective.

Why Keypad-FD is different than other Manufacturers in the Market?

Keypad-FD is different because we have indigo printer because of it we can generate all types of Membrane Overlay Solutions. We offer variety of solutions and our state of art technology comes up with printing unique serial numbers. These are readable by both human as well as computers.

Advantage of using Overlay in the Product

1: First try to know about the environment where you are planning to install the overlay, doing  this will maintain the product quality. If Overlays are made by using a right kind of material then the product will be more efficient, durable and reliable. Right material will provide you a lot of environmental benefits.

2:  As we all knows very well that most of the users want great usability in the product. Overlays play an important role in providing 100% usability to product. If you want to increase the product facility then always go after to the right type of overlay. Its functionality can be enhancing by adding more features into it for example usage of embossed technique and raised button.

3: Another main advantage of using Overlay in the product is that it is easy to understand, operate and feel.

4: It plays an important role in building your brand. If right kind of overlay has been used then the product will not break at all. As we all know that the right kind of visuals puts amazing impact on the product. Moreover overlay is the visual layout as well as the interface design so it helps to understand the product.

Reasons to buy Overlays

There are many reasons to buy Overlays; few of them are listed below.

Inventory reduction: There is no need to store the overlays at all. It is necessary only when the manufacturer demands it so you don’t have to pay the additional cost for it.

Easy Installation: They are very easy to install. They doesn’t required any rocket science, you can call the professionals they will fix it in a very short time but if you have a bit expertise then you can do at your own also.

Customization:  This is the main reason to buy overlays. Yes its customization offers lot of possibilities in terms of overlays. These are amazing for unifying variety of languages.

Why to choose Keypad-FD?

If you are looking for High Quality Membrane Overlays, Keypad-FD is here for you to provide its amazing services; it’s been decades Keypad-FD is serving its customers with 100% customer ratings. Our engineering teams have years of industry experience and always provide quality products especially when it comes to membrane overlays simply go to our Contact us page, our team of Engineer’s always stands ready to assist you. Our Industry-leading engineers will design membrane-overlay according to the design of the membrane switch just schedule a meeting with us to receive top-tier engineering and design support.

Keypad-FD Overlays must have these things:

1: Our engineers add aesthetic sense to the overlays.

2: They always design overlays by keeping environmental protection in mind.

3: They always choose reliable material like polyester in its making.

4: Our engineers provide endless possibilities in terms of overlays.Our engineers can easily provide you screen printed overlays.

5: They offer the facility of digital printing also, it totally up to you which one you want to go after.

Keypad-FD is the best overlay manufacturers in the market because we have an amazing variety of size, finishes and colors. Simply give us a call today and a member of our technical team will be ready to offer you their full and expert advice.